Fitting Instruction - Witter Towbars

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Washers, O.D., Bolts, Bolts,, Flat, Lock, Nuts,, with, plastic, bumper, 40mm, A50-1, shown, Sidearms, chassis, attach, from, Caps, Bolt, using, Bushes, must, existing, holes, plugs, long, exhaust, Bush, dimples, 19mm


July 2002 MZ37A
A 1 Cross Bar with European facing to 94/20/EC A50-1
D 1 Left hand sidearm
E 1 Right hand sidearm
F 4 Spreader plate
G 2 19mm O.D. Bush 59mm long
H 2 19mm O.D. Bush 74mm long
J 2 M12 x 110mm Bolts, Nuts, Lock Washers and 40mm O.D. Flat Washers
K 2 M12 x 100mm Bolts, Nuts, Lock Washers and 40mm O.D. Flat Washers
L 6 M12 x 40mm Bolts, 4 Nuts, Lock Washers and 25mm O.D. Flat Washers
BC 4 M12 Bolt Caps
CB 2 M16 x 50mm Coupling Bolts, Nuts, Lock Washers
Z 1 ZEP35 Electrical plate (not shown)
1. Remove bumper (tip screw, 2 plastic plugs at wheel arch, 2 plastic plugs along lower edge, 1 screw and 1 plastic plug
under each light cluster. Pull out sides and pull backwards (edge fixings snap out), remove bumper beam (replace
original bolts).
2. Cut open chassis ends as shown below, insert Sidearms (D) and (E) into openings. Locate the existing holes and
dimples for Bolts (J) and (K) inside boot. Drill out dimples and existing holes (top surface only) to allow Bushes (G) and
(H) to be inserted from above.
3. Lower exhaust and loosely attach Sidearms (D) and (E) to chassis using Bolts (J) and (K), Bushes (H) and (G) and
Spreader Plates (F) fitted as shown below. Note: Insert Bolts from below to prevent exhaust knock.
4. Loosely attach Cross Bar (A) to Sidearms (D) and (E) using Bolts (L) with Flat Washers.
5. Fully tighten all bolts ensuring Crossbar (A) remains square and as close to rear panel as possible.
6. Cut bumper as shown below. Refit bumper. Fit Bolt Caps (BC) to cover threads of Bolts (J) and (K). Secure exhaust.
Note: This towbar must be used with either a Witter Towball (part number Z11) or Class A50-1 or A50-X towball dimensionally
Conforming to A50-1 with a ‘D’ and 'S' value greater than or equal to that of the towbar.
Please refer to the vehicle specification for the trailer weight and nose limits, which must be observed.
Recommended torque settings: M8 - 27Nm, M10 - 53 Nm, M12 - 95 Nm, M14 - 150 Nm, M16 - 214 Nm

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