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colour production
Profit from short-run
colour perfection
Your customers require high speed, high quality colour on demand - from a variety of applications,
with productive and fully finished output. Now you can meet their needs, as well as your investment
budget, with the innovative CLC3200. Designed to deliver light, short-run colour production, it offers
all the benefits of cost-effective operation combined with truly professional performance.
Utilising new and advanced technologies from Canon - the leading company in colour reproduction the CLC3200 provides seamless network printing on the widest range of media available.
All complete with superior colour management capabilities and sophisticated in-line finishing.
So you can handle more work, more effectively - for even the most demanding clients.
At last: affordable and professional
colour production
Take advantage of a four drum, single pass
engine speed of 32 ppm (A4) for both full colour
and monochrome production. The standard
'stackless' duplexing unit provides productive
27 ipm double-sided output. There's full support
for numerous software applications and file
formats. Command Workstation ensures flexible,
efficient print job control. While finishing extends
to full saddle stitching, with the ability to add
booklet covers in copy mode.
The CLC3200 sets new standards in colour
quality, delivering professional, matt finish prints.
This is achieved by Canon's unique, enhanced
polymer 'S-type' spherical toner. Oil-less fixing
ensures the highest quality with optimal gloss
value, complete with an extended colour gamut
volume. Print resolution reaches right up to a
2,400 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi - with 256-colour
gradations. So you can be confident of supplying
the quality that clients demand.
The CLC3200 is uniquely positioned to offer high
performance colour output alongside truly
affordable equipment investment. It is capable of
providing the versatility and productivity that is
usually associated with heavy production devices,
including full variable data printing. All integrated
with easy, cost-effective and highly reliable
operation. Allowing you to deliver light, short-run
colour production.
You can configure the compact CLC3200 exactly
as required. Separate print and scanner modules
let you select copier only, printer only or a
combined printer/copier multifunctional system.
A wide range of accessories are available providing the feeding, high paper capacity and
flexible finishing that suits your demands. With
Canon's Print Controller featuring all the very
latest colour management advances.
Versatility and reliability
beyond all expectations
Today, to be truly successful, you have to be capable of dealing with a vast array of differing input
sources from your customers - while expanding your output capabilities. Now the innovative
CLC3200 system not only meets but exceeds these expectations. In terms of both seamless software
integration and hardware versatility, you have the tools at hand to provide intelligent solutions to the
toughest projects. Delivering colour perfection, without compromise.
The CLC3200 features an intermediary transfer
belt system that enables it to accept a highly
diverse range of printing materials, including
coated and non-coated paper. Tab sheet printing
and insertion is supported. An enhanced paper
handling capacity takes everything from envelope
formats up to large SRA3 sizes, with a wider
image area (305 mm), for all thicknesses from
64 to 253 g/m2. There's auto duplexing for extra
heavy paper (209 g/m2) on a maximum paper
size of 305 x 457 mm. While the 6-way, 4800sheet paper feeding capacity is ideal for all your
short-run colour production needs.
The durable design and easy maintenance
features of the CLC3200 ensure complete
reliability. A straight paper path and stable
colour management technologies provide
maximum uptime. While toner is user
replaceable for added ease. Operating the
system is straightforward and simple. A largeformat, touch panel colour display screen
provides clear menu navigation for intuitive
operation. Also a standard remote user
interface with a built-in web browser function
gives users complete control from connected
With the CLC3200, you benefit from full
networking flexibility. A major advantage is the
Personal Image Server, which stores colour
documents. This allows you to combine scanned
originals and electronic data from various
applications, to create new documents. There's
also an intelligent send function with full colour
capability - so you can send documents direct to
a client's email address as well as to a file server
or database. Thus saving time and dramatically
improving your job flow.
When you need to deliver fully finished
documents to your clients, the CLC3200 won't let
you down. A complete range of flexible finishers
are available. They offer everything from simple
stacking right up to folding and saddle stitching
for professional booklet production - with
signature booklet printing. In-line finishing
reduces the need for human intervention. Other
production-orientated accessories include an
Automatic Document Feeder as well as a highcapacity side paper deck.
