Oversize/ Overweight Permit Manual Prince Edward Island

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PE-1 06/15 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual
The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association is pleased to publish this Oversize/ Overweight Permit Manual.
Each state analysis includes information in a standardized format: contact, legal limits, special permit limits,
general restrictions, types of permits available, fees, escort needs, fines, and restricted travel areas. Telephone
numbers, locations, and hours of operation are listed for ports of entry and permit branches. However, readers
are always advised to check with the state offices on current laws and procedures. This project could not have
been completed without the advice and consultation of many state officials. We thank all of those who provided
permit manuals, maps, laws, regulations, and various other forms of documentation.
Legal Notice
This SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual is intended only to provide concise, easily read information,
useful in planning movements of overdimensional and overweight loads. This Permit Manual is not intended to be
an accurate summary of all the applicable laws and regulations. Users of the Permit Manual should confirm the
information contained herein before dispatching vehicles and loads. The SC&RA cautions Permit Manual users
that state laws and regulations are subject to change without notice, and that some time elapses between the
effective date of such changes and the amendment of the Permit Manual to reflect those changes. The SC&RA
assumes no responsibility for accident, injury, loss or claim, penalties or any other damage resulting from
reliance on the contents of this Permit Manual.
Permit Manual
Copyright 1987-2015 by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging
Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication
may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or
otherwise, without the prior written permission of the
publisher, Joel M. Dandrea, Executive Vice President,
Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association. Requests to the
publisher for permission should be addressed to Joel M.
Dandrea, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, 5870
Trinity Parkway, Suite 200, Centreville, VA 20120.
Specialized Carriers &
Rigging Association
5870 Trinity Parkway, Suite 200
Centreville, VA 20120
PHONE: (703) 698-0291
Fax: (703) 698-0297
Website: www.scranet.org
Email: info@scranet.org
Prince Edward Island
PE-2 06/15 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual
Department of Transportation and
Public Works Highway Safety Operations
PO Box 2000
33 Riverside Drive
Charlottetown, PEI Canada C1A-7N8
8:30 am – 5:00 pm Atlantic Time
Hours: 24 Hours Tel (902) 368-5200 and Fax: (902) 368-5236
GVW 116,325 lbs. WIDTH: 8’6”
137,000 B-trains with special permit HEIGHT: 13’10”
o 20,000 lbs. LENGTH: 40’1” single unit
oo 40,000 lbs 13’7” trailer
ooo 57,200 lbs. 75' tractor/trailer
ooo (tractor/trailer comb.) 116,325 lbs GVW 82’0”
137,000 B-trains with special permits (A,B,C Train)
OVERHANG: Rear allowed up to 35% of wheelbase
NOTE: These axle weights
are based on having no two
consecutive axles less than
3'3" apart. 2,000 lbs. per axle or axle group.
Twins are restricted to the following Trans Canada Highways: Rt. 1A Borden to Wood, Rt. 1A Albany to
Summerside, Rt. 3 Cherry Valley to Montague.
Autotransporters 65’
Rocky Mountain Doubles Not allowed
Turnpike Doubles Not allowed
Triples Not allowed
Saddlemounts 75’6”
o 20,000 lbs. WIDTH: No max set
oo 58,000 lbs. HEIGHT: No max set
ooo 74,000 lbs. Special conditions
apply July and
oooo 79,200 lbs. LENGTH: No max set
5 axles **See below OVERHANG: Established on a
6 axles **See below case-by-case basis.
**SPECIAL NOTE: There are no publicly
established, or acknowledged limits set
by the government. They consider this
information to be extremely confidential
due to the inordinate amount of bridges
in the province.
PE-3 06/15 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual
General - Permits are valid for the duration of trip only — generally one day (24 hours) due to the small
dimensions of province. Return trips and extensions are not available as such, since a new permit must be
issued for any additional time or travel required.
