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Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
Phnom Penh Municipality
Phnom Penh Road Network
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
I. Introduction to the Municipality
Phnom Penh was built in 1934 during the reign of King Preah Ponhea Yat. It is the last among the most important historical
capital cities of Cambodia, namely Angkor Borei, Baphnom, Kohker, Angkor, Longvek and Uddong. Phnom Penh was named
after the hill called Wat Phnom Daun Penh, also presently known as Wat Phnom. The city is located west of the Chaktomuk River,
Upper and Lower Mekong Rivers, Basac River and Tonlesap River.
Since the country achieved peace, the capital city has played a role as the commercial, political and cultural hub of the
Kingdom. Recent, stable economic growth has accelerated the urbanization of the city as wells as improved living condition for its
people. City infrastructure, such as roads and sewerage has been rehabilitated and new hotels and office buildings including a 30
story business center have been constructed in the downtown area. As a result, Phnom Penh has been transformed into a
cosmopolitan city with total population of nearly 2 million.
Phnom Penh is also the gateway for many tourists coming to see sites in the rest of the country such as the temples of
Angkor, a world heritage site, in the west, the beaches of the southern coast, and the indigenous peoples of the northern provinces.
Phnom Penh is expected to be the center of international business for ASEAN, with its well developed transportation
infrastructure such as international airport, international river port and main National Roads, and industrial development areas
such as the Phnom Penh SEZ.
II. Overview of the Municipality
Provincial Capital Phnom Penh
Total area of the Province 678.46 km2
Landscape The municipality consists of the typical plain area
Total Population 1,307,713 persons
Population Density 1,927 persons/km2
Population age over 18years 780,010 persons (Men: 369,138, Women: 410,872)
Temperature 25 oC - 33 oC (Average: 29 oC)
Rainfall 1,493.70 mm/year (2011)
Administrative Boundary Number of city: 1
Number of districts: 9
Number of communes: 96
Number of villages: 897
Adults with literacy 1,083,487 persons (Men: 527,914, Women: 555,573)
Provincial Border East: Kandal Province
West: Kandal Province
North: Kandal and Kampong Speu Provinces
South: Kandal Province
Number of Establishments Number by size 1-10 (persons) 92,233
11-50(persons) 2,589
51-100 (persons) 297
101 or more 348
Total 95,467
III. Infrastructure
Electricity Total Supply Amount 569 MW
Confidence License (CL)
436 MW
57 MW
Major power plant EDC and IPP power plants
Major transmission line Total: 7,898 km
HV 230/155kv: 844.46 km
MV OH: 3,124 km, Cable: 987 km
LV OH: 2,300 km, Cable: 652 km
Water Supply amount 118,919,658 m3/year
Major water supply plant Total: 330,000 m3/day
Phum Preak Plant : 170,000 m3/day
Chroy Changva Plant: 140,000 m3/day
Chamkarmon Plant: 20,000 m3/day
Transportation Vehicles (car, bus, truck and motorcycle), railway and airplane and vessels
Road 1 digit national roads Total: 93.31 km (6NRs of 1digit: No.1(16 km), No.2 (5 km), No.3 (24.15 km),
No.4 (12 km), No.5 (19.16 km), No.6 (17 km))
Municipality roads Total: 718.64 km
AC : 143 roads (215.28 km), DBST: 366 roads (279.75 km)
Concrete: 606 roads (223.61 km)
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
Rural roads Total: 455.34 km
22 roads in Dangkor District (264.40 km)
22 roads in Sen Sok District (65.92 km)
18 roads in Reuseikeov District (75.14 km)
17 roads in Meanchey District: (49.88 km)
Total length 1,267.29 km
Rail road Total: 2 Rail way lines (the rail lines located in Phnom Penh is 16 km)
Northern line: Phnom Penh – Battambang –Poipet : 386 km
Southern line: Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville: 264 km
Airport Phnom Penh International Airport :
Port Dry Port So Nguon Dry Port
MSE KPM Dry Port
Tech Srun Dry Port
Cambodia CWT Dry Port
Bok Seng PPSEZ Dry Port
Sea Port None
River Port Phnom Penh Port:
Check Points
IV. Investment
1) Special features or strong points for the Province in terms of investment
Phnom Penh is the center of economy, trade, social and cultural affairs, cultural heritage and diplomacy for the Kingdom of
85% of investment companies and commercial enterprises in Cambodia locate in Phnom Penh;
Recently, many shopping malls, wholesale and retail markets have come into existence in the city;
Due to its strategic location as the center through which highways connecting ASEAN to China run, Phnom Penh will likely
become a center for the importing and exporting of goods;
Passenger transportation runs to all provincial towns and many large cities of neighboring countries; and
Post and telecommunication provide services both domestic and international.
