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ARK5, dilution, cell, range:, (dilution, anti-goat, donkey, Western, 0.1%, factor, which, protein, range, (starting, (h):, recommended, peptide, human, (N-14), Cruz, detection, regulatory, tumor, Reagent:, Marker™, mapping, IgG-HRP:, with, support, sodium


ARK5 (N-14): sc-49366
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. 1.800.457.3801 831.457.3800 fax 831.457.3801 Europe +00800 4573 8000 49 6221 4503 0
5-prime-AMP-activated protein kinase, known as AMPK, is a heterotrimeric
complex that protects cells from stresses which cause ATP depletion by
switching off ATP-consuming biosynthetic pathways. Activated AMPK phosphorylates and regulates hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase and acetylCoA carboxylase, which are key regulatory enzymes of sterol synthesis and
fatty acid synthesis, respectively. The AMPK-related kinase 5 (ARK5) is a
tumor progression-associated factor that is directly phosphorylated by AKT
at Serine 600, which is in its regulatory domain. NDR2, a serine/threonine
protein kinase, phosphorylates and activates ARK5 during Insulin-like growth
factor (IGF)-1 signaling in order to promote cell survival. This activation may
be involved in the invasion of colorectal cancer cell lines. Furthermore, ARK5
is a transcriptional target of the large-Maf family and may have a role in
mediating the aggressiveness of c-Maf- and MafB-expressing myelomas.
1. Suzuki, A., et al. 2003. ARK5 suppresses the cell death induced by nutrient
starvation and death receptors via inhibition of caspase 8 activation, but
not by chemotherapeutic agents or UV irradiation. Oncogene 22: 6177-6182.
2. Suzuki, A., et al. 2004. ARK5 is a tumor invasion-associated factor downstream of Akt signaling. Mol. Cell. Biol. 24: 3526-3535.
Genetic locus: NUAK1 (human) mapping to 12q23.3.
ARK5 (N-14) is an affinity purified goat polyclonal antibody raised against a
peptide mapping near the N-terminus of ARK5 of human origin.
Each vial contains 200 µg IgG in 1.0 ml of PBS with < 0.1% sodium azide
and 0.1% gelatin.
Blocking peptide available for competition studies, sc-49366 P, (100 µg
peptide in 0.5 ml PBS containing < 0.1% sodium azide and 0.2% BSA).
ARK5 (N-14) is recommended for detection of ARK5 of human origin by Western Blotting (starting dilution 1:200, dilution range 1:100-1:1000), immunoprecipitation [1-2 µg per 100-500 µg of total protein (1 ml of cell lysate)], immunofluorescence (starting dilution 1:50, dilution range 1:50-1:500) and solid
phase ELISA (starting dilution 1:30, dilution range 1:30-1:3000).
ARK5 (N-14) is also recommended for detection of ARK5 in additional
species, including canine, bovine, porcine and avian.
Suitable for use as control antibody for ARK5 siRNA (h): sc-60203, ARK5
shRNA Plasmid (h): sc-60203-SH and ARK5 shRNA (h) Lentiviral Particles:
Molecular Weight of ARK5: 74 kDa.
Positive Controls: ARK5 (h): 293T Lysate: sc-173768.
To ensure optimal results, the following support (secondary) reagents are
recommended: 1) Western Blotting: use donkey anti-goat IgG-HRP: sc-2020
(dilution range: 1:2000-1:100,000) or Cruz Marker™ compatible donkey
anti-goat IgG-HRP: sc-2033 (dilution range: 1:2000-1:5000), Cruz Marker™
Molecular Weight Standards: sc-2035, TBS Blotto A Blocking Reagent:
sc-2333 and Western Blotting Luminol Reagent: sc-2048. 2) Immunoprecipitation: use Protein A/G PLUS-Agarose: sc-2003 (0.5 ml agarose/2.0 ml).
3) Immunofluorescence: use donkey anti-goat IgG-FITC: sc-2024 (dilution
range: 1:100-1:400) or donkey anti-goat IgG-TR: sc-2783 (dilution range:
1:100-1:400) with UltraCruz™ Mounting Medium: sc-24941.
Store at 4° C, **DO NOT FREEZE**. Stable for one year from the date of
shipment. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required.
For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
See our web site at or our catalog for detailed protocols
and support products.
Try ARK5 (A-9): sc-271827 or ARK5 (B-4): sc-271828,
our highly recommended monoclonal alternatives to
ARK5 (N-14).
ARK5 (N-14): sc-49366. Western blot analysis of ARK5
expression in non-transfected: sc-117752 (A) and
human ARK5 transfected: sc-173768 (B) 293T whole
cell lysates.
132 K –
90 K –
55 K –

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