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Bulletin Number: 02-106-08; Date: 08/26/08 Page 1
Subaru Service Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians ONLY. They are written to inform those technicians of
conditions that may occur in some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper servicing of the vehicle. Properly
trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do the job correctly and safely. If a condition
is described, DO NOT assume that this Service Bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition.
NUMBER: 02-106-08
DATE: 08/26/08
APPLICABILITY: All Vehicles Equipped with Turbo
SUBJECT: Turbocharger Mesh Filter Screen
Service Personnel
Should Read and
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provided, right.
It is possible that the turbo oil supply mesh filter, which is located inside the banjo bolt that
secures the turbocharger oil supply pipe to the back of the right side cylinder head, may
become clogged thereby preventing oil supply to the turbo resulting in failure. Therefore it is
required that this filter screen be checked for obstructions any time a Turbocharger is being
replaced for a failure.
If the mesh filter screen is found to be obstructed it should be cleaned or replaced.
Obstructions could be sludge due to poor engine oil maintenance or harsh driving conditions.
Further diagnosis may be required if significant amounts of sludge, metal, and/or other materials are found in the mesh filter screen. In any turbocharger replacement, sufficient oil pressure
to the turbocharger should be verified. Please consult the service manual
for the appropriate specification.
• note: The mesh filter screen is only available with a replacement banjo
bolt. (P/N 14445AA090) Tightening torque: 29 N•m (3.0 kgf-m
21.4 ft-lb).
• note: Anytime the banjo bolt is removed or replaced, both copper
washers must be replaced with new ones.
• Make sure the mesh filter screen is installed in the proper direction;
incorrect installation will prevent oil supply to the turbocharger.
(Note direction, in picture to the right).
• do not confuse the turbocharger oil supply mesh filter screen with the
Active Valve Control System (AVCS) union screw mesh filter screen.
Refer to Service Bulletin 02-97-05, dated 10/06/05.
Engine oil and oil Filter
Due to heat generated by the turbocharger and carbon deposits contained in exhaust gas, the
oil in a turbocharged engine will deteriorate faster than the oil in a naturally aspirated engine.
Therefore, all turbocharged vehicles are classified as “severe driving condition” vehicles and
special care should be taken to use proper grade. The recommended oil and oil filter change
interval for turbocharged vehicles is every 3,750 miles or four months, whichever comes first.
Bulletin Number: 02-106-08; Date: 08/26/08 Page 2
Proper lubrication of the turbocharger requires high-quality engine oil. Some do not provide
enough lubrication performance or durability when used in turbocharged engines. Using
poor-quality oil or oil not designed for turbo engines may cause damage to the turbocharger
and other engine components. Consequently, it is critical to follow Subaru vehicle owner’s
and service manuals for recommended oil grade and viscosity.
The Subaru Genuine Oil Filter is the only filter that Subaru has tested to meet requirements
for filtration and flow. Aftermarket oil filters may have different filtration performance and
relief-valve opening pressure, which could affect filter and engine performance.
Warranty InFormatIon
Any turbocharger failure and/or damage that is a direct result of a lack of maintenance is not a
matter for warranty. *Records of maintenance should always be confirmed.
For repairs covered under warranty, refer to the Subaru Warranty Wizard® for claim submission information.
Shown with
Turbo removed.
Banjo bolt located on the rear of the right cylinder head.

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