Rev 03/15 50-0148 Kawasaki ZX6R 09-12 RACE ONLY Frame Slider Installation Instructions 1) Remove Your Left Side OEM Motor Mount - Woodcraft-CFM

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Rev 03/15
50-0148 Kawasaki ZX6R 09-12
RACE ONLY Frame Slider Installation Instructions
1) Remove your left side OEM motor mount bolt.
2) Attach the inner slider base to the motorcycle using the 10mm bolts
provided, threading them in place of your motor mount bolt. Torque
to OEM recommended specifications (consult service manual).
3) You will first have to drill a 2 inch hole for the frame sliders. You
can start by tracing the circle of the frame slider base against the
inside of the bodywork to find the center. Mark the hole and drill a
small pilot hole (smaller than the center drill of a 2 inch hole saw if
that is your tool of choice).
4) Once you have found the center either cut the hole with a 2 inch
hole saw, or , you can cut an undersized hole and slowly enlarge it
with a drum sanding bit on a dremel tool (for those concerned with
making a mistake with the larger hole saw).
5) Slide the plastic slider over the top of the base and secure
in place using the 8mm countersunk bolt provided. The bolt
passes first through the non threaded hole and then screws into the
threaded hole on the far side of the base. The plastic is undersized
on the far side of the slider to act as a locknut for the bolt.
6) Repeat steps 1-3 for the left side assembly.
Woodcraft Technologies, Inc
NOTE : This kit is designed for bikes that mount using the high mounting point for the upper. Most popular kits
(Armourbodies, Sharkskinz, Catalyst) use this location. The photo at the right indicates this point with an arrow. The
left side of the bike is typically the one presenting the problem. If you own Hotbodies bodywork, they use the mount
indicated by the large dot above the slider, and this may require you to alter your mounting mechanism for the upper,
as the slider can interfere with this mounting location. The easiest way to do this is to make a spacer to fit between the
bodywork and the frame so that you can drill a new hole to mount the upper in the high location.
WARNING: Improper installation and/or failure to comply with all warnings and instructions may cause a loss of control
and serious injury or death. The motorcycle should be run and thoroughly inspected before use. DO NOT INSTALL OR

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