2) Investment opportunities or potential sectors
The potential sectors for investment:
Passenger Terminal in the Suburbs: there is traffic caused by many passenger buses and freight vehicles entering the city center;
Waste management and recycling: 80% of the city’s waste is organic and has the potential to produce organic fertilizer, biogas,
and electricity at 8-20MW capacity. City hall has promoted the separate collection of waste so that the opportunity for
investment in waste management and recycling will be improved; and
Sewage systems and treatment: the need for improvement in the city sewage systems.
3) Approved QIP by Provinces-Municipalities Investment Sub-committees (PMIS)
Name Share Location
Capital (USD)
Date of
Forever Win Garment co., Ltd Chinese 100% Toulkok District 1,018,050 23/06/05 Not in operation
Rana Bridal TM Co., Ltd
Cambodian 70% &
Thai 30%
1,135,460 20/07/05 Not in operation
E-Yuan International Corp.
Taiwanese 100% Meanchey District 1,285,600 08/08/05 Operation
Sunman Industrial Enterprise
(Cambodia) Ltd. (Garment)
Bangladesh 80% &
German 20%
Dangkor District 1,376,730 07/10/05 Operation
Plastic Intercom (Cambodia)
Ltd. (Clothes Hanger)
USA 40% & Thai
Toulkok District 1,870,000 26/12/05 Not in operation
(Cambodia) Bolan Garment &
Home Textile Co., Ltd
Chinese 100% Toulkok District 1,619,000 03/02/06 Not in operation
Mega Packaging Co., Ltd. Malaysia 100% Dangkor District 1,010,000 03/02/06 Not in operation
NPC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Chinese 77% &
Australian 23%
1,200,000 04/01/07 Not in operation
Hourtextile Collection Co.,
Ltd. (Garment)
Cambodian 100% Dangkor District 503,995 27/12/07 Operation
(Cambodia) Hua Hai
International Import Export
Co., Ltd. (Vehicle Assembly)
Chinese 100%
1,487,035 27/12/11 Operation
NA Plastic Solution Import
Export Co., Ltd.
Korean 100% Sensok District 1,656,195 11/04/11 Operation
Master Piece Garment and
Textile Co., Ltd.
Thai 100%
1,407,462 24/06/12 Operation
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
4) SEZ in the Province
Phnom Penh SEZ
Location Dankao District, Phnom Penh
Land area 350 ha
Project Status Currently, there are 40 companies operate in Phnom Penh SEZ.
Facilities - Investment registration
- Import / Export permits
- Customs clearance
- Workers' recruitment support
- 24 hours security
- Labor management assistance in cooperation with
the Ministry of Labor
- Garbage collection and disposal
- Legal, administrative and accounting consultation
Zone investors Phnom Penh SEZ Co., Ltd.
V. Industry
1) Current Major Industries
No. Industrial Type Number of company The number of labor
1 Foods, drinks and tobacco 541 4,548
2 Textile, garments and products made from animal skin 324 16,280
3 Paper, paper products and printing 56 1,246
4 Chemical and plastic products 146 1,252
5 Industry mine that is not metal 148 1,716
6 Local metal industry N/A N/A
7 Metal processing industry 351 2,156
8 Other industries 397 2,362
Total 1,963 29,570
2) Priority Industries to be Promoted
Food manufacturing and processing.
Textiles Garment and products made from animal hides.
3) Reasons or Measures for Promotion of the Priority Industries
Agro processing using local raw materials to substitute the foreign imports.
Textiles and garment are very important sectors since they produce goods for export and employ many workers.
Recycling domestic wastes to reduce environmental impacts.
