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It’s for those who relish downtown instead of uptown – yet
never skip a chance to get out of town. For those who live in
rhythm with the constant action of the city. The Subaru XV is
poised to take on your urban adventures—both the planned
and spontaneous. Its unique fusion of style, versatility and
excitement empowers you to go wherever your lifestyle
leads. And inside every Subaru is the exclusive combination
of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and SUBARU BOXER engine,
giving you lively response and sure control to deftly navigate
the streets. Experience exhilaration, possibility and security
that’s distinctly suited for the living city, because you can
trust the engineering inside.
Do it. take it to the streets.
TrusT iT.
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02 03
Downtown is always up – and you’re always up for
anything. Whether chaotic commutes, a weekend
getaway or a night on the town, the Subaru XV
meets your ever-changing demands with reassuring
versatility and sharp style. It’s compact on the outside
to traverse through narrow urban corridors, yet roomy
and flexible on the inside to fit whomever and whatever
you bring.
reaDY For UrBaN aCtioN.
see iT. Live iT.
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With its bold fender flares and sleek aerodynamic profile, at first glance you know the Subaru XV is a
crossover with a modern edge. Sculpted lines and creases on the body help direct airflow for greater
fuel efficiency, and the forward-swept windshield brings an aggressive style with improved visibility—
combining real-world practicality with ideal-world design.
Fender Flares
Make a visual impact like no other—the athletic fender
flares set apart the Subaru XV with an unmistakably sporty
crossover profile. Combining street-smart ruggedness and
nimble versatility, it’s ready for the road, rain or shine.
17-inch aluminium Wheels
The Subaru XV comes with stylish 17-inch aluminium
wheels that infuse a performance-inspired stance.
Finished in a unique black and machined two-tone
scheme, the striking contrast reflects its dual character
that’s both bold and casual.
In tune with the city. Inside out.
You’re at the seat of action with the Subaru XV’s ergonomic cockpit controls. Information and
entertainment is all within reach—the available High-grade Multi-function Display allows you to monitor
traction and keep track of how much fuel your car’s sipping. Whilst information is at your control, the high
seating position and wide-open view give you a greater feeling of command.
Bluetooth®*2 hands-free Calling*3
With the ceiling-mounted microphone added, the
available Bluetooth®*2 hands-free system automatically
connects your compatible mobile phone for convenient,
hands-free talking. It also enables you to wirelessly stream
audio from the compatible Bluetooth®*2 music player.
*1 Standard on 1.6i Premium and 2.0i Premium.
*2 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. America.
*3 Standard on 1.6i Premium and 2.0i Premium.
Intuition. At your fingertips.
high-grade Multi-function Display*1
Go farther with confidence that comes with knowledge.
Located conveniently in the instrument panel, the display
shows you time, temperature, self-check maintenance alerts,
and safety information such as Vehicle Dynamics Control
(VDC) monitoring. Advanced environmental performance
and efficiency readouts keep you updated and allow you to
comprehensively track your fuel efficiency—even enabling you
to compare the efficiency between different trips.
More Comfort For everyone
The Subaru XV features many innovations to put you and your passengers at
ease. The seats are thoughtfully designed for long-term comfort with supportive,
vibration-absorbing cushioning. For a better, more confident view of the road, it
has an elevated hip point. And you’ll find convenient touches easily at hand, like a
smartly sliding centre armrests, and angle-adjustable headrests.
Space for the city centre. Sit in the Subaru XV and you’ll feel as though the world around you got a bit more expansive. It begins with space for both the passenger and driver,
boasting more hip, elbow and shoulder room than you’d expect from
its size. With an extended wheelbase, rear passengers will find plenty of
legroom. All of that comes with greater comfort, from seats accented in a
sporty mesh to the refined, soft-touch interior trim. When you’re inside the
Subaru XV, the crowded city has never felt so accommodating.
inspiration Comes in all sizes
There are big ideas for life’s little things, too. Pockets in each door include
bottle holders to keep yourself refreshed. The centre console includes cup
holders, a tray and a padded armrest that opens to reveal added storage and a
12-V power outlet.
