The Patchquick Trophy 2015 Final Instructions & Riders List

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The West of England Motor Club and South West Off Road
The Patchquick Trophy 2015
Wednesday 22nd July 2015 Little Silver Moto Parc, Exeter, EX6 7UD ACU 45015
Final Instructions & Riders List
Thank you for your support of The Patchquick Trophy 2015, please find below the final instructions for this
year’s event.
 The riders listed below are in order of race number, riders will be split into 3 groups for
practice/qualifying. This list will be available for riders when signing on.
 Signing/scrutineering will begin at 1.30pm, all riders must be signed on by 3.45pm without fail.
 When signing on riders must produce a valid ACU licence or have £15 to pay for a day licence if
they have not paid for this upfront.
 Transponders will be available for hire, the fee will be £10 standard, £5 if you have taken out a day
 Practice/qualifying will start at 4pm, racing will begin at 6pm.
 The 40 riders producing the fastest lap times in qualifying will qualify for Group 1 to ride for The
Patchquick Trophy, the next 40 will go into Group 2 for The Speed Trophy and the final 40 riders will
go into Group 3 for The Holne Trophy.
 Abusive behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated, riders found in breach of this will be
asked to leave and no refund will be given.
We hope you all have an enjoyable evening of racing and thank you once again for your support of our
If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me using the contact details below.
Kind regards,
Kailee Coffin
-On behalf of West of England Motor Club and SWOR
No. Name Machine Club
1 Matiss Karro Route 77 - MVRD - St Blazey MX Honda CRF 250 Day licence
2 Jon Baker KTM 350 Dartmoor
3 Matthew Treen Suzuki 250 West Devon
4 Alex Shutler Honda 250 Day licence
5 Cole Baker-Edwards Honda 250 Day licence
6 Harvey Jones Honda 250 Teignbridge
10 Wayne Shimell TyreMarks Honda 250 Day licence
11 Nick Life Gibbs/St Blazey MX Yamaha 450 West of England/S W Devon
12 Ross Hancock St Blazey MX Husqvarna 300 West of England Motor Club
13 Ben Gibbons Honda 250 South West Devon
14 Ben Walker Suzuki 250 Dartmoor
15 Olly Jones KTM 250 Route 77 Cup
17 Mark Ferris Honda 450 Day licence
20 Joshua Symons Suzuki RMZ 250 South Hams
21 Josh Andrew Yamaha 450 Chard
No. Name Machine Club
23 Tom Gibbons Honda 450 South West Devon
26 Nick Grenney Honda 250 Dartmoor
27 Mark Tillyer TyreMarks KTM 350 Dartmoor
28 Benjamin Rendell KTM 450 Poole & Parkstone
29 Iain Enright KTM 250 Chard
35 John May St Blazey MX Husqvarna 125 Day licence
40 Kye Forte RMZ 450 West of England Motor Club
41 Tyler Volz Honda 250 Day licence
44 Sam Nicholls Honda 250 Day licence
45 Josef Scibilia Honda CRF 450 Day licence
50 Dan Cook TCR CP&DC Construction Honda 250 Teignbridge
51 Mark Cornish TCR CP&DC Construction Honda 250 Teignbridge
52 Keelan Hancock St Blazey MX Husqvarna 300 CVMC
57 Scott Rundle KTM 125 Golden Tyre MXC
59 Callum Coffin Yamaha 450 West of England/S W Devon
60 George Pool KTM 250 Day licence
65 Bradley Barfoot Yamaha 450 Premier
66 Adam Barfoot Yamaha 250 Premier
67 Stuart Barfoot Yamaha 450 Premier
68 Lewis Barfoot Yamaha 450 Premier
69 John Trevelyan Honda 250 Teignbridge
71 Chester R Blair Yamaha 450 South Hams
75 Ben Butler DSC Cornwall Kawasaki 450 Chard
77 Luke Oldfield KTM 250 Golden Tyre MXC
80 Rik Reynolds TCR CP&DC Construction Honda 250 Teignbridge
86 Elliot Cook Honda 250 Premier
88 Korey Kidd TyreMarks KTM 250 Dartmoor
94 Kester Wood KTM SX 150 South West Devon
98 Todd Kellett Honda 250 Yeo Vale MCC
100 Marc Hoskin Kawasaki 250 Day licence
103 Justin Gibbs KTM 250 Premier
106 Will Clack Kawasaki 125 West of England Motor Club
111 Anna-Marie Ardren Yamaha 250 Day licence
114 Dean Liddle KTM SXE 450 Dartmoor
115 Billy King Kawasaki 250 South Somerset
116 Justin Carpenter Husqvarna 350 South West Devon
117 Chris Hewer Suzuki 250 South West Devon
140 James Kensington KTM 250 Day licence
158 Sam Vaughan Jones Honda 250 Chard
162 Bill Farleigh TyreMarks KTM 250 Dartmoor
166 Josh Taylor Yamaha 250 Premier
168 Marcus Feltham Yamaha YZ 250 Premier
176 Mark Slade KTM 450 British Evos
177 Sunny Thompson DSC Cornwall Kawasaki 450 Premier
191 Scott Ardren Kawasaki 450 Day licence
192 Ben Wills Suzuki 450 Day licence
199 Mark Callcut Honda CRF 250 Day licence
201 Lloyd Chapman KTM 450 South Hams
No. Name Machine Club
218 Justin Wood Honda 250 Chard
259 Michael Green Suzuki 450 Premier
261 Josh Gotts TM 250 CMC
271 Matthew Husk TyreMarks KTM 250 Dartmoor
312 Stephen Wattridge KTM 350 Day licence
313 Jordan Spence Honda 250 Premier
326 Josh Gilbert Route 77 - MVRD - St Blazey MX Honda CRF 250 St Blazey MX Off Road Promotions
388 Julian Slee Suzuki 250 South Hams
401 Chester A Blair KTM 450 South Hams
427 George Harris Yamaha 250 Day licence
444 Jason Brooke Honda 450 Premier
454 Ashley Wigmore Husqvarna 350 Broadhembury
561 Jamie Buckingham Husqvarna 250 Day licence
579 Gareth Northam Husqvarna 250 Day licence
611 Shane Sansom KTM 250 South Hams
629 Stuart Hodder KTM 350 Broadhembury
653 Jordon Gosling Yamaha 250 Day licence
681 Tom Barfoot Honda 450 Day licence
717 Jack Murray Kawasaki 250 Dartmoor
731 Jake Shipton KTM 450 Day licence
744 Callan Stone Kawasaki 250 West Devon
777 James Chard KTM 125 Day licence
814 James Bodley Kawasaki 250 Day licence
918 Lee Dicks Yamaha 250 Dartmoor
923 Jak Ford KTM 125 Premier
981 Jack Stevens DSC Cornwall Kawasaki 450 Premier
James Benney Entry expected tomorrow
Jack Penhaligon Entry expected tomorrow
Jamie Padgett Entry expected tomorrow
Luke Dean Entry expected tomorrow
Luke Williams Entry expected tomorrow
Ben Hooper Entry expected tomorrow
Jake Owens Entry expected tomorrow
Ross Keyworth Entry expected tomorrow
Joe Clayton Entry expected tomorrow
Vince Crawly Entry expected tomorrow
Dean Warren Entry expected tomorrow

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