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9561/9562/9563/9564/9565 - November 2009 Version 1.0
ENGLISH Wi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 2
Sound levels
Our audio solutions deliver important sound
pressure levels (SPL) that can be harmful
to human health when exposed during long
periods. Please do not stay in close proximity
of operating speakers.
1 - Safety information
This symbol signals an important safety
The CAUTION symbol signals a risk of product deterioration.
The WARNING symbol signals a risk to the user’s physical integrity.
The product may also be damaged.
Important safety information
Symbols used
Any maintenance procedure must be performed by a CONTEST
authorised technical service. Basic cleaning operations must thoroughly follow our safety instructions.
This product contains non-isolated electrical components. Do not
undertake any maintenance operation when it is switched on as
it may result in electric shock.
This unit is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it in a wet,
or extremely cold/hot locations. Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to
this product or other property.
WARNING : This unit contains no user-serviceable parts. Do not open the
housing or attempt any maintenance by yourself. In the unlikely even your unit
may require service, please contact your nearest dealer.
In order to avoid any electrical malfunction, please do not use any multi-socket,
power cord extension or connecting system without making sure they are
perfectly isolated and present no defect.
Recycling your device
• As HITMUSIC is really involved in the environmental cause, we only commercialise clean, ROHS compliant products.
• When this product reaches its end of life, take it to a collection point designated by local authorities. The separate collection and recycling of your
product at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the
Risk of electrocution
To prevent the hazard of electric shocks, do not use
extension cords, multi-socket or any other connection
system without making sure metal parts completely are
out of reach.
ENGLISHWi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 3
1 - Please read carefully :
We strongly recommend to read carefully and understand
the safety instructions before attempting to operate this unit.
2 - Please keep this manual :
We strongly recommend to keep this manual with the unit for
future reference.
3 - Operate carefully this product :
We strongly recommend to take into consideration every
safety instruction.
4 - Follow the instructions:
Please carefully follow each safety instruction to avoid any
physical harm or property damage.
5 - Avoid water and wet locations :
Do not use this product in rain, or near washbasins or other
wet locations.
6 - Installation :
We strongly encourage you to only use a
fixation system or support recommended by
the manufacturer or supplied with this product.
Carefully follow the installation instructions and
use the adequate tools.
Always ensure this unit is firmly fixed to avoid
vibration and slipping while operating as it may result in
physical injury.
7 - Ceiling or wall installation :
Please contact your local dealer before attempting any ceiling
or wall installation.
8 - Ventilation :
The cooling vents ensure a safe use of this product,
and avoid any overheating risk.
Do not obstruct or cover these vents as it may
result in overheating and potential physical injury or
product damage. This product should never been
operated in a closed non-ventilated area such as a flight case
or a rack, unless cooling vents are provided for the purpose .
9 - Heat exposure :
Sustained contact or proximity with warm surfaces may cause
overheating and product damages. Please keep this product
away from any heat source such as a heaters, amplifiers, hot
plates, etc...
10 - Electric power supply :
This product can only be operated according to
a very specific voltage. These information are
specified on the label located at the rear of the
11 - Power cords protection:
Power-supply cords should be routed so that they
are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items
placed upon or against them, paying particular
attention to cords at lugs, convenience receptacles
and the point where they exit from the fixture.
Instructions and recommendations
12 - Cleaning precautions :
Unplug the product before attempting any cleaning
operation. This product should be cleaned only with
accessories recommended by the manufacturer.
Use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Do not
wash this product.
13 - Long periods of non use :
Disconnect the unit’s main power during long periods of
non use.
14 - Liquids or objects penetration :
Do not let any object penetrate this product as it
may result in electric shock or fire.
Never spill any liquid on this product as it may
infiltrate the electronic components and result in
electric shock or fire.
15 - This product should be serviced when :
Please contact the qualified service personnel if :
- The power cord or the plug has been damaged.
- Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into
the appliance.
- The appliance has been exposed to rain or water.
- The product does not appear to operate normally.
- The product has been damaged.
16 - Inspection/maintenance :
Please do not attempt any inspection or
maintenance by yourself. Refer all servicing to
qualified personnel.
