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Shock Absorber for YAMAHA R25/R3
Mounting Instructions
Please note that this image is a general representation
of the product and may differ slightly from your product.
Please note that during storage and transportation,
especially at high ambient temperature, some of the oil
and grease used for assembling may leak and stain the
packaging. This is in no way detrimental to the product,
wipe off the excessive oil/grease with a cloth.
Before installing this product, check the contents of the
kit. If anything is missing, please contact an Öhlins dealer.
Before installing this product, read the Öhlins Owner’s
Manual. The shock absorber is an important part of your
vehicle and will affect the stability.
Kit Contents
Description Part No Pcs
Shock absorber YA467 1
Bracket 60208-01 1
Bracket reservoir 03102-15 1
Screw M6x12 05404-01 2
Screw M6x14 00382-16 1
Sticker Öhlins 01185-01 1
Sticker Öhlins 01185-04 1
C-Spaner 00710-02 1
Owners manual 07241-02 1
Put the motorcycle on a workstand so that the
rear wheel barely touches the ground and the
suspension is unloaded.
It is advisable to have an Öhlins dealer install the shock
If working on a raised vehicle, ensure it is securely
supported so that it will not tip over.
Before mounting this product clean the vehicle
When working on this product, always see the Vehicle
Service Manual for vehicle specific procedures and
important data.
Remove the plastic side fairings on both sides.
Remove the rear wheel.
Lower the vehicle so that the suspension is slightly
compressed before tightening the screws.
Ensure that all screws are tightened to the correct
torque and that nothing fouls or restricts movement
of the shock absorber when the suspension is fully
compressed or extended.
Loosen the attachments of the original shock
absorber. Start with the lower.
Lower the swingarm as much as possible and
remove the shock.
Install the Öhlins shock absorber with the hose
and reservoir hanging out on the left side.
Install the screws to the shock absorber. Do not
tighten yet.
Remove the left footpeg by loosening the two
Mount the bracket support under the footpeg and
reinstall into place.
Fasten the reservoir bracket with the screws
supplied to mounting bracket.
Reinstall the rear wheel.
Lower the bike so that the suspension is slightly
compressed before tightening the screws.
Reverse all procedures as required.
Öhlins Asia Co. Ltd
700/937 Moo5, Tambol Nongkhaka,
Amphur Phantong, Chonburi Province
20160 Thailand
© Öhlins Asia Co. Ltd. All rights
reserved. Any reprinting or
unauthorized use without the written
permission of Öhlins Racing AB
is prohibited.
Öhlins products are subject to
continuous improvement and
development, therefore, although
these instructions include the most
up-to-date information available at
the time of printing, minor updates
may occur.
To find the latest information
contact an Öhlins distributor.
Please contact Öhlins if you have
any questions regarding the
contents in this document.
Before riding, always make sure that the basic settings
made by Öhlins are according to recommended
Set-up Data. Read about adjustments and setting up
in the Öhlins Owner’s Manual before you make any
adjustments. Contact an Öhlins dealer if you have any
questions about setting up.
Part no. MI_YA467_EN_0
Issued 2015-01-08
Recommended set-up
Spring Preload ............................ 5 mm
Rebound adjuster ........................ 14 Clicks
Compression adjuster ................. 12 Clicks
Part No ....................................... 61104-69
Free spring length ....................... 130 mm
Shock absorber data
Length .................................... 277 +10/0 mm
Stroke ..................................... 46 mm
Spring Preload
The adjustable end eye/bracket must not be threaded
out more than that the groove is fully visible beneath
the lock nut. This is maximum length. After adjusting,
make sure that the lock nut is tightened (40Nm). Length

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