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Heat Transfer Engineering
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Leading Research Institutions Abroad—Where History Is Being Made
Satish G. Kandlikar a
a Mechanical Engineering Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA
Online Publication Date: 01 December 2007
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Heat Transfer Engineering, 28(12):967, 2007
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Leading Research Institutions
Abroad—Where History
Is Being Made
Mechanical Engineering Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA
The technological revolution driven by various forces over
the past century was instrumental in giving shape to higher
institutions of learning and research all over the world. Japan
has seen its industrial prominence rise during this century, and
the Japanese universities gained international reputation through
their research work in specific areas.
The Kyushu region, located in the southwest part of Japan,
was the country’s earliest inhabited area. Originally established
as Kyushu Imperial University in 1911, Kyushu University was
given its current name in 1947. From a heat transfer perspective,
it gained national prominence with the establishment of a heat
transfer laboratory under the direction of Professor Yamagata.
The university’s heat transfer research has flourished since then,
with pioneering work in the areas of boiling, multi-phase flow,
condensation, supercritical fluids, and recently microgravity and
liquid-vapor interfacial phenomena.
Professors Yamagata, Nishikawa, Hasegawa, Fukuda, Fujii, Yoshida, Fujita, Ito, Honda, Masuoka, Takamatsu, Fukai,
Miyatake, Koyama, Ohta and Takata are among many renowned
researchers who pushed the frontier of heat transfer research in
their respective disciplines. They also provided invaluable leadership in the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering while
interacting with researchers worldwide.
I had the great pleasure and honor of interacting with a number of researchers, including Professors Fujita, Koyama, Ito,
Address correspondence to Professor Satish G. Kandlikar, Mechanical Engineering Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, James E. Gleason
Building, 76 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623-5603. E-mail:
Honda, Ohta, and Takata. In addition to their openness in sharing
technical information, they were extremely kind in welcoming
me to Fukuoka. My recent visit to their new Hydrogen Campus
was very illustrative, as I witnessed their dedication to the technological changes that are shaping the energy scenario. Their
vision of, and commitment to, embracing a hydrogen economy will surely lead us to new paradigms in the transportation
I am thankful to Takata Sensei for writing the Heat in History
article highlighting the progression of heat transfer research at
Kyushu University. I am also thankful to Professor Afshin Ghajar
for his support and encouragement in the presentation of this
article. I look forward to visiting Kyushu University again and
see the history as it is being made in many heat transfer subdisciplines.
Satish Kandlikar is the Gleason Professor of
Mechanical Engineering at RIT. His current work focuses on the heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena
in microchannels and minichannels. He is involved in
advanced single-phase and two-phase heat exchangers incorporating smooth, rough, and enhanced microchannels. He has published more than 130 journal and conference papers. He is a fellow member
of ASME and has been the organizer of the international conferences on microchannels and minichannels sponsored by ASME. He is a recipient of the Eisenhart Outstanding Teaching award, IBM Faculty award, ASME Best Paper Award, and Journal of Heat
Transfer Best Reviewer Award. He is the Heat in History Editor for Heat Transfer Engineering and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Heat Transfer and
Journal of Nanofluidics and Microfluidics.
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