10 11
6- or 4-speaker Premium audio system
Let your music come alive with the powerful 4-speaker
140-watt system for 1.6i model or standard 6-speaker
180-watt system for 1.6i Premium and 2.0i Premium.
Speakers tuned for the Subaru XV’s acoustics, resulting
in a rich sound that enraptures the senses. The
6-speaker features USB input, Bluetooth®*1 hands-free
calling, and two additional speakers integrated into the
instrument panel, which further accentuate the mids
and highs for a fuller sound.
enhanced rear Vision. easier Parking.
Enjoy the ability to manoeuvre the Subaru XV in tight city spaces with ease
using the Rear Vision Camera System, standard on 1.6i Premium and 2.0i
Premium. When the driver shifts into reverse, the camera displays a live colour
image on Subaru XV’s in-dash display, along with guidelines to assist in parking
entertainment that Makes an instant Connection.
Get more from your music. Plug in your iPod*2 or other portable music player to
the standard AUX or USB input jack and listen to your favourite MP3 or WMA*3
tunes through the robust Subaru XV audio system. In addition, voice commands
enable you to search your music and access other commands.
Entertainment and efficiency. Within reach. Whether you enjoy stretching your mile or just savouring the journey, the Subaru XV indulges you with a host of advanced features that will
entertain you, keep you efficiently on course, and get you there in
contented comfort. And all of them are designed to be intuitive to use
and adaptable to your needs.
*1 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. America.
*2 Apple, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
*3 WMA: WMA is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United
States and/or other countries.
12 13
Everything about the Subaru XV’s design—even the compact engineering of its rear suspension—goes
into making it a crossover you’ll love to live with. With a wide luggage area, it handles cargo for your
weekend hauls with ease. What’s more, 60/40 split rear seats easily fold individually or together to give
you even more space. Well-suited for an active life, its design makes getting in and out easy.
Versatile Capacity
The Subaru XV can carry five passengers and pack five carry-on suitcases at the same time. 60/40 split rear seats mean
the Subaru XV has the versatility to hold a rear occupant and a bike at the same time. With 1,200 litres of cargo volume*,
a nearly square rear gate and flat-folding rear seats, it’ll take on your latest urban or outdoor excursion with ease.
What’s inside:
Passenger and cargo space come together in harmony with plentiful storage space and flexibility that defies
What it does:
With versatility limited only by your imagination, you know that the Subaru XV is more than capable of keeping
pace with your demanding lifestyle.
* Measured by VDA (V214). Without sunroof. Please check with your local Subaru dealer for applicability.
In sync with life in action.
Fun at every turn. The Subaru XV’s got a one-ofa-kind combination of engine and Symmetrical
AWD that captivates the senses unlike any
other. In town or on the open road—from the
streets to the switchbacks—the Subaru XV’s
balance, poise and power give you control to
get the most driving joy out of every setting.
FeeL it iN the CUrVes.
Drive iT.
Know iT.
16 17
symmetrical all-Wheel Drive
The satisfaction of the drive comes from symmetry and balance. That is why Subaru has been developing and
perfecting the Symmetrical AWD system since 1972. Matched with the SUBARU BOXER engine for a near-perfect
symmetrical layout, it delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, providing balance and stability for total
control in ever-shifting road conditions.
Dynamic Performance
Excellent road adhesion gives acceleration an immediate and exhilarating feel. Symmetry
enhances the Subaru XV’s handling to be more stable and responsive during cornering,
imparting a unique feeling of control in any situation.
Constant Contact
The more your tyres are engaging the road, the greater control, security and connection you
have. Power is routed to all four wheels all the time, maximising handling and traction.
agility in an emergency
In bad weather, or in the precious seconds it takes to react to a sudden situation, the
symmetrical drivetrain with almost total side-to-side balance provides the stability, agility and
traction that help you step around danger.
Always controls the corners.
At all four corners.
Scan the code and
watch video to find
out more about
Symmetrical AWD.
