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2016 Course Dates and fees:
 January 4 - 29, 2016
 February 1 - 26, 2016
 March 2 - 29, 2016
 April 4 - 29, 2016
 May 2 - 27, 2016
 June 1 - 28, 2016
 July 1 - 27, 2016
 August 1 - 26, 2016
 September 5 - 30, 2016
 October 3 - 28, 2016
 November 1 - 28, 2016

Arequipa Course Fee: US$ 1550
Accommodation: Homestays from US$300 to US$ 400 (incl. 2 meals per day)
3 star private hostel: US$ 500 to US$ 550
Shared apartment fully furnished private room: US$ 350, shared room: US$ 250
Peru is famous for the amazing diversity it possesses. The country offers everything from the
Amazon Rainforest to coastal deserts, to the amazing peaks of the Andes Mountains. The
indigenous cultures and languages mix with the influence of the Spanish language and culture
brought to Peru by the conquistadores over 500 years ago.
Arequipa is a beautiful Andean city and the capital of the State of Arequipa, in Southern Peru.
The city has a population of 970,000 inhabitants and is the second largest city of the country. Its
local culture, however, gives it the feel of a much smaller community. Arequipa lies in an
agricultural valley in the Andes Mountains at 7,800 feet above sea level. The valley is
surrounded by two beautiful mountain chains and a giant dormant volcano rising up to over
19,000 feet above sea level. All of which can be climbed with a professional guide on the
weekends. The Chili River winds around El Misti Volcano and through the city. Arequipa has
many Spanish colonial buildings constructed with a pearly white volcanic rock called ‘sillar’.
These structures were built between the early 1500s and the 1800s. The city is known as el
Ciudad Blanca (The White City). The historic and beautiful city center was named a UNESCO
World Heritage site in 2000 in recognition of its historic integrity and beautiful architectureThe
Plaza de Armasis one of the most amazing sites to see in all of Peru. When the lights reflect off
the buildings at night, the sight is breathtaking! Arequipa is surrounded by mountains to the East
and the Pacific Ocean to the West.
Most Peruvians speak Spanish so if you also want to develop your Spanish, Arequipa is a great
place to study. If you are interested in learning Quechua, the ancient language of the Inca, we
can arrange lessons for you.
TEFