DMCA - is a program that delivers legal persons and individuals
To use their resources to make use of the files set right
holders, on the grounds of previously concluded arrangements together.
on the selected rightholder of the principles of utilizing the file) uses with this website
The legal owner - a legal or natural person who put the on-line
electronic document.
Parties - rights holders and users.
Electronic document - info supplied in electronic form suited to individual
of the electronic document, and when you consent Franchisor - only the capacity to download
A file of the contents using the contents of an electronic document and copying
Account - the info essential for identification and the authority
of users on the website
Usage of electronic documents through the web site
(hereinafter - site, web site)
An Individual is obliged to make an account on to work with electronic documents
the website
User is obliged to show when you make an account on the website
Information that is valid. In case of noncompliance with this particular rule shan't apply to the User
Guarantees - 36 of the Arrangement.
unauthorized usage of its own account.
The user is entitled to upload electronic documents for public and private
use, using the exception of files, including porn included in any procedure
of junk (e-mail spam, internet spam, IM spam, etc..) Or copy-protected and break the
Rights of third parties. under no circumstances be responsible for damages
As a consequence of unauthorized usage of its own account.
User recognizes he has read, understood, by filing at
and consented to the conditions of this Arrangement. means which he took upon himself the responsibility of conformity that is unconditional
with this specific Arrangement. holds the right to alter or amend this Agreement is Ted by their publication on the web site.