17 - Operating environment :
Ambient temperature and humidity: +5 - +35°C,
relative humidity must be less than 85% (when
cooling vents are not obstructed).
Do not operate this product in a non-ventilated,
very humid or warm place.
ENGLISH Wi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 4
2 - Introduction
3 - Main characteristics
Thank you for purchasing a Wi amplifier.
You are now in possession of a high-quality product which will meet your every need.
These amplifiers were born from many years of Audiophony® experience and efforts.
They are easy to use, fast, highly resistant: in brief, they are top-of-the-range, super-efficient products.
The user guide you are currently reading will help you getting familiar with the many functions and possibilities
offered by Wi amplifiers.
Please keep this guide within reach during first uses.
- From 320W to 110W at 4 Ohms
- Stereo, parallel or bridged modes
- Independent limiter for each channel
- Extremely precise and independent settings for each channel
- Many LED indicators allowing you to visualise the status of your amplifier
- 40 Hz bypass filter
- Double air flow featuring 2 sensors to provide optimal cooling
- Symmetrical inputs via combo socket (XLR and Jack TRS)
- Outputs via 4-point Speakon® banana/screw terminals
- High-performance toroidal transformer ensuring optimal power handling
- Independent thermal and DC protection for each channel
- Compatible with 19" racks
ENGLISHWi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 5
4 - Description
1 2 3
8 6
4 7
4.1 - Front panel
[1] - Mounting brackets
Allow you to insert your amplifier into 19" (482 mm)
[2] - Cooling vents
Wi series amplifiers (apart from the Wi640) are
equipped with two fans located at the rear.
The air flow goes from the rear to the front and
lowers the temperature of internal components.
Never obstruct these vents and clean them on a
regular basis to make sure your device benefits from
the longest possible lifespan.
[3] - Power Button
Activates the device.
[4] - Signal LEDs
These green and yellow LEDs light up when an
incoming signal is detected.
[5] - LED Clip
Lights up when the clip threshold has been reached,
to indicate the input is saturated and the outgoing
signal distorted.
Adjust the output level of your source to go back to
adequate sound levels and prevent serious damages
to your speakers and amplifier. The sound quality
will be highly improved as well.
Note : Wi amplifiers feature 2 identical
channels (1 and 2), the description below
only refers to one channel for legibility
[6] - On LED
This blue LED lights up when the amplifier is
connected to an electrical outlet and the power
switch positioned onto ON.
[7] - Protect LED
This LED lights up to indicate the channel is in
protection mode, the output signal is interrupted by
an internal relay. The protection mode is activated
when the channel is overheating or a serious
problem has been detected. Its aim is to protect the
speakers connected to the channel in default.
Usually, this LED briefly lights up upon activation of
your device but should light off quite slowly. This is
to protect your speakers against current peaks when
your amplifier is initialising.
[8] - Input attenuator
Each channel features an input attenuator allowing
you to limit the incoming signal level.
This attenuator features 21 notches. On its left, it
attenuates the incoming signal by 80dB, on its right,
the signal is not attenuated and the amplifier works
at full power. When activating the "mono bridge"
mode, attenuator 1 only will affect the sound level,
whereas each attenuator adjusts the sound level of
the corresponding channel in "Parallel" mode.
ENGLISH Wi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 6
6 10
1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9
4.2 - Rear panel
[1] - Cooling fan
The air flow goes from the rear to the front and
lowers the temperature of internal components.
Never obstruct these vents and clean them on a
regular basis to make sure your device benefits from
the longest possible lifespan.
[2] - Combo input socket
This connector allows you to power up your
amplifier with a line-level signal. It is fully compatible
with both symmetrical and asymmetrical signals
but we recommend, whenever possible, to use
asymmetrical signals as it will help you getting rid of
parasitic noises when using low-quality cables. This
connector can also be used to connect Jack 6.35
TRS and male XLR plugs. Polarities are spread as
- Pin 2 (Tip) = Signal +
- Pin 3 (Ring) = Signal - Pin 1 (Sleeve) = Ground
[3] - Link connector
Allows you to send the incoming signal to another
[4] - HPF (High Pass Filter) switch
When "ON", the incoming signal is filtered.
