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Technical Information
Oct 2015 Fluon_Perfluoro_Adhesive_EA-2000_EN_201510_Rev1.docx Copyright © AGC Chemicals. All rights reserved.
Page 1 Fluon® is registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive
(Semi-commercial product) EA-2000
Fluon® PFA EA-2000, is an Perfluoro resin which has been functionalized to include an adhesive group
within the polymer backbone. The perfluoro backbone gives the material excellent electrical characteristics,
and heat and chemical resistance, while the adhesive functionality facilitates adhesion to other materials in a
one-step process, without the need for surface treatment or a separate adhesive layer. Example materials
include glass cloth, polyimide, or various metals. This grade is semi-commercialized and may be available
upon request. This material is supplied as pellets and packaged in 25kg plastic bags.
Features of EA-2000
 Heat resistance to 260C and superior chemical resistance, equivalent to conventional PFA materials
 Adhesion to other polymers and metals without the use of surface treatment or a separate adhesive
layer via a traditional melt-processable method.
 Excellent non-stick properties, low frictional properties, and water and oil repellency (high contact
 Low dielectric constant (2.1) and low dissipation factor (0.001)
Assumed Applications of EA-2000
 Printed circuit boards (rigid or flexible)
 Heat-resistant insulating tape
 Heat-resistant laminated tubing
 Interposers
 Steel plate laminates
Ideal for PCB materials
Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive EA-2000
Oct 2015 Fluon_Perfluoro_Adhesive_EA-2000_EN_201510_Rev1.docx Copyright © AGC Chemicals. All rights reserved.
Page 2 Fluon® is registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Example of Film Extrusion Conditions of EA-2000
An example of the processing conditions for a mono-layer film with EA-2000 is shown below.
Extruder temperature Roll temperature
C1 C2 C3 C4 H D Nip roll temperature
EA-2000 300°C 320°C 340°C 340°C 340°C 340°C 180°C
 Extruder: 30 mm single screw (L/D=24)
 Die: T-die (450 mm in width)
 Line speed: 10 m/min
Example of Molding Conditions of EA-2000/Copper Foil Laminate
An example of the processing conditions for copper foil laminate with EA-2000 is shown below.
 Film: EA-2000 (30 m-t)
 Metal Laminate: Copper foil
 Laminate conditions: An adhesion sample (350 mm) is produced
using a vacuum press.
 Peel strength measurement method: 90° peel test using 1 cm wide strips.
Cu surface roughness Peel strength
(N/cm) Rz (μm) Ra (μm)
EA-2000/General copper foil 7.2 1.45 13
EA-2000/Low-profile copper foil 3.0 0.25 11
EA-2000/Profile-free copper foil 1.2 0.19 12
EA-2000/Non-roughened copper foil 0.9 0.13 12
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Time (min)
re ss u re (M
a) Te m p (d e gC ) /
ac u u m (k P
a) General copper foil
Low-profile copper foil
Profile-free copper foil
copper foil
Rz under 1.0μm
Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive EA-2000
Oct 2015 Fluon_Perfluoro_Adhesive_EA-2000_EN_201510_Rev1.docx Copyright © AGC Chemicals. All rights reserved.
Page 3 Fluon® is registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Example Molding Conditions of EA-2000/Glass Cloth
EA-2000/glass cloth substrate molding conditions
 Film: EA-2000 (35 μm-t)
 Copper foil: Electrolytic copper foil roughened surface Rz=1.2 μm (12 μm-t)
 Glass cloth: 2116 type E-glass cloth
 Laminate conditions: A substrate sample (350 mm) will be produced with the same conditions using a
vacuum press.
Material composition
Characteristics of EA-2000/glass cloth substrate
 Favorable relative dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factor
 Excellent copper foil adhesion and copper plating coverage inside through -holes
 Favorable solder heat resistance with low linear expansion coefficient in the xy-plane
Item Unit Measurement method
cloth laminate
Relative dielectric constant – ASTM D-150 @ 1 GHz 2.65
Dielectric dissipation factor – ASTM D-150 @ 1 GHz 0.002
Copper foil adhesion kN/m IPC TM-650 2.4.8 1.46
Copper plating coverage inside TH Copper plating without desmear or etching OK
Solder heat resistance – Floating measurement at 260ºC for 20 seconds OK
Linear expansion coefficient ppm/ºC TMA X-Y 10
Transmission loss measurement method by micro-strip line (MSL)
Measurement conditions
 Microstrip line (characteristic impedance 50 , line length 10 mm)
 TRL calibration
 Measuring frequency range: 1 to 40 GHz
 Transmission loss comparison
 The state at zero reflection loss calculated from the measurement results in MSLs with different
characteristic impedance will be compared
Evaluation results of microwave transmission characteristics
 The MSL transmission loss of the EA-2000/glass cloth substrate is approximately half that of a
competitor's PTFE substrate.