With Canon, you can always depend on full
service support, with local and dedicated
technical servicing at hand for maximum uptime.
E-maintenance is also available as an option.
This pro-active service provides remote
diagnostics, giving security and complete
servicing control.
Advanced colour management
for every eventuality
For clients that require highly advanced colour printing performance with enhanced control, the
solution is Canon's optional Colour Network Printer Controller. This provides expert-level intelligent
tools to ensure consistency, complete colour accuracy and powerful printing performance. With an
array of sophisticated features that are surprisingly easy to use, you can deliver colour work that is
guaranteed to meet the highest professional standards.
The Print Controller features Command
Workstation™ as standard utility software.
Designed to make centralised print management
simple, it sets the standard for conveniently
managing and manipulating digital print jobs.
This includes extensive job controls, thumbnail
and full screen job previews, load balancing and
archiving of files for accessing and later
reprinting. All print ticket settings can be
modified before finalising production. And
different digital files, including hard copy scans,
can be merged into a single, printable document.
Plus a job log window provides detailed
information on every print job.
Post-RIP calibration from ColorWise™ is
integrated in the Print Controller. As this makes
RIPping calibration independent, jobs with
different calibration profiles can be printed
several times, without the need for re-RIPping.
Flexibility is built into the production process by
keeping final calibration decisions to the last
possible stage. This also applies to variable data
printing, where Fiery FreeForm master pages are
RIPped once and held until a later date for
printing. Calibration is not applied until variable
information is added.
Now you can benefit from full simulation for both
accurate proofing and short run colour printing.
Full CMYK simulation with GCR (Grey Colour
Replacement) calibrates the colour space of the
input source and matches that with the colour
space of the output device . For exact proofing,
full source GCR is utilised. While for short run
printing a new method, full output GCR
calibration, is ideal. This maintains the grey
balance from print no 1 to print no 1000 in the
same run length.
Spot-On™ is a practical utility programme that
helps you easily apply user-defined spot colours,
such as a company logo, to printing. It manages
all named colours on the server - and allows
editing of CMYK values, for an exact match.
Spot-On™ also enables you to create custom
colours with specific names and CMYK values.
This helps you conceptualise and communicate
custom colours with greater ease. You can also
create a customised named colour list, ensuring
organised and easy management.
DocBuilder Pro is available as an optional
software application. It allows powerful,
affordable and easy imposition of documents regardless of the originating platform, application
or file format - thus saving time. New features
include mixed page support, negative gutter
sizes support, customised trim marks/fold
marks, right edge binding, the ability to add,
delete and duplicate sheets, gang-up unique
collate and late editing.
Canon Inc.
30-2, Shimomaruko 3-Chome, Ohta-ku,
Tokyo 146-8501, Japan
Europe, Africa and Middle East
Canon Europa N.V.
P.O. Box 2262, 1180 EG Amstelveen,
the Netherlands
English Edition 0036W852
© Canon Europa N.V., 2003 (0603)
™ All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of
their respective manufacturers in their markets and/or countries.
Canon reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
Type Colour Digital Multifunctional Imaging System
Imaging System Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
Developing System Dry Ni Component System
Fixing System Heat Roller Fixation System
CPU Dual Canon Custom Processor, 250MHz
Image Server Memory Standard 768MB, 40GB HDD
Interface Standard Ethernet (100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T)
First-copy Time 9.8 sec. B&W
13.1 sec. Full Colour
Warm-up Time Approx. 6 min.