Frequencies below 40 Hz are disposed of. This
function allows you to get rid of parasitic noises and
send a signal appropriate to the broadband of your
loudspeakers. When "OFF", a filter still eliminates
frequencies below 5 Hz to protect the input of your
amplifier against direct currents.
[5] - Switch Limiter
Activates the "Limiter" function allowing you to
automatically reduce the sound level of excessive
signals and prevent them from being distorted.
[6] - Parallel / Stereo / Bridge Selector
Allows you to select the operating mode of your
- Stereo: Standard mode, each channel amplifies
the signal currently received.
- Parallel:The signal sent to input 1 is amplified in
a similar manner by both channels.
- Bridge: The two amplification channels are
added and only the input 1 signal is amplified.
[7] - Output via terminals
Allows you to connect speakers via a cable with
terminals plugs, or directly connect stripped cables.
In "Bridge" mode, use the red terminals to connect
your speaker.
[8] - Output via Speakon® connector
Allows you to connect speakers via a cable with
SpeakOn® connectors. More details about wiring
are available in next chapter.
[9] - Circuit breaker
Turns off the power supply in case of mains failure or
voltage overload. Press it again to reactivate it.
[10] - Power input
Connect here the supplied power cord to power up
your amplifier.
ENGLISHWi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 7
1 1
Or 1 1
Or 1
1 1
Or 2 2
Or 5 - Circuit principle
5.1 - Wiring via terminals
Stereo mode
Parallel mode
Mono-bridged mode
5.2 - Wiring via Speakon® connectors
Standard stereo mode
1 1
Or 2
2 2
HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 ENGLISH Wi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 8
1 1
Or 1
HP+ on 2 +
HP- on 2 HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 Stereo mode via one single output
1 1
Or 22 2
Or 1
HP+ on 2 +
HP- on 2 HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 1 1
Or Bridge / Mono
HP+ on 1+
HP- on 2+
Mono-bridged mode
1 1
Or 1
HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 HP+ on 1 +
HP- on 1 Standard parallel mode
Parallel mode via one single output
ENGLISHWi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 9
2 = Hotspot (+)
3 = Coldspot (-)
1 = Ground
2 = Hotspot (+)
Shunt between
1 and 3 pins
1 = Ground
6 - Connectors
Ground / Shield
Unbalanced TS
Coldspot (-)
Hotspot (+)
Ground / Shield
2 or 4-pole Speakon® Banana / Screw terminal
6.1 - Inputs
6.2 - Outputs
Note : Even if your speakers feature 2-pin
Speakon® connectors, they can still be
connected to 4-pin output connectors.
Note : When connecting stripped cables
directly to the terminals, please make
sure no strand is in contact with both
polarities. Please use tinned cables to
prevent short-circuits.
ENGLISH Wi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 10
Wi series amplifiers feature multiple protection
systems born from Audiophony's long experience
in professional sound solutions, to ensure the
best possible lifespan and protect the internal
components of your device and connected sources.
- SoftStart system
The SoftSart protection system gradually powers up
your unit upon activation in order to preserve your
- Thermal protection
In case of overheating, the thermal protection will
open output relays. The Protect LED will light up
during this process. If the power transformer is also
overheating, its temperature sensor will disconnect
all power outputs, the Protect and Clip LEDs will
light up while the "On" LED will turn off. The cooling
fans will operate at lower speed.
Your device will be fully operational again once the
standard temperature has been reached.
7 - Protection systems
- Short-circuits
In case of short-circuit (defective loudspeaker,
poorly isolated cable, etc.) this system will
automatically protect the amplifier. This system
detects short-circuits such as too low impedances
and reduces power stages levels. If the short-circuit
remains, all outputs will be disconnected by the
thermal protection system.
- Direct current protection
Whenever a channel detects a direct current
via its output connectors, all output relays will
automatically open to prevent damages to your
- Very low frequencies (<40 Hz)
The internal high-pass filter gets rid of very
low frequencies. Despite all that, whenever an
excessively low frequency is detected a relay will
deactivate the output.
