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SUBARU IMPREZZA TURBO 1997- MARCH 1999 57-0247 Instruction sheet A2054-286-2
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If you have a problem, however small, call our Technical Department
Tel:- 01925 636950. Fax:- 01925 243111 Mon to Thurs 8.30 - 5pm.
Drawing A
Remove the harness plug coolant reservoir
bracket from the air box lid,
and secure to the inner wing Unclip the hose.
with the plastic tie supplied.
Remove the electrical harness
plug from the MAS. Unclip and
remove the air box lid and MAS
assembly. Leave the air box
base in place.
electrical flexi air
harness plug intake pipe
Remove the MAS from the
air box lid by removing the 4 intake scoop top hose
securing screws.
FRONT VIEW Remove the hose from the base of the
carbon flexi air intake pipe and then remove
canister the flexi intake pipe from the vehicle.
Drawing B
coolant reservoir Fit the air filter onto the new adapter up to the step in the filter base. Do
not push in beyond the step as this will affect air flow. Tighten the clip unt
the filter just turns. Rotate the filter until the K&N logo is straight then give
new bracket the clip one full turn, (360 degrees) no more. Don't overtighten the clip
Fit the metal adapter tube to the MAS using
the gasket, 3 short screws, washers and nuts
provided. Secure the bracket to the MAS using
the medium screw, nut and washers. Remove the
original screw from the coolant reservoir top and
secure the bracket to the reservoir using the long
screw, washer and nut. See drawings C and D
for further details.
intake scoop Fit the MAS to the new intake hose and firmly
tighten the clip. Refit the electrical harness plug
Fit the new intake hose to the standard intake
manifold pipe and align the notch in the new
hose with the lug on the manifold before firmly
top hose tightening the clip.
Fit the hose from the Rochester valve into the new intake hose (it may be
carbon necessary to reposition the vacuum pipes to enable the hose to reach).
Note: Ensure that the R.H.S. small bonnet vent cover is fitted,
FRONT VIEW as there may be a risk of water impregnating the filter.
air box
adapter tube
MAS new
57-0247 Instruction sheet A2054-286-2
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Drawing C
Drawing D
long screw new bracket
coolant reservoir flat washer
flat washer medium screw spring washer
attached to MAS
new adapter
new bracket
flat washer gasket
spring washer MAS
flat washer nut
spring washer
CAT. Cars No adjustments required
An increase in fuel mixture may be required if further modifications are carried out.
Filter Maintenance.
Under normal conditions clean and reoil the filter at approx. 40,000 miles / 65,000km.
Use only K&N cleaner and oil and follow the instructions carefully.
K&N filters are pre-oiled ready to fit
The advantage of K&N's cold air intake system.
Cooler air being denser, will show positive improvements in power
over filter systems that draw hot air from the engine bay.
This Kit Should Contain: FITTING YOUR OWN 57i KIT
1 x Air Filter If not it is essential that the person fitting the kit (e.g. mechanic)
1 x Rubber Intake Hose carefully follows these particular instructions
1 x MAS Adapter Tube even if he has fitted K&N kits before. This will save you both
1 x Bracket, time and money. kits incorrectly fitted may show a loss in
1 x Instruction Sheet performance e.g. the positioning of the essential cold air hose,
1 x Instruction Pack :- (flexi expandable and rubber hoses are used).
1 x K&N Window sticker
1 x Filter Maintenance Sheet A final check under the bonnet, by yourself with the
1 x Million Mile Warranty instructions, would seem sensible
1 x Leaflet
1 x Fixing Kit :1 x Gasket Please Note!
3 x M6 x 20 Screws
1 x M6 x 25 Screw On some Turbo cars there can be an increase in noise levels
1 x M6 x 30 Screw on deceleration, once the airbox has been removed.
5 x 6mm Spring Washers This is normal.
6 x Flat Washers
5 x M6 x 5 Nuts
2 x #60 Hose clips
1 x Plastic Tie
1 x #48 Hose Clamp

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