Originals Sheets, books and solid objects (Up to 2 Kg)
Maximum Original Size A3
Copy Sizes
Cassette A5R – A3
Manual A5R – SRA3 (320 x 450mm)
Image Server 40GB
Mail Boxes Support for Max 100 Mail boxes
Copy Reservation 5 Jobs
Scanning 600 x 600dpi
Copying 600 dpi x 600 dpi (colour & b/w)
Printing Up to 2400 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi (colour & b/w)
Halftone 256 Gradations
Density Adjustment Automatic Exposure/Manual
Engine Speeds
A4 32ppm full colour and b&w
A3 16ppm full colour and b&w
Duplexing Standard automatic stackless
Support for auto duplex up to 209 g/m2 and from Stack Bypass
Standard Mode 100%
Preset Reduction 25%, 50%, 61%, 70%, 81%, 86%
Preset Enlargement 115%, 122%, 141%, 200%, 400%
Zoom Mode 25% – 400% (in 1% increments)
Multiple Copies/Prints 1 to 999
Paper Supply
Standard Dual 550-sheet Universal Paper Cassettes
(Up to 305 x 457mm) (1100 Sheets at 80 g/m2)
Stack Bypass (Up to 320 x 457mm) (100 Sheets at 80 g/m2)
Optional Dual 550-sheet Universal Paper Cassettes
(Up to 305 x 457mm) (1100 Sheets at 80 g/m2)
Paper Deck - 2,500 A4 Sheets at 80 g/m2
Max. Total = 4,800 Sheets at 80 g/m2
Paper Weights 64 to 209 g/m2 (Cassettes)
64 to 253 g/m2 (Manual)
Dimensions 799mm x 620mm x 786mm
Weight 126 kg
Power Requirements 240V, 15A, 50Hz/60Hz
Multi PDL Network Printer Unit-C1 (Optional)
PDL Support PCL5c, Adobe PostScript 3, PDF 1.3, TIFF 6 (auto-switching)
Memory Standard 128MB, upgreadable to 256MB
Hard Disk 10GB
CPU Intel Mobile Pentium III at 850MHz
Fonts 136 Adobe PostScript Fonts, 45 Scalable PCL Fonts
Printer Driver PS driver for Windows® 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP
PS driver for Mac OS9.0 and Mac OS X
PCL 5c driver for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP
Network Interface Standard: Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ-45), Parallel Port (Type B)
Optional: Token Ring
Network Protocol and
Frame Type Automatic Switching - IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, 802.2, 802.3,
EtherTalk, SMB
Network Services Novell NDS, Pserver, SMB, AppleTalk, LDP, Port 9100, IPP,
FTP NetWare 6 (iPrint), E-mail Client (for Scan), E-mail Print
Print Utilities Command Workstation, Fiery Downloader, Fiery Scan,
Web Tools, ColorWise Tools, Spot-On, Auto-Trapping,
DocBuilder Pro (Optional).
Colour Universal Send Kit-A1 (Optional)
Preview Multipage document preview function
Access Single Sign On (Windows 2000 Server),
Single Device Log-In (SDL)
Sending Methods e-Mail, iW Document Manager to Server (FTP,SMB,NCP)
Address Book LDAP and Ad Hoc entry and storage
File Format Single page TIFF, multi-page TIFF, PDF, Multi page PDF
Sending Sizes A5 -A3
Colour Image Reader-C1 (Optional)
Scanning Resolution up to 600x600 dpi
Smoothing Super Smoothing Technology
Power Consumption 1.5kw max.