Important note about the Bridge mode
1 - In Bridge mode, the load impedance must never fall below 4 Ohms.
For the record, connecting 2 x 8 Ohms speakers in parallel on one of the amplifier
output will result in a 4 Ohms load for this output.
Calculating the impedance connected to an output can be done as follows:
Let us return to our 2 x 8 Ohms speakers:
LOAD = 1/(1/8 Ohms + 1/8 Ohms) = 1/ (0.125+0.125) = 1/0.25 = 4 Ohms
This clearly demonstrates you cannot add an extra speaker connected in parallel to
this bridged output without falling below a 4 Ohms impedance.
2 - In stereo mode the minimum impedance is 2 Ohms: 4 x 8 Ohms speakers
connected in parallel per side.
3 - Never connect the ground of the cables of your speakers.
ENGLISHWi SERIES - Professional stereo amplifiers
Page 11
Wi640 Wi900 Wi1200 Wi1500 Wi1800
Stereo output
8 Ohms 210 W 300 W 400 W 550 W 600 W
4 Ohms 320 W 450 W 600 W 750 W 900 W
2 Ohms 420 W 700 W 900 W 1200 W 1400 W
Mono bridged output
8 Ohms 650 W 900 W 1200 W 1400 W 1800 W
4 Ohms 845 W 1400 W 1800 W 2400 W 2800 W
Signal-to-Noise ratio 100 dB 102 dB 102 dB 104 dB 104 dB
Distortion (SMPTE-IM) 0,05% 0,01% 0,01% 0,04% 0,04%
Input sensitivity @ 8  4 dBu 4 dBu 4 dBu 4 dBu 4 dBu
Voltage gain 30 dB 32 dB 33 dB 34 dB 35 dB
Amplification class AB AB AB H H
Power consumption 115Vac / 230Vac - 50/60Hz
at 1/8 of full power @ 4 4,5A / 2,2A 6,3A / 3,1A 7,2A / 3,5A 7A / 3,5A 8,5A / 4,1A
at 1/3 of full power @ 4 7A / 3,6A 9,5A / 4,8A 12A / 6A 14,5A / 7,1A 17A / 8,3A
at full power @ 4 10,5A / 5,5A 15,5A / 7,7A 19,5A / 9,5A 26A / 13A 32A / 16A
20Hz-20KHz at 1/2 of full
0,01% 0,01% 0,01% 0,03% 0,03%
1Khz at full power 0,1% 0,1% 0,1% 0,1% 0,1%
Frequency response 0/-0,5dB ; 20Hz-20KHz, 0/-3dB ; 5Hz-60Hz
Damping factor (400Hz) 200 280 280 350 350
Input impedance Asymmetrical: 15 KOhms / Symmetrical: 30 KOhms
Clip level 22 dBu (10 Vrms)
Cooling system Fan at variable speed - Front to rear
Input Symmetrical combo socket (XLR + Jack TRS)
Output Screw terminals + 4-pin Speakon®
Front panel Power switch / Channels 1 & 2 volume settings
Rear panel HPF Switch / Limiter Switch / Mode selector
Indicators On (blue) / Protect (red) / Clip (red) / -20dB (green) / -10dB (yello)
Short-circuits / Current limiter / DC offset
Immune to radio frequencies
Power supply 115Vac/230Vac - 50/60Hz
Dimensions 19" (482mm) x 3,5" (88mm) x 16,5" (420mm)
Net weight 13.6 Kg 15.4 Kg 18.2 Kg 18.4 Kg 20.4 Kg
8 - Technical specifications
Because AUDIOPHONY® takes the utmost care in its products to make sure you only get the best possible quality, our products are
subjects to modifications without prior notice. That is why technical specifications and the products physical configuration might differ
from the illustrations.
Make sure you get the latest news and updates about the AUDIOPHONY® products on
AUDIOPHONY® is a trademark of HITMUSIC S.A. - Zone Cahors sud - 46230 FONTANES - FRANCE

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