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980230 Rev02, 03-2012 Page 1/2
Safety Lancets
Instructions for Use
Intended Use:
Safety Lancets are designed for use in the daily capillary blood collection routine when delegated
by a qualified practitioner. They are for single-use only and should only be used by adequately trained
healthcare personnel in accordance with these instructions.
NOTE: Please use these instructions in conjunction with the MiniCollect
Capillary Blood Collection Instructions
for Use.
Product Description:
Safety Lancets are sterile, single-use automated devices for skin puncture. The device consists of
a stainless steel lancet in a plastic housing with a button for activation. The lancet is manufactured from
stainless steel and retracts automatically and permanently after puncture, allowing controlled length and depth
of incision.
Precautions and Storage Guidelines
 Our guidelines are recommendations only. Please refer to the policies and procedures of your facility with
regard to handling of MiniCollect
Safety Lancets.
 HBV, HCV, HIV and other infectious diseases can be transmitted through contact with biological samples.
In the event of exposure to biological samples, ensure that appropriate medical attention is obtained.
 Discard all MiniCollect
Safety Lancets in biohazard containers approved for their disposal.
 Wear disposable gloves during venipuncture and when handling blood collection tubes to minimise
exposure hazard.
 Do not use MiniCollect
Safety Lancets after their expiry date.
 Do not use MiniCollect
Safety Lancets if protective tab has been removed.
Storage of MiniCollect® Safety Lancets prior to use:
Store in a dry place, away from direct or excessive heat.
NOTE: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Exceeding the maximum recommended storage temperature may
lead to impairment of the MiniCollect
Safety Lancets quality.
Skin Puncture Technique and Specimen Collection
Skin puncture blood is a mixture of undetermined proportions of blood from arterioles, venules, capillaries, and
interstitial and intracellular fluids. The proportion of arterial blood is greater than that of venous blood, because
the pressure in arteries and the subsequent arterioles leading into the capillaries is much greater than the
pressure in the venules exiting from the capillaries. Specimens from warmed sites are described as
“arterialized”. A warm, moist towel (or other warming devices) at a temperature no higher than 42 °C may be
used to cover the site for three to five minutes [1].
1 Preparation for specimen collection:
Practice general safety precautions, washing hands, using gloves and appropriate apparel for protection from
exposure to blood-borne pathogens.
Be sure that the following materials are readily accessible before performing puncture:
 All necessary MiniCollect
tubes, identified for size, draw and additive.
 Labels for positive patient identification of samples.
 MiniCollect
Accessories. Prepare tubes with funnel or capillary before collection by pushing the funnel or
the capillary through the cross-cuts of the cap of the MiniCollect
tube. Capillaries are colour coded in
accordance to the cap colour of the tube.
 Alcohol swab for cleansing site
 Adhesive plaster or bandage
 Sharps disposal container for safe disposal of used MiniCollect
Safety Lancets
980230 Rev02, 03-2012 Page 2/2
2 Cleansing the Site:
Prepare puncture site with appropriate antiseptic. After cleansing the skin puncture site, allow the area to air
dry, so the antiseptic action of the alcohol can take effect. Residual alcohol causes rapid haemolysis, can have
adverse effects on test results, and will cause discomfort (stinging) to the patient.
Hold the lancet firmly between the fingers and remove the
protective tab by pulling (blade) or twisting (needle).
Hold the patient’s heel or finger firmly to prevent sudden
movement and position the lancet above the selected site
Then gently press the button to activate the lancet.
NOTE: Do not exert pressure on the puncture site while activating
the lancet.
After the full depth of the lancet’s blade or needle has penetrated
the skin, remove the lancet in one upward motion and immediately
discard it into an appropriate sharps container
The first drop of blood should be wiped away with a gauze pad,
since the first drop is most likely to contain excess tissue fluid.
Gently apply intermittent pressure to the surrounding tissue.
Strong repetitive pressure (milking) must be avoided, as both
procedures may result in haemolysis or tissue-fluid contamination
of the specimen
Label Information
Expiry Date: shows expiration date of needle. Needles can be used through the end of the indicated month.
Reference Number: individual needles can be ordered using these item numbers.
Lot Number: batch number
Method of sterilization (radiation)
Single Use Device
Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute CLSI (formerly NCCLS)
[1] H4-A6 Procedures and Devices for the Collection of Diagnostic Capillary Blood Specimens; Approved Standard—Sixth Edition
Production location:
ASAHI Polyslider Company, Limited,
860-2 Misaki Maniwa, Okayama,
719-3226 Japan
Made in Japan
Distributed by Greiner Bio-One GmbH, Austria
Greiner Bio-One GmbH
Bad Haller Straße 32
A-4550 Kremsmünster
(+43) 07583/6791

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