18 19
8,0004,000 5,000 6,000 7,0003,0002,0001,0000
ine To
rq ue (N
m )E
ng in e Po w er (k W
Engine Speed (rpm)
ine To
rq ue (N
m )E
ng in e Po w er (k W
Engine Speed (rpm)
sUBarU BoXer engine
Few cars deliver the thrilling eagerness and spontaneity of the Subaru XV. It’s achieved with the
horizontally-opposed SUBARU BOXER engine, which places the pistons 180 degrees apart for a
lower, flatter profile compared to other engine types. This gives the powerplant—and by extension
the whole car—a lower centre of gravity and more balanced weight distribution. In addition, the
pistons’ opposing movements counteract each other, which naturally reduces vibration.
increased stability
Because the engine block has a flatter profile and sits lower in the chassis,
the overall vehicle is more stably balanced and resistant to side-to-side
motion than other designs.
Power brings out its playful side.
*1 Please check with your local Subaru dealer for applicability.
*2 Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: According to EC715/2007-566/2008F. Specification data and model lineup may vary according to market.
The power to stir excitement comes from the rich and
immediate response of Subaru’s 2.0-litre DOHC petrol
engine. Improved Active Valve Control System (AVCS)
and an optimised intake provide a generous amount of
low-end torque, ensuring you have the acceleration you
need around town. That performance comes responsibly,
too—cylinder-mounted injectors and lightweight pistons
and connecting rods mean it’s as frugal with fuel as it is
clean-burning. In addition, due to its vibration-cancelling
SUBARU BOXER layout, power and efficiency comes with
refinement that’s made for urban living.
2.0-Litre DohC sUBarU BoXer
MAX OUTPUT: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,200 rpm
MAX TORQUE: 196 Nm (20.0 kgfm) / 4,200 rpm
FUEL CONSUMPTION: 6.6 lit./100 km*2 (Lineartronic),
6.9 lit./100 km*2 (6MT)
CO2 EMISSIONS: 153 g/km*2 (Lineartronic),
160 g/km*2 (6MT)
Efficiency is exemplified in the cutting-edge technology
of Subaru’s 1.6-litre, double-overhead camshaft (DOHC)
engine. The long stroke of the engine means an even,
economical burn of fuel, ensuring the Subaru XV
performs optimally at any rpm. This petrol engine is
efficient and the clean SUBARU BOXER engine to date.
What’s more, power comes early and smooth, aided by
the inherent balance of the SUBARU BOXER configuration,
and the Subaru XV eagerly revs throughout its rpm range.
1.6-Litre DohC sUBarU BoXer
MAX OUTPUT: 84 kW (114 PS) / 5,600 rpm
MAX TORQUE: 150 Nm (15.3 kgfm) / 4,000 rpm
FUEL CONSUMPTION: 6.3 lit./100 km*2 (Lineartronic),
6.5lit./100 km*2 (5MT)
CO2 EMISSIONS: 146 g/km*2 (Lineartronic),
151 g/km*2 (5MT)
smooth and exciting
At any rpm, the engine delivers immediate, responsive power that’s
both smooth and satisfying. Without compromising comfort or civility,
it transforms even a daily errand into a dynamic adventure.
Long-lasting Performance
The engine’s flat design is inherently rigid and self-balancing, generating less
vibration than “V-type” or “in-line” engines for more durability and more reliable
spirited response
Whilst the SUBARU BOXER engine has always provided exceptional balance and a smooth response, we’ve
made the experience of driving a Subaru even more inspiring. Our engineers scrutinised the effectiveness of
every valve, port and piston, creating an engine that’s lighter with better fuel economy. And it not only achieves
new heights of efficiency, but also has more low-end torque, giving an immediate and stimulating response
every time you hit the gas pedal.
0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000
, 0 , 0 ,0 0 8, 0
e ng in e Po w er (k W
engine speed (rpm)
e ng ine to
rq ue (N
m )
e ng in e Po w er (k W
engine speed (rpm)
e ng ine to
rq ue (N
m )
Scan the code and watch
video to find out more
about Boxer Engine.
auto start stop*1
Achieve higher efficiency without compromise. This system minimises wasted fuel when standing still by turning
off the engine during idling. When traffic starts to move, let off the brake pedal and the engine reengages in
0.35 seconds. The transition’s so quick and seamless that you’ll hardly notice it working—even in stop-and-go traffic.
