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Product Data Sheet
For duroplastics, wood, coated surfaces, various metals, paper, polyamide, polyacetal (post-flaming),
pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyester, PMMA, polystyrene,
polyurethane, rigid PVC, as well as compact discs.
Ink type TP 300-R-NT is quick drying and glossy. Opacity and printability are very good.
Pad printing inks TP 300-R-NT are suitable for rotary printing.
Printing inks by Coates Screen Inks GmbH correspond to the requirements of the respective current
version of the EUPIA exclusion list. Pigments and other compounds based on antimony*, arsenic,
cadmium, chromium(VI), lead, mercury and selenium are not used.
*see footnote in EUPIA list
Ink type 300-R-NT is adjusted for printing with 15-30% Additive A. For retardation use TPD.
In order to meet higher demands regarding mechanical and chemical resistance as well as adhesion,
ink type TP 300-R-NT may also be used as a 2-component printing ink.
Mixing ratio pad printing ink TP 300-R-NT: hardener TP 219 is 10:1 parts by weight.
Pot life of the mixed ink is approx. 8 hours. After this time adhesion and resistances might be reduced,
even if the ink still seems to be liquid and processable.
Ink type TP 300-R-NT air dries, i.e. by evaporation of solvents. At room temperature (20-25°C; 6877°F) drying time is approx. 2-3 minutes.
With heat application and air circulation 30-60 seconds. It will take approx. 24 hours to completely
If processed as 2-component ink mechanical and chemical resistances will only be achieved after 4-5
For cleaning of stencils and tools thinner VD 40 or Cliché Spray are suitable.
TP 300-R-NT inks are available in 1 liter cans.
For information regarding shelf life please see tin label.
Read material safety data sheet prior to processing.
The material safety data sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH) contains
classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP/GHS) as well as instructions for
precautions when processing, handling and storing as well as first aid.
citric yellow TP 300/10-R-NT light blue, highly opaque TP 300/30-HD-NT
citric yellow, highly opaque TP 300/10-HD-NT medium blue TP 300/31-R-NT
medium yellow TP 300/11-R-NT ultra marine TP 300/32-R-NT
medium yellow, highly opaque TP 300/11-HD-NT dark blue TP 300/33-R-NT
dark yellow TP 300/12-R-NT turquoise TP 300/34-R-NT
dark yellow, highly opaque TP 300/12-HD-NT violet TP 300/37-R-NT
orange TP 300/15-R-NT violet, highly opaque TP 300/37-HD-NT
orange, highly opaque TP 300/15-HD-NT light green TP 300/40-R-NT
ochre yellow TP 300/17-R-NT light green, highly opaque TP 300/40-HD-NT
light red TP 300/20-R-NT fir green TP 300/41-R-NT
light red, highly opaque TP 300/20-HD-NT brilliant green TP 300/42-R-NT
red bright TP 300/21-R-NT light brown TP 300/50-R-NT
red bright, highly opaque TP 300/21-HD-NT dark brown TP 300/51-R-NT
carmine red TP 300/22-R-NT white TP 300/60-R-NT
carmine red, highly opaque TP 300/22-HD-NT white, highly opaque TP 300/60-HD-NT
pink TP 300/25-R-NT black TP 300/65-R-NT
light blue TP 300/30-R-NT black, highly opaque TP 300/65-HD-NT
Other shades can be manufactured subject to our special ink shade regulation.
yellow TP 300/180-NT
magenta TP 300/181-NT
cyan TP 300/182-NT
C-MIX 2000
primrose TP 300/Y30 violet TP 300/V50
golden yellow TP 300/Y50 blue TP 300/B50
orange TP 300/O50 green TP 300/G50
scarlet TP 300/R20 black TP 300/N50
red TP 300/R50 white TP 300/W50
magenta TP 300/M50 varnish TP 300/E50
The statements in our product and safety data sheets are based on our present experiences, however
they are no assurance of product properties and do not justify a contractual legal relationship. They serve
to advise our business associates, but it is absolutely necessary to make your own printing tests under
local conditions, with regard to the intended purpose prior to starting the job. - All former product data
sheets are no longer valid. MAY 2015 – VERSION 6
Coates Screen Inks GmbH
Wiederholdplatz 1 90451 Nürnberg
Phone: 0911 6422 0 Fax: 0911 6422 200
rich gold TP 300/75-AB-NT
rich-pale gold TP 300/76-AB-NT
pale gold TP 300/77-AB-NT
copper TP 300/78-AB-NT
silver TP 300/79-AB-NT
rich gold TP 300/75-MG
rich-pale gold TP 300/76-MG
pale gold TP 300/77-MG
copper TP 300/78-MG
silver TP 300/79-MG
Other shades can be manufactured subject to our special ink shade regulation

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