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OMB Control No.: 2127-0004
Part 573 Safety Recall Report 16V-753
The information contained in this report was submitted pursuant to 49 CFR §573
Manufacturer Name : Mazda North American Operations
Submission Date : OCT 17, 2016
NHTSA Recall No. : 16V-753
Manufacturer Recall No. : 0316J
Manufacturer Information :
Manufacturer Name : Mazda North American Operations
Address : 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 910 Washington DC 20036
Company phone : 800-222-5500
Population :
Number of potentially involved : 180
Estimated percentage with defect : NR
Vehicle Information :
Vehicle 1 : 2017-2017 Mazda Mazda6
Body Style : 4-DOOR
Power Train : GAS
Descriptive Information : Certain MY 2017 Mazda6 vehicles equipped with optional accessory fog lamps can
experience inoperative turn signal self-cancellation due to an incorrect combination
switch. This is a non-compliance concern with FMVSS 108 Section 9.1.1.
Production Dates : AUG 12, 2016 - SEP 28, 2016
VIN Range 1 : Begin : JM1GL1U5XH1100162 End : JM1GL1V59H1110440 Not sequential
Description of Noncompliance :
Description of the
Noncompliance :
FMVSS 108 S9.1.1 requires that the turn signal operating unit installed on
passenger cars must be self-canceling by steering wheel rotation and capable of
cancellation by a manually operated control. On certain MY 2017 Mazda6
vehicles, self-cancellation by steering wheel rotation may be inoperative,
therefore, non-conformance occurs to the requirement of FMVSS 108 S9.1.1.
The turn signal function, however, can be canceled by manual operation.
FMVSS 1 : 108 - Lamps, reflective devices, and assoc. Equipment
Description of the Safety Risk : A vehicle continuously driven with the turn signal “on” may result in
confusion to other drivers and potential obstruction of traffic.
Description of the Cause : Installation of optional accessory fog lamps requires a fog lamp kit and, also, a
combination switch compatible with MY 2017 Mazda6 vehicles. Due to
incorrect accessory parts instructions, an incompatible combination switch
may be installed on MY 2017 Mazda6 vehicles causing the turn signals selfcancellation system to become inoperative with steering wheel rotation.
Page 2Part 573 Safety Recall Report 16V-753
The information contained in this report was submitted pursuant to 49 CFR §573
Identification of Any Warning
that can Occur :
Supplier Identification :
Component Manufacturer
Address : 3-260 Toyota, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aich
Country : Japan
Chronology :
(September 29, 2016); Field information was reported of inoperative turn signals self-cancellation on MY 2017
Mazda6 vehicles during pre-delivery inspections at a dealer. Mazda began an investigation.
(October 11, 2016); Based on investigation results, Mazda determined the optional accessory fog lamps had
incorrect parts instructions and that installations were performed at Mazda’s port facilities on MY 2017
Mazda6 vehicles. The optional accessory fog lamp is also available for dealer installation, however, Mazda
confirmed that no kits were installed in the field. Due to potential non-compliance of FMVSS 108 Section 9.1.1
with inoperative turn signal self-cancellation, Mazda decided to conduct a non-compliance recall on certain MY
2017 Mazda6 vehicles equipped with optional accessory fog lamps. As of October 10, 2016, Mazda is not aware
of any accidents or injuries caused by this issue.
Description of Remedy :
Description of Remedy Program : Owners of record will be notified of this issue and instructed to take their
vehicles to a Mazda dealer for repair. The dealer will replace the
combination switch with a correct one. The repair will be performed free
of charge to vehicle owners.
How Remedy Component Differs
from Recalled Component :
Identify How/When Recall Condition
was Corrected in Production :
Page 3Part 573 Safety Recall Report 16V-753
The information contained in this report was submitted pursuant to 49 CFR §573
Recall Schedule :
Description of Recall Schedule : A draft of the planned owner letter will be provided when it becomes
Dealers will be notified of the voluntary recall on October 28, 2016.
The mailing of owner notification letter by first class mail will begin on
November 8, 2016.
Planned Dealer Notification Date : OCT 28, 2016 - OCT 28, 2016
Planned Owner Notification Date : NOV 08, 2016 - NOV 08, 2016
* NR - Not Reported

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