20 21
What’s inside:
The Subaru XV gives you the choice in transmissions fit for your driving style,
each mated to its own variation of Symmetrical AWD.
subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept
Front suspension
5- or 6-speed Manual transmission + Viscous Centre Differential aWD
Lineartronic + active torque split aWD
rear suspension
Inspires joy in any gear.
What it does:
No matter how you choose to control the engine’s performance, you’ll always
enjoy the solid balance and control of Symmetrical AWD.
The refined rear suspension will provoke your passion for driving. The taut double wishbone rear suspension
handles rough roads and sharp corners with poise and precision, giving you the rotation and response you
want for an exciting ride. Pillow ball bushings optimise tyre contact for better traction and a more intimate
connection to the road.
Blending sporty handling with a comfortable ride, the Subaru XV’s suspension is fine-tuned for everyday
enjoyment. In the front, the rigid struts enhance responsiveness and give the steering an accurate and
connected feel. A thicker front stabilizer bar ensures flatter cornering and better control for a more confident
and linear feel.
The Subaru XV achieves inspiring levels of response and efficiency with Lineartronic
Continuously Variable Transmission. This unique transmission dramatically maximises
fuel efficiency by keeping the engine in its optimal rev range, and preserving momentum
that’s often lost during a gear shift. And thanks to its compact and lightweight
configuration, it ensures a quick response and engaging performance. Sporty manual
mode and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters provides more control, giving
you quick access to higher revs and greater engine power. In addition, the Subaru XV
responds to changing driving conditions by adjusting the front and rear wheel torque
distribution in real time.
With Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept (DC3), all the components of the Subaru XV are designed
to work in harmony—bringing the crossover closer than ever to handling perfection. It employs hightensile steel in critical areas to achieve high strength with light weight. The highly rigid body structure
delivers accurate and direct steering feel whilst allowing the engine and suspension vibrations/movement
to be effectively isolated from the cabin. This brings together everything that makes driving a pleasure:
confidence, comfort, sportiness, safety—all in sublime balance.
Geared for exciting response and control, both the 5- and 6-speed manual transmissions enable you to
define your own driving style. They feature hill start assist to help you avoid rolling when starting on a
hill. The gearbox is paired with an AWD system utilising a viscous limited-slip centre differential (LSD).
Whenever the balance of traction changes, the LSD instantaneously redistributes the torque to the front
and rear wheels as needed. And on 1.6-litre models, the Dual-range (Hi/Lo) gearing gives you an added
edge in control for extreme situations.
Scan the code and watch
video to find out more
about CVT Mechanism.
22 23
From uneven asphalt to slick streets. From distracted
drivers to hurried pedestrians. Urban hazards abound
around every corner and at every stoplight. But peace
of mind comes from knowing the Subaru XV has what’s
needed to help keep you out of harm’s way—with features
that support to protect you in an accident and active
technologies that help you avoid one altogether.
neeD iT.
CounT on iT.
NaViGate the UNeXPeCteD.
24 25
Vehicle Dynamics Control system
Standard on every Subaru XV, the Vehicle Dynamics
Control System monitors and analyses whether the car
is following your intended course through an array of
sensors. If the vehicle approaches the limits of stability
whilst cornering or avoiding an obstacle, the AWD
torque distribution, engine output and brakes at each
wheel adjust to keep the vehicle on course.
active safety, to avoid a collision.
Many of the same features that make the Subaru XV a thrill to drive also help keep you out
of harm’s way. The stable, responsive handling of its Symmetrical AWD is enhanced by the
low centre of gravity of its SUBARU BOXER engine. Combined with the standard Vehicle
Dynamics Control System, surefooted suspension, antilock brakes and responsive steering,
you’re always in control.
To avoid danger, you have to see it coming—and the Subaru is designed for the driver to have maximum awareness of the
surroundings. The high vantage point of the Subaru XV and dynamic cabin-forward design with its triangular window partition
minimise blind spots with improved visibility. What’s more, the available Rear-vision Camera gives you an even clearer view of
what’s behind.
