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Warning: Please drive carefully while you accustom yourself to the changed vehicle behaviour.
Subaru Impreza GC,GF,GD,GG 1993-2006 - all models
Subaru Legacy (Liberty) BE,BH,BL,BP 1998-2006 - all models
Always refer to current catalogue for complete application listing.
KCA313 - Roll centre adjust kit - is designed to raise front roll-centre geometry by
using new special ball-joints, while maintaining original bump-steer by using new tierod ends.
Changing front suspension geometry by raising roll-centre, results in substantial
increase to roll resistance and significant reduction of suspension compression of
outside front wheel during cornering through improved weight transfer distribution.
During cornering, this leads to significantly reduced understeer through reduced front
wheel compression, as well as improved steering feel and precision and vehicle
- 2 x ball-joints with dust boots, nuts and split-pins
- 2 x tie-rod ends with dust boots, nuts and split-pins.
Fitting Instructions:
Please carefully read and follow complete fitting instructions and check kit
components prior to fitment. Whiteline recommends that all work be carried out by a
qualified technician.
Installation of this product is best done with the vehicle on a hoist / lift.
1. It is recommended to measure wheel alignment settings prior to fitment.
2. Raise the vehicle with a hoist / lift or alternatively raise, support on safety chassis
stands and remove front wheels.
3. Disconnect front swaybar endlinks off lower control arms.
4. Remove ball-joint pin to control arms split-pins, undo retaining nut, and using a
suitable tool separate the ball-joint from the control arm.
Warning: Do not strike any parts with a hammer as this could result in
permanent damage. Always use appropriate ball-joint separator tool.
5. Undo ball-joint housing to hub retaining nut and remove through bolt.
6. Lever the control arm down, remove original ball-joint from the hub, and replace
with new Whiteline ball-joint.
Note: On vehicles equipped with alloy control arms, ensure that the
original steel tapered insert/reducer is removed off the original ball-joint
and re-used with Whiteline ball-joint. Refer to photos 2 and 3.
7. Refit ball-joint to hub retaining bolt and tighten to manufacturer’s torque setting.
8. Connect the control arm to ball-joint, and secure with new nut. Tighten to
manufacturer’s torque setting. Secure with new split-pins supplied.
9. Reconnect swaybar endlinks, and tighten all hardware to manufacturers torque
10. Remove tie-rod end safety split-pins, and loosen tie-rod end to steering arm and
hub lock nuts.
11. Using a ball-joint separator tool, loosen original outer tie-rod ends in the hub.
Completely remove top nut, remove tie-rod ends from the hub, and undo from
steering arms.
Warning: Do not strike any parts with a hammer as this could result in
permanent damage. Always use appropriate ball-joint separator tool.
12. Fit new outer tie-rod ends and tighten with new nuts supplied and original
steering arm lock-nuts. Tighten to manufacturer’s torque setting. Secure with
new split-pins supplied.
13. Refit front wheels, and lower the vehicle.
14. Test drive the vehicle, and check tension on all fasteners.
15. Measure wheel alignment settings, and adjust as required.
16. Check & re-tension all fittings again after 100km’s but no more than 200km’s.
Fitting Instructions
Code: Z370
PO Box 5666, Minto, NSW, 2566
Ph: 61 2 9603 0111 Fax: 61
2 9820 2500
Photo 2. Alloy arm insert.
Photo 1.
Photo 5.
Photo 4. KCA313 ball-joint.
Photo 3. Alloy arm insert.
KCA313 tie-rod end.

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