 The transmission loss can be further reduced by improving the laminate composition (glass cloth, low
permittivity filler, etc.).
Item Unit EA-2000/glass cloth Competitor's PTFE/glass cloth FR-4
Relative dielectric constant @ 1 MHz – 2.65 2.55 4.7
Dielectric dissipation factor @ 1 MHz – 0.002 0.002 0.02
MSL transmission loss @ 5 GHz dB/mm 0.00532 0.00903 0.02
MSL transmission loss @ 25 GHz dB/mm 0.014 0.03 Unmeasurable
12μm-t electrolytic copper foil
35μm-t EA-2000
film2116 type E-glass cloth
Dielectric thickness255μm-t
35 m-t EA-2000
Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive EA-2000
Oct 2015 Fluon_Perfluoro_Adhesive_EA-2000_EN_201510_Rev1.docx Copyright © AGC Chemicals. All rights reserved.
Page 4 Fluon® is registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Basic Properties of EA-2000
Item Unit Test method
(Semi-commercial product)
MFR g/10 minutes
ASTM D3307
(327°C, 49 N)
10–25 – 7–18
Melting point °C DSC 300 327 308
Specific gravity ASTM D792 2.1 2.1–2.2 2.1
Durometer hardness Shore D 59 55 59
Tensile strength at break MPa ASTM D638 36.0 20.6–34.3 40.0
Tensile elongation at break % ASTM D638 460 200–400 450
Flexural modulus MPa ASTM D790 640 578 560
Izod impact strength
(23ºC, notched)
J/m ASTM D256 Non-Break 157 Non-Break
Coefficient of water absorption % ASTM D570 <0.03 <0.01 <0.03
Dielectric Constant (1 GHz) ASTM D150 2.1 2.1 2.1
Dielectric dissipation factor
(1 GHz)
ASTM D150 < 0.002 < 0.002 < 0.002
Volume resistance Ω-cm ASTM D257 6.5  10
>1.0  10
>1.0  10
Specific heat kJ/(kg•K) 1.05 1.05 1.05
MIT folding endurance cycles ASTM D2176 8.0  10
– 3.4  10
All Fluon grades should be stored in clean and dry conditions. No special pre-heating or conditioning is
As with most fluoropolymers, care is needed when heating EA-2000 pellets and local exhaust ventilation is
required. Please refer to our Safety data sheets (SDS) for guidance.
Thermal decomposition of this product will generate hydrogen fluoride, which is corrosive. Corrosion
resistant materials are required for prolonged contact with molten resin.
EA-2000 should be processed at a maximum temperature of 380C in order to preserve the adhesive
functionality of the polymer.
Technical information
The information and data stated in this material (and any information and data provided to customers) are based on actual data obtained from reliable
sources and should not be considered as guaranteed values for matters not stated in this material. We hereby disclaim any warranties, whether
express or implied, regarding this material. The user is responsible for complying with all relevant laws and regulations irrespective of whether stated in
this material or not. The provision of this material does not grant a license to any patents, trademarks, or licenses for those products, or any licenses to
other intellectual properties.
Handling precautions
The Fluon® products are manufactured and sold for industrial applications. The purchasers are responsible for confirming whether the product quality is
appropriate for their applications.The product is not designed for special application such as pharmaceutical or medical use. Not all grades are
appropriate for end products or materials for substances that come in contact with food. For the latest information, contact our representatives. Carefully
examine how to handle the products stated in this material with reference to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive EA-2000
Oct 2015 Fluon_Perfluoro_Adhesive_EA-2000_EN_201510_Rev1.docx Copyright © AGC Chemicals. All rights reserved.
Page 5 Fluon® is registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
For details and samples, please contact AGC Chemicals Company (Tokyo / Osaka).
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Fluon® Website: www.fluon.jp

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