Braking system
With powerful disc brakes at every wheel, the Subaru XV has braking response that’s placed it
in a class of its own. The standard 4-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS) prevents brake lock
under hard braking and is matched with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, which reapportions
the front/rear braking pressure when the vehicle is loaded. In addition, the Subaru XV ensures
maximum braking during an emergency with brake assist, which delivers higher levels of
braking force when the brake pedal is applied fully or rapidly; and with brake override, which
enables you to brake to a stop even if the gas pedal is pushed down at the same time.
What’s inside:
Subaru XV’s AWD, handling and active safety systems give
you the power and balance to skirt danger when it crosses
your path.
What it does:
Subaru knows the best way to survive a collision is to never
get into one in the first place.
Look within to anticipate what’s ahead.
Scan the code and watch
video to find out more about
AWD Risk Aversion.
5-star eUro NCaP rating
The Subaru XV sets the standard for passenger
protection. Meticulously engineered and
scrutinised, it’s why the Subaru XV leads
with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating*1—the highest
possible for a motor vehicle in the European
safety testing standard.
Pedestrian Protection
Made for the urban landscape, the Subaru XV provides a high level of
pedestrian protection. Shock-absorbing space between the bonnet and
engine helps reduce pedestrian injury if an accident were to happen, as do
an energy-absorbing front bumper and a specially designed area around
the windshield wipers.
Prepared For What’s All Around.
What’s inside:
Smart engineering, exceptionally rigid construction and advanced
technologies are ready to keep dangerous impact energy away from the
vehicle’s occupants, just in case.
What it does:
Whilst a collision sometimes can be unavoidable, you can have peace of mind
knowing you’re always surrounded by a vehicle that’s proven to help protect.
Passive safety, to better survive a collision.
Occupant protection is a high priority in every element of the Subaru XV—from the major features
such as seats, to the smaller ones like the pedals. Its energy-absorbing body structure is smartly
strengthened with high tensile-strength steel in critical areas, minimising the impact force that
can reach the cabin whilst increasing bending stiffness. In addition, an array of advanced interior
safety features help protect occupants directly.
ring-shaped reinforcement Frames
The Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frames strengthen the passenger cabin from the roof to the doors, pillars and floor. This helps divert and
dissipate impact energy away from the occupants in a collision. The frames for the Subaru XV feature high-tensile steel designs that are
strong and rigid yet lighter weight.
seats, seatbelts and srs*2 airbags
Height-adjustable front seatbelts feature pretensioners hold passengers firmly in place. And the Subaru
XV features whiplash-reducing front seats and energy-absorbing head restraints that can help better
protect front occupants from injury during a rear collision. Even the rear seats have been optimised for
protection, with the seating position set back to reduce the effects of a side impact. Front, front-side
and curtain SRS*2 airbags are standard. Knee SRS*2 airbag is also standard, which greatly increase the
protection of the lower extremities of driver’s side in frontal impacts. Also, tether and ISO-FIX anchors—
which don’t compromise luggage room—facilitate easy installation of compatible child safety seats.
Break away engine
Every Subaru goes above and beyond common practice when it comes to your safety. In the event of a
head-on collision, your Subaru XV’s SUBARU BOXER engine and gearbox are designed to absorb the
impact and break away from the cabin for your protection.
*1 European specification Subaru XV tested.
*2 SRS: Supplemental Restraint System. Effective when used in conjunction with seatbelts.
Scan the code and
watch video to find
out more about
History of Crash
28 29
Quarts Blue Pearl Quarts Blue Pearl
DIMENSIONS: L x W x H: 4,450 x 1,780 x 1,615 mm
ENGINE: Horizontally-opposed, 4-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve petrol
CAPACITY: 1,995 cc
MAX OUTPUT: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,200 rpm
MAX TORQUE: 196 Nm (20.0 kgfm) / 4,200 rpm
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual transmission or Lineartronic, AWD
Ice Silver Metallic Ice Silver Metallic
sUBarU XV 1.6i
DIMENSIONS: L x W x H: 4,450 x 1,780 x 1,570 mm
ENGINE: Horizontally-opposed, 4-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve petrol
CAPACITY: 1,600 cc
MAX OUTPUT: 84 kW (114 PS) / 5,600 rpm
MAX TORQUE: 150 Nm (15.3 kgfm) / 4,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual transmission with
Dual-range or Lineartronic, AWD
sUBarU XV 2.0i Premium
30 31
Thoughtfully equipped, inside and out.
hiD headlamps with auto
Available high-intensity discharge
headlamps provide illumination that’s
more like daylight. The auto-levelizer
helps to ensure that the headlamps are
always pointed at the correct angle for
the best visibility.
