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Phone: (310) 484-2322 Fax: (310) 484-0152
Instruction Part Number: 10-7058
2005-2006 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5L Turbo C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-392-31
2005-2006 Subaru Outback 2.5L Turbo C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-392-31
Cold Air Intake Systems that are pending C.A.R.B. approval are illegal in California except on racing vehicles which
may never be used on public highways.
© 2008 Advanced Engine Management Inc.
Installation Instructions for:
Part Number 21-475
2005-2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5L Turbo
2005-2006 Subaru Outback 2.5L Turbo
Congratulations! You have just purchased the finest Air Induction & Filtration system for your car at any price!
The AEM Cold Air System is the result of extensive development on a wide variety of cars. Each system is
engineered for the particular application. The AEM Cold Air System differs from all others in several ways. We take
the inlet air from outside of the engine compartment where the inlet air is considerably cooler than the hot
underhood air. The cooler inlet air temperature translates to more power during the combustion process because
cool air is denser than warm air. AEM has conducted extensive inlet air temperature studies and we have seen
temperature reductions of up to 50 degrees by pulling air from outside of the engine compartment. The air mass
flow to the engine is increased because of the increased airflow and reduced inlet temperature, which translates to
more power. The AEM Cold Air Systems are 50 states Street Legal (some models and years still pending) and
come with complete instructions for ease of installation.
Our system is constructed of lightweight aluminum and then painted with a zirconia based powder coat for superior
heat insulating characteristics. The aluminum will not crack in extended use like plastic and it is actually lighter than
plastic. The tube diameter and length are matched for each engine to give power over a broad rpm range. Unlike
the plastic systems that use a continually diverging cross section, we take advantage of the acoustical energy in the
duct to promote cylinder filling during the intake valve-opening event.
Bill of Materials for:
Part Number 21-475
1 2-590 Inlet Pipe
1 20-475 Heat Shield
1 10-7058 Instructions
2 1-2028 Socket Bolt, 8-32 x 1/2"
1 5-575 Hose, Hump 2.75/2.75X3" BLK
2 103-BLO-4420 2.75" Hose Clamps
1 21-202 2.75" Filter and Hose Clamp
2 1-2038 BOLT,HEX/FLANGE M6 X 20
1 10-922E AEM Decal
2 10-922S AEM Silver Decal
2 444.460.04 6MM Nylok Nut
2 559999 Washer ,6MM Soft Mount
1 1228598 Mount, Rubber 5/8" X 6MM
1 10-905 Warning Decal
Read and understand these instructions BEFORE attempting to install this product.
1) Getting Started
a) Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface.
b) Set parking brake.
c) If engine has run within the past two hours let it cool down.
d) Do not discard stock components after removal of the factory system.
2) Removing the stock air inlet system
a) Your engine should look like this. b) Remove four plastic tabs securing engine cover.
Remove engine cover. Retain tabs.
c) Remove two bolts to the air box air duct. Remove
air duct.
d) Unplug the MAF sensor.
Remove tabs and engine cover.
Remove bolts and air
duct. Unplug MAF
e) Loosen and remove bolts. Retain bolts.
Loosen and
remove bolts.
f) Loosen and remove nut. Remove air box
g) Remove MAF Sensor. Careful not to damage this sensor.
Loosen and remove
screws. Remove MAF
3) Installing the AEM Cold Air Intake
a) When installing the AEM intake, DO NOT completely tighten the hose clamps or the mounting tab
hardware until instructed to do so later in these instructions.
h) Loosen and remove nuts securing
air box mounting bracket. Remove
Loosen and remove
nuts. Remove
b) Attach 2.75” hump hose to the plastic turbo inlet.
Attach hose clamps do not tighten.
c) Insert the MAF sensor into the inlet pipe. Tighten
with provided hardware.
d) Attach filter and tighten.
e) Insert rubber mount into the heat shield. f) Secure rubber mount with washer and Nylok nut.
Place the intake into the cavity left by the air box
filter first.
g) Place the heat shield over the inlet pipe. Secure
the heat shield to the upper two mounting studs left
by the air box bracket.
h) Insert pipe end into the hump hose. Line up
bracket with rubber mount.
Inlet Pipe
Support Tab
Lock Nut
i) Check clearance around the pipe. Secure the
bracket to the rubber mount. See diagram below.
j) Secure lower half of the heat shield using the
factory bolts.
Secure heat shield
k) Plug in MAF Sensor. Secure
MAF sensor with push-in zip tie to
the tab on the underside of the
inlet pipe.
4) Re-Assemble the vehicle.
a) Inspect the engine bay for any loose tools and check that all fasteners that were moved or removed are
properly tight.
b) Start engine. Let car idle for 3 minutes. Perform a final inspection before driving the vehicle.
5.) Service and Maintenance
a) It is recommended that you service your AEM Dryflow filter every 20,000 miles for
optimum performance.
Use AEM Dryflow cleaning kit part # 21-110.
b) Use aluminum polish to clean your polished AEM intake pipe.
c) Use window cleaner to clean your powder coated AEM intake pipe. (NOTE: DO NOT
USE Aluminum polish on a powder coated AEM intake pipe)
For technical Inquiries
Email us at

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