4) Economic Land Concessions related to Agro industry in the Province: None
VI. Natural Resources
1) Agriculture
Agricultural land and cultivated area: Total & by crop
Name of Crop Cultivated area (ha) Yield (ton/ha) Total Production (ton)
Dry-season paddy
Wet-season paddy
Subsidiary and Industry crop
Vegetables 983 7.00 6,881
Corn 143 5.00 715
Sesame 42 0.50 21
Bean 26 1.00 26
Cassava 27 15.00 405
Water melon 124 12.00 1,476
Logan 42.36 18.00 756
Mango 198.43 22.00 4,365
Total 1,584.79 N/A N/A
Irrigation area
Natural Reservoirs Total: 8 (4 reservoirs recognized by sub-decree) Area: 4011.83 ha
Irrigation Line Main canal: 4 Length: 33,775 m
Sub-irrigation line Sub canal: 33, total length: 131,504m
Other canal (flood relief): 18, total length: 60,998m
Provincial specialized fruit and product
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
2) Forestry
Forestry area Total area: 227, 154 ha (2006)
Wildlife sanctuary and protected area Total area: 217 ha, Anlung Pring Management and Conservation Area for Sarus
Crane and Other Birds located in Kampong Trach District.
3) Main minerals production and mining area
Name of Mineral Production Amount Mining Area
Sand used for construction 150,000 m3 Mekong River
4) Fishery
Major Fishery Product
Type of Fish Production Amount
Freshwater fish 7,800 tons/year
Saltwater fish None
Aquaculture Productions
Type of Product Production Amount
Fresh water fish 14,500 tons
Crocodiles 680 heads
5) Tourism
Historical/cultural area
Name Appeal points
Wat Phnom Wat Phnom was built by a rich, old lady named Penh in 1372. In 1434, King Ponhea Yat moved
the capital from Bassac City to Phnom Daun Penh. Tourists are attracted to Wat Phnom because of
its status as a symbol of Phnom Penh and a sacred site, and as a sanctuary where people would
receive blessings and pray. It’s also a place of leisure and sentimental value.
Ounalom Pagoda Ounalom Pagoda in Phnom Penh is one of the most significant pagodas in Cambodian Buddhism
and it is this pagoda that forms the country's religious establishment. It is here that the top monks
of the nation reside. The most important and eminent attribute related to this wat or pagoda is it’s
housing of hair from Buddha's eyebrow, which is referred to as 'ounalom'.
New found area which potential for tourist
Name Appeal points
Chaktomum River and
Phnom Penh Parks
The Mekong River originates in Tibet, China. When reaching Phnom Penh, the Mekong is divides
into 4 rivers, namely Upper Mekong, Lower Mekong, Basac and Tonlesap. Among the 4 rivers,
only Tonlesap has its flow reverse direction twice a year.
VII. Cost of Doing Business
1) Real Estate
Category Sub-Category Price (USD /m2)
Industrial Land First industrial land 200-300
Second industrial land 80-100
Third industrial land 50-75
Commercial Land First commercial land
(Around Central Markets and Shopping Malls)
Second commercial land
(Along main boulevards)
Third commercial land
(Suburban Areas)
SEZ 55
Residential Land First residential land (Along main roads in the city center) 2,000-2,500
Second residential land (In the city) 1,000-1,300
Third residential land 80-100
Development Land Primary Area (City centre) 1 – 2
Category Sub-Category Price (per m2/ Month)
Office Rent Primary area (City center) 10-18 USD
Secondary area 6-9 USD
Factory rent (Ready-built) Prime area 1.5-2 USD
Other area 0.7-1 USD
Factory purchasing Prime area 400-500 USD
Other area 200-300 USD
Warehouse cost 1.5-2 USD
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
2) Manpower Cost
Category USD/Month Riel/Month
Skilled worker 250-350 1,000,000 - 2,200,000
Unskilled worker 90-150 360,000 - 600,000
Technician 300-600 1,200,000 - 2,400,000
Engineer 250-600 1,000,000 - 2,400,000
Middle management 800-1,200 3,200,000 - 4,800,000
3) Utility Cost
Category Sub-Category Price
Electricity Residence of Phnom Penh and Takmao (Kandal)
Monthly used 50 kwh 610 Riel/Kwh
Monthly used > 50 kwh 720 Riel/Kwh
Residence of Chbarmon (Kampong Speu) 720 Riel/Kwh
Embassy, Foreign Residence, NGOs, and institutions. 820 Riel/Kwh
Customer paid by government budget and commercial and industrial sectors
Small commercial and industry MA + 0.036 USD/Kwh
Medium commercial and industry MA + 0.028 USD/Kwh
Large commercial and industry MA + 0.024 USD/Kwh
Medium voltage customers MA + 0.020 USD/Kwh
*MA: IPP’s monthly average price in the month before last.