Fog Lamps
Multi-reflector fog lamps emit a wide, flat
beam that reflects less glare in fog, for
added safety.
Power Glass sunroof*2
The large, internally sliding sunroof with
manual sunshade delivers a panoramic
view and fresh breezes for front and
rear passengers.
Ready to support your life’s accessories,
roofrails on the Subaru XV add more
utility to your enjoyable drive.
roof spoiler
Seamless, sophisticated and aerodynamic,
the roof spoiler of the Subaru XV is
integrated completely into the rear gate,
adding to the crossover's sporty character.
Cruise Control*3
One-touch control allows the driver
to set and maintain a steady cruising
speed, convenient for long-distance
driving on open motorways.
aluminium Pedals
Available on 2.0i Premium models*2,
these motorsports-inspired pedals give
the interior exciting feel.
Dual-zone automatic
air-conditioning system*3
Manage airflow and temperature
of the driver and passenger sides
independently with the available dual
climate control. A microscopic filter
helps keep dust out of the cabin.
Manual seat Lifter
For a comfortable, more enjoyable view
of the city streets, the Subaru XV offers
the driver a manual seat lifter to quickly
and conveniently adjust their seat height
to their preference. Simply lift the handle
or push it down to set the height for your
comfort and view.
Centre Console Box
The standard centre console box has been
raised for a more comfortable experience
whilst still offering smart solutions for items
like pens, business cards and loose papers.
All models come with the AUX terminal as a
standard feature. For even greater storage
ideas, choose the optional centre console tray.
seatback Pocket
Behind the front passenger seat is a
convenient pocket that’s perfect for
maps and magazines.
2 Front Cup holders*4
Driver and passenger enjoy convenient
cup holders to keep beverages secure
yet easy to access.
retractable Cargo Cover
The cargo cover is retractable or
removable, and features a rigid,
lightweight aluminium frame.
telescopic steering Wheel
To help set your optimal driving
position, the adjustable steering wheel
tilts up-down and telescopes in-out.
*1 Standard on 2.0i Premium.
*2 Please check with your local Subaru dealer for applicability.
*3 Standard on 1.6i Premium and 2.0i Premium.
*4 1.6i (5MT Dual-range models): 1 cup holder.
*5 Apple, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
rear armrest with Cup holders*1
Standard on every model is a rear
armrest for your passengers in the
backseat. They can utilise it as an
armrest as well as a cup holder.
Door Pockets
Equipped with bottle holders, the
standard front and rear door pockets have
increased storage space to accommodate
things like iPods*5 to small items.
32 33
1105 900
1105 900
Personalise your ride.
Whilst every Subaru XV comes generously equipped, Subaru accessories are the perfect way to tailor your Subaru to your life and your style.
Whether you want to add convenience, enhance functionality, or personalise your Subaru XV’s appearance, Subaru accessories are designed to
provide the same fit and quality as your Subaru vehicle. For more details, ask for the accessory brochure or visit your nearest Subaru dealer.
Hood Deflector Front Resin Under Guard Aluminium Carrier Base Cargo Step Panel (Resin)
Rubber Mat
Cargo Tray
Carpet Mat Dog Guard (K/M) Sunshade (Rear Side) Trailer Hitch (Fixed, Detachable)
Vehicle is presented with a Hood Deflector, Front Grille (Mesh), Front Resin Under Guard, Door Visor, Side Protector, Side Resin Under Guard, Splash Guard, and Roof Spoiler.
Put confidence in motion
with engineering you trust.
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Reserves the right to alter specifications and equipment without notice. Details of specifications, equipment, colour availability and the accessory lineup are subject to suit local conditions and requirements. Please inquire at your local
dealer for details of any changes that might be required for your area.
Dimensions are measured in accordance with standard measurement of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
FUJi heaVY iNDUstries LtD.
Printed in Japan (14BR GXKC 2013.09)

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