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Channel, (3.11), terminal, Number, Part, Green, Voltage, Altech, rated, Coil, Rail, Spring, SPDT, relay, Length, Yellow, in.), dual, (2mA), Screw, Module, nect, 110V, (in), module, ratings, Isolated, Clamp, Current, Amp.


Altech Corp.® • 35 Royal Road • Flemington, NJ 08822-6000 • Phone (908)806-9400 • FAX (908)806-9490 • www.altechcorp.com26
Interfaces, High Current Isolated
Isolated Channels - 16 Amp, 35 or 32 DIN Rail
87 m
m (3.43 in.)
TS35x7.5 71 mm (2.80 in.)
TS32x15 76 mm (2.50 in.)
RMH4 - 4 Channel (Single Pole Double Throw)
A true high-current rating in a DIN Rail mount miniature relay module. The min ia ture relays used in the
Altech RMH have a SPDT (Form C) 16 Amp con tin u ous current rating, developed from dual 8 Amp contacts
that are internally con nect ed in parallel. The relay socket is rated dual 8 Amp. Printed circuit traces are
balanced, rated 16 Amp and con nect to Altech terminal blocks UL rated 15A/300V.
Typical relay specifications combined with other module component ratings give module ratings suitable
for many control applications.
• Screw-Cage Clamp Connection
• Spring Clamp Terminals
• LED Coil Voltage Indicator
• Reverse DC Polarity LED Protection
• Surge Suppression With DC Coils
• Industry Standard Relaysa
• DIN Rail Mount, Panel Mount Available
SPDT Screw terminal Spring terminal Module Length (L)
DC Coil Voltage Part Number Part Number LED (2mA) in mm (in)
4 Channel 5V DC 8905.3 8905.3/S Yellow 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 6V DC 8906.3 8906.3/S Green 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 12V DC 8907.3 8907.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 24V DC 5800.3 5800.3/S Yellow 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 48V DC 5802.3 5802.3/S Green 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 60V DC 8908.3 8908.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 110V DC 5803.3 5803.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
SPDT Screw terminal Spring terminal Module Length (L)
AC Coil Voltage Part Number Part Number LED (2mA) in mm (in)
4 Channel 6V AC 8909.3 8909.3/S Green 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 12V AC 8910.3 8910.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 24V AC 5801.3 5801.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 50V AC 8911.3 8911.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 110V AC 5804.3 5804.3/S Yellow 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 220V AC 5805.3 5805.3/S Green 79 (3.11)
4 Channel 240V AC 5806.3 5806.3/S Red 79 (3.11)
Technical Information
Current ..................16 A
Voltage (max) ........250V AC / 24V DC
Wire Range ...........0.5-4 mm2 / 30-14 AWG
Torque ...................0.5-4 Nm / 4 lbs-in.
Stripping Length ...8 mm

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