Scanning Area Up to A3
Driver Network Twain (Optional)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 90mm x 585mm x 540mm
Weight 13.5kg
DADF-K1 (Optional)
Original Sizes A5 – A3
Original Weights 52 – 105 g/m2
Original Capacity 30 sheets (A4)
15 sheets (A3)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 165mm x 580mm x 506mm
Weight 13 kg
Pedestal-C1 (Optional)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 312mm x 620mm x 705mm
Weight 24 kg
Cassette Feeding Unit-X1 (Optional)
Number of Drawers 2x Front-loading adjustable universal drawers
Paper Capacity 2 x 550 Sheets
Acceptable Paper Weights 64 – 209 g/m2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 312mm x 620mm x 705mm
Weight 30 kg
Paper Deck-P1 (Optional)
Paper Size A4
Paper Weights 64 – 209 g/m2
Capacity 2,500 sheets at 80 g/m2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 432mm x 324mm x 591mm
Weight 30 kg
Finisher-M1 (Optional)
Number of Trays One
Acceptable Paper Sizes A5R – A3 and 305 x 457mm
Acceptable Paper Weights 64 to 253 g/m2
Max. Capacity 1,000 Sheets (A4)
500 Sheets (A3)
Staple Mode 30 Sheets (A4)
15 Sheets (A3)
Staple Cartridge Staple-L1 (3 Cartridge/Case; 3000 Staples Cartridge)
Dimensions (H w D x W) 362mm x 574mm x 553mm
Weight 18 kg
Finisher-N1 (Optional)
Number of Trays Two
Acceptable Paper Sizes A5R to A3 and 305 x 457mm
Acceptable Paper Weights 64 to 253 g/m2
Max. Capacity 1,000 Sheets (A4, B5, A5R)
500 Sheets (A3, B4, A4R, B5R)
Staple Positions 1 - any corner
2 - side margin
Staple Cartridge Staple-E1 (3 Cartridge/Case; 5000 Staples Cartridge)
Dimensions (H w D x W) 1066mm x 682mm x 615mm
Weight 37 kg
Saddle Finisher-N2 (Optional)
Number of trays Three
Acceptable Paper Sizes A5R to A3 and 305 x 457mm
Tray Capacity 1,000 Sheets (A4, B5, A5R)
500 Sheets (A3, B4, A4R, B5R)
Staple Position Multiposition Stapling
(1) Top Corner (2) Side Margin (3) Saddle-stitch
Stapling Capacity 50 Sheets (A4)
15 Sheets Saddle-stitched (A4, A3)
Saddle-stitch Specifications
Paper Sizes B4, A4R, A3
Paper Weight 64 to 105g/m2
64 to 253g/m2 (Cover only)
Stapling Capacity 15 Sheets (60 pages)
Folding V-folding Standard
Staple Cartridge Staple-D2 (3 Cartridge/Case; 2000 Staples Cartridge)
Staple-E1 (3 Cartridge/Case; 5000 Staples Cartridge)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1066mm x 682mm x 615mm
Weight 57kg
Copy Tray Unit-H1 (Optional)
Number of Trays One
Capacity 100 Sheets (A4)
Dimensions (H w D x W) 134mm x 254mm x 371mm
Weight 1 kg
Super-G3 Fax Board-M1 (Optional)
Applicable Line Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
Connection Lines One
Transmission Time ECM-MMR Approx. 3 seconds per page** (@33,600Kbps)
Compression System MMR, MR, MH, JBIG
Sending Sizes A5R to A3
Auto Dial Functions Address Book: 1800 Destinations (Total)
Image Memory Approx. 3,700 pages
Max. Confidential Fax Inboxes 100
Image Reader-C1, DADF-K1, Colour Universal Send Kit-A1, Resolution
Switching Board-A1, Super-G3 Fax Board M1, iR Security Kit -A1, Multi
PDL Network Printer Unit-C1, Token Ring Network Board TB-84, Plain
Pedestal-C1, Cassette Feeding Unit -X1, Paper Deck-P1, Finisher-M1,
Finisher-N1, Saddle Finisher-N2, Copy Tray-H1, Document Tray-J1,
FL Cassette-X1, Key Switch Unit -A1, Card Reader- D1, Card Sets.
"**Approximate 3-second-per-page fax transmission time based on
ITU-T No.1 Chart (MMR,Standard Mode)at 33.6 Kbps modem speed
when transmitting to another v.34 machine.ThePublic Switched
Telephone Network (PSTN)currently supports 28.8 Kbps modem
speeds or lower,depending on telephone line conditions."
CLC 3200 Specifications

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