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The enclosed information is believed to be correct, Information may change ‘without notice’ due to
product improvement. Users should ensure that the product is suitable for their use. E. & O. E.
Revision A
Sales: 01206 751166 Technical: 01206 835555 Fax: 01206 7551188
Equipment Wire
Equipment Wire
Order code Manufacturer code Description
01-2330 n/a 100M REEL RED/BLACK 16/0.2MM WIRE (RC)
01-2332 n/a 100M REEL RED/BROWN 16/0.2MM WIRE (RC)
01-2334 n/a 100M REEL RED/GREEN 16/0.2MM WIRE (RC)
01-2336 n/a 100M REEL RED/BLUE 16/0.2MM WIRE (RC)
01-2338 n/a 100M REEL ORANGE/BLACK 16/0.2MM WIRE
01-2340 n/a 100M REEL ORANGE/RED 16/0.2MM CABLE
01-2342 n/a 100M REEL YELLOW/BLACK 16/0.2MM CABLE RC
01-2344 n/a 100M REEL YELLOW/RED 16/0.2MM CABLE
01-2346 n/a 100M REEL YELLOW/GREEN 16/0.2MM CABLE
01-2348 n/a 100M REEL GREEN/RED 16/0.2MM CABLE
01-2350 n/a 100M REEL VIOLET/RED 16/0.2MM CABLE
01-2352 n/a 100M REEL GREY/BLACK 16/0.2MM CABLE (RC)
01-2354 n/a 100M REEL GREY/BLUE 16/0.2MM CABLE (RC)
01-2356 n/a 100M REEL WHITE/BLACK 16/0.2MM CABLE RC
01-2358 n/a 100M REEL WHITE/RED 16/0.2MM CABLE (RC)
01-2360 n/a 100M REEL PINK/BLACK 16/0.2MM CABLE RC
01-2362 n/a 100M REEL GREEN/YELLOW 16/0.2MM CABLE RC
16/0.2mm Equipment Wire – (Bi-Colours)
Equipment Wires to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 6
16/0.2mm Type 2 [0.5mm2]
Conductor : 16 Strands of 0.2mm diameter tinned annealed copper wire
Insulation : PVC to a radial thickness of 0.3mm
Diameter : 1.55mm nominal OD
Rating : 1KV r.m.s., 3.0 amps at 70ºC
4.0 amps at 25ºC ambient
Maximum resistance at 20ºC - 38 ohms/Km
NB:- Wires manufactured to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 6 types 1, 2 and 3 also comply with the requirements of
BS 4808 classes 1, 2 and 3 for corresponding stranding and types.
Because the requirements of Defence Standard 61-12 Part 6 are more rigorous than that required by BS 4808 the
converse is not necessarily true.

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