Water cost (2011) Residence: 0-7 m3 550 Riel/ m3
8-15 m3 770 Riel/ m3
16-50 m3 1,010 Riel/ m3
51 m3 over 1,270 Riel/ m3
Government institutions / distribution representatives 1,030 Riel/ m3
Business, autonomous
agency, and sub-provider
0-100 3 950 Riel/ m3
101-200 m3 1,150 Riel/ m3
201-500 m3 1,350 Riel/ m3
501 m3 over 1,450 Riel/ m3
Gas tariff For domestic use 19USD/15kg
For industrial use 17.5USD/15kg
Fuel cost Premium petrol 5,550 Riel/L
Regular petrol 5,350 Riel/L
Diesel 5,050 Riel/L
VIII. Living Environment for Expatriates
1) Individual houses
Type Location Approx. Space(m2)
Average rentals
Villa Sangkat Boeng Tom Pun, Khan Meanchey Land: 15mx19,5m
Building: 9mx12m
499 USD/month
Villa Sangkat Toul Tum Poung I, Khan Chamkamorn Land: 10.5mx18.5m
Building: 8mx13m
1,900 USD/month
Flat Sangkat Boeung Trabek, Khan Chamkamon Land: 4.5mx28m
Building: 4.5mx23m
500 USD/month
Flat Koh Pich, Khan Chamkarmon Land: 6mx22m, Building: 6mx14m 1,500 USD/month
2) Major Apartments and Condominiums
Name/ Location Type of rooms
Average rentals (USD)
Single Twin
The Sky Apartment
#57, St 608 , Corner of St. 307 , Khan Toul Kok, Phnom Penh
Tel: 012 908 993, 023 998 060
Standard 650+ 750+
Mekong Apartment
#247, St 360, Corner of Pasteur (St.51), Khan Don Penh, Phnom Penh. Tel:
016 666 680
Standard 550+ 750+
City View Apartment
# 28Z, St. 592, Corner of St.307, Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 992 328 Standard 650+ 750+
Mekong View Tower
Wat Chas (St) Thmey Village, Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 023 432 201, 023 432 202
Standard 550+ 800+
Palm Palace Villa & Apartment
# 15, Botum Soriyavong (St.75), Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 992 328 Standard 550+ 800+
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
3) Major Hotels
Name/ Location
Type of
Average rentals (USD)
Single Twin
Phnom Penh Hotel
Monivong Boulevard, Sankat Srah Chak, Phnom Penh Deluxe 95 115
Standard 115 198
Superior 800 1000
Sokha Club Hotel
N 63 Preah Norodom Boulevard, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia, Tel: +855(0)23990123, Fax : +855(0)23990151
Deluxe 78 98
Standard 98 115
Superior 100 120
Naga World
Samdech Techo Hun Sen Park, Phnom Penh
Tel: +855(0)23228822
Deluxe 98 115
Standard 110 125
Superior 115 135
Himawari Hotel Apartment
313 Sisowath Quay,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855(0)23214555
Deluxe 110 125
Standard 125 145
Superior 135 170
Hotel Cambodiana
313 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia,
Tel: +855(0)23426288, Fax: +855(0)23217059
Deluxe 98 125
Standard 98 135
Superior 100 145
Raffles Hotel Le Royal
92 Rukhak Vithei Daun Penh,
Sangkat Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh,Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855(0)23981888, Fax: +855(0)23981168
Deluxe 253 271
Standard 378 550
State 1,000 1,500
Town View Hotel
30, St. 111 corner St.242, Sangkat Boeung Pralet, Khan 7Makara
Tel: +855(0)23992939, 023992949, Fax:+855(0)23992939
Deluxe 45 78
Standard 53 65
Superior 55 70
4) Major Guesthouses
Name/ Location Type of rooms
Average rentals (USD)
Single Twin
Royal Inn
# 12D8, Sotheros Quay (St.3) Sankat Tunle Bassac, khan Chamkarmon, Phnom
Penh. Tel: +855(0)23214824
Deluxe 35 45
Standard 38 55
The 240
# 83, St.240, Ang Doung (St.110) , Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855(0)23218450
Deluxe 78 98
Standard 98 115
# 153, Ang Doung (St.110), Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855(0)77501319 , 012229914
Deluxe 30 38
Standard 35 45
Golden Mekong
# 205A, Ang Yukanthor (St. 19) Behind Royal Palace, Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855(0)23211721
Deluxe 78 98
Standard 98 115
5) Branches of Financial Institutions
Commercial Bank Advanced Bank of Asia Limited
May Bank Phnom Penh Branch
First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch
Krung Thai Bank Public., Ltd Phnom Penh
Canadia Bank Plc.