Insurance — Required for vehicle and load, and must be presented when acquiring permits, needs to be on
file in the limit of $200,000 Public Liability Insurance.
Permits can be purchased and picked up at the Port of entry weigh station rather than being wired ahead of
time. Special consideration is given for extraordinary loads.
Weekend/Night Travel – Saturday and Sunday travel is allowed. Travel is only permitted for daylight
hours. Restrictions can vary for overweight moves such as no overweight permits during Spring weight
restrictions (indivisible loads only).
Holidays – Travel is not restricted on holidays; however the Permit Office is closed on the following
New year’s Day, Christmas Day, Remembrance Day, Boxing Day, Victoria Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday,
Thanksgiving Day, Canada Day, and Labor Day.
Inclement Weather - Special restrictions may apply during July or August for loads exceeding 14' in width.
No provisions or exceptions given for farm equipment.
Oversize/Overweight Permits are not available for divisible loads.
Permit Information Required — Name and address of carrier; owner of load; owner of vehicle; overall
dimensions; load dimensions; dimensions of towed vehicle (if applicable); tractor license; trailer license; no.
of axles; starting point; destination; routes to be travelled; total gross weight; date of entry; date of exit;
load description — if mobile home include home serial #. If overweight, have tire sizes, and axle weights
and spacings.
Single Trips — Effective for duration of travel, unload time, and return. Round trips are not available.
Annual — May be available on a case-by-case basis.
Single Trip — Overdimensional $10.00
Single Trip — Overweight $25.00
Annual — Overdimensional $50.00
Annual — Overweight Not available
Please contact Confederation Bridge for tolls, 888-437-6565 or 902-437-7300.
Escort Vehicles and Personnel — Required for load having a width of 12' (1 front, 1 rear) and over and
90' long (1 front, 1 rear). Instructions will be posted on their permit.
Labeling — As indicated on overdimensional and overweight permits, “D” Sign and revolving flashing amber
light visible from 360º. “D” sign must be red and white in color and meet the prescribed dimensions below.
Two red flags at least 2’7” square shall be on the outer extremities of the load. Signs can be used instead of
the flags.
PE-4 06/15 SC&RA Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual
Certification – Pilot Car Escort Certification is not currently required.
At the discretion of the government.
Seasonal Restrictions - Spring weight restrictions usually start mid-March and end mid-May.
Hours of Service - All drivers, regardless of cycle, must have taken at least 24 consecutive hours off-duty
time in the preceding 14 days.
Limitations — A driver may not drive after:
Accumulating 13 hours of driving within a day or within a workshift;
Accumulating 14 hours of on-duty time within a day or within a workshift; or
Sixteen hours have elapsed from the start of his/her workshift (the 16-hour period, also called the workshift,
is determined by the conclusion of the most recent period of 8 or more hours off duty to the start of the
next period of 8 or more hours off duty).
After reaching any of the above limits, a driver must take at least 8 hours of off-duty time before driving
Drivers are required to take at least 10 hours off-duty or sleeper-berth time within a day. Two hours of the
total 10 hours can be taken throughout the day in blocks of no less than 30 minutes. The two hours cannot
be counted as part of a required 8-hour break. Please note, however, that the two additional hours can be
added onto a required 8-hour break, thereby creating a consecutive 10-hour break.
There are two ports of entry on Prince Edward Island (“PEI”). Both are airports and are located in the cities
of Summerside and Charlottetown. Only the Charlottetown Airport is staffed by CBSA personnel. In the
event that clients are arriving by boat or airplane in Summerside and need to apply for a work permit,
arrangements should be made in advance. PEI’s primary port of entry is, therefore the Charlottetown
Airport. CBSA officers at the airport can be reached by phone at 902.566.7635, or by fax at 902.566.7275.
Contact the Department of Transportation & Public Works Highway Safety Division at (902) 368-5200.
This section contains all recent and pending changes shared by this province with SC&RA in the past 12

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