Kawasaki ZX6R - 1999-2002

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Kawasaki ZX6R - 1999-2002
Engine Protection Cage installation instructions
Items included in this kit
Cage loop (1each)
Side struts (2 each)
Extended frame sliders (2 each)
Hardware kit (1 each) (contents listed below)
M10-1.25 x 90mm bolt (1 each)
M10-1.25 x 100mm bolt (1 each)
M10-1.5 X 88mm all thread stud (2 each)
M10-1.5 hex nuts (4 each)
M10 flat washer (2 each)
¼”-20 x 1 ½” bolts (2 each)
¼”-20 x 2” bolts (2 each)
¼”-20 lock nuts (4 each)
3/8”-24 x ¾” bolts (2 each)
1.1” spacers (2 each)
1. Follow installation instructions for extended frame sliders. (See page 1) Note: Do not
attach delron tips or tighten extended frame sliders until all components are
2. Place the cage loop inside short telescoping tubes on sliders (See fig. G),
push the ¼”-20 x 1 ½” bolts through the bolt holes on the telescoping tubes from the
outside and start the ¼”-20 lock nuts to hold cage loop in place. Do not tighten lock nuts
at this time.
3. Remove the lower sub frame bolt on the left side of the motorcycle. Install the M101.5 X 88mm stud in place of the sub frame bolt. Place an M10 flat washer and M10-1.5
hex nut on the stud on the interior side of the sub frame. Slide the following components
over the stud on the outside of the sub frame in this order: 1.1” spacer, side strut, (marked
with “L”) and M10-1.5 hex nut. (See fig. I) Do not tighten the hex nuts at this time.
Repeat for other side using side strut marked with “R”.
4. Push the bottom of the cage loop towards the rear of the motorcycle while pulling the
bottom of the left side strut towards the front until the bolt hole on the side strut meets the
threaded hole on the tab welded to the cage loop. Attach the side strut to the outside of
the tab on the cage loop with a 3/8”-24 x ¾” bolt. (See fig J) Do not tighten the bolt at
this time. Repeat for other side.
5. Once all components are attached tighten all bolts and nuts. Be sure to torque all
engine mount bolts to factory specifications.
6. Install delron tips with ¼”-20 x 2” bolts and ¼”-20 lock nuts.
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Kawasaki ZX6R - 1999-2002
Extended Frame Slider Installation Instructions
1. Locate the engine mount behind the cylinder head where the frame connects to the engine
inside the fairing on both the right and left side of motorcycle.
2. Remove the left side fairing. You must relocate the stock overflow reservoir or purchase an
aftermarket reservoir. Re-install the left side fairing. Remove the right side fairing. You must
grind the engine mount bolt flush with the spanner nut increasing the surface area to help stabilize
the slider. (See fig. H) Re-install right side fairing. Cut a hole in the left side fairing to expose
the engine mount bolt. The easiest way to cut a hole in the side fairing is to locate approximately
where the hole should be with your finger on the inside of the fairing, and mark the outside of the
fairing to indicate the hole location (See fig. B). Note: Be sure to move any wires, cables, or
lines out of the way when drilling or cutting the plastic. Drill a ¼” hole where the mark is on
the fairing. Look through the hole to see where the center should be. We recommend using a
Dremel tool, hand file or rotary file to slowly open the hole. (See fig. C) Once the hole is large
enough, remove stock engine mount bolt (only remove one side at a time), and install slider bolt
into engine mount only a few turns. Measure from the center of the bolt head 13/16” all the way
around marking in several spots. (See fig. C) If measured properly the marks indicate the outside
diameter of the slider. Carefully open the hole to your markings.
3. Install the left slider with the M10-1.25 x 90mm bolt and 10mm gold washer provided and
tighten. Trace around the slider with a marker to allow approximately 1/8” clearance around the
slider. (See fig. E) Remove the slider and open the hole to the new marking. Re-install slider
with the bolt hole for the delron tip (plastic end) facing straight up. Repeat process for right side
using the M10-1.25 x 100mm bolt and 10mm gold washer provided. The base of the slider is
formed to the shape of the frame. On most models the slider base is different for each side.
Compare the slider base to the frame to ensure they are installed on the correct side. Tighten
bolts to the factory torque specifications.
4. Install Delron tips (plastic ends) with ¼”-20 x 2” bolts and ¼”-20 lock nuts provided. Insert
the ¼”-20 x 2” bolt from the top. Once the locking nut is tightened and contacts the slider, do not
tighten anymore because you can distort the shape of the slider.
For technical assistance please call Freestyle Ingenuity.
Freestyle Ingenuity, Inc.
E-mail: info@freestyleingenuity.com
Phone: 817-447-4202
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