Acleda Bank Plc.
Cambodian Commercial Bank Ltd.
Union Commercial Bank Plc.
Vattanak Bank
Cambodia Asia Bank Ltd.
Cambodia Public Bank Plc.,
Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
Singapore Banking Corporation Ltd.
Cambodia Mekong Bank Public Limited.
ANZ Royal Bank Cambodia Ltd.
Agri Bank Cambodia Branch
Shinhan Khmer Bank Limited.
Bank for Investment & Development of
Cambodia Plc.
Maruhan Japan Bank Plc.
Kookmin Bank Cambodia
Booyoung Khmer Bank
Phnom Penh Commercial Bank
O.S.K Indochina Bank
Bank of India Phnom Penh Branch
Sacom Bank Phnom Penh Branch
Hwang DBS Commercial Bank
SHB Plc Phnom Penh Branch Cambodia
CIMB Commercial Bank
MB Bank Plc. Phnom Penh Branch Cambodia
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
Phnom Penh Branch
ICBC Bank limited Phnom Penh Branch
Bank of China Limted Phnom Penh Branch
Municipality and Province Phnom Penh Municipality
Investment Information
Specialized bank Rural Development Bank
Specialized Bank Phsme.
First Investment Specialized Bank
Anco Specialized Bank
CAMKO Specialized Bank
Tomato Specialized Bank
Angkor Capital Specialized Bank
6) Major Hospitals/ Clinics
Name: National Pediatric Hospital
Opening hour 8:00 - 11:30 & 14:00 - 17:00
Contact number 023 884 137
Address No.100, Federation of Russia Blvd, Phnom Penh
Name: Royal Rathanak Hospital
Opening hour 24 hours
Contact number 023 991 000
Address #11, Street 592, Sangkat Beong Kak II, Toulkok District
Name: Calmet Hospital
Opening hour 24 hours
Contact number 023 426 948
Address #3, Preah Monivong Blvd, Srachak Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh.
Name: Naga Clinic
Opening hour 24 hours
Contact number 023 211 300, 011 811 175, Fax: 023 361 225
Web-site, email:
Address #11, Street 254, Chatomuk Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh
Name: International SOS Clinic
Opening hour Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:30
Contact number 023 216 911, 012 816 911, Fax: 023 215 811
Address #161, Street 51, Chatomuk Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh
7) Education (International school)
iCAN British International School : Nursery – Year 8
Contact number Tel: (855-23) 222 416-8 , Fax: (855-23) 222 418,
E-mail E-mail:
Address 85, Sothearos Blvd, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
International School of Phnom Penh: Early years I – Grade 12
Contact number Tel: (023) 213 103; Fax: (023) 213 104
E-mail E-mail:
Address 146 Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh
The British International School of Phnom Penh
Contact number Tel: 023215351
Address 213 Street Pasteur, Phnom Penh
Northbridge International School: Nursery – Grade 12
Contact number Tel: (855-23) 886-000 / -006, Fax: (855-23) 886-009
E-mail Email:
Address Corner of Northbridge Street and Sorla Highway, Phnom Penh
Zaman International School: Kindergarten – High School
Contact number Tel:+855 (23) 21 40 40 Fax:+855 (23) 21 00 36 Mobile:+855 (12) 44 77 44
E-mail E-mail :
Address No: 2843, St: 3, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh
IX. Contact Person for Investment Matters in the Province
Name: Mr. Huot Hay,
Position: Director of Phnom Penh Municipality Hall
Tel: 012/016 977 502
Fax: 023 430 725
Name: Mr. Rath Borei,
Position: Chief of Phnom Penh Municipality Hall Investment
Tel: 012 523 423, 016 825 825
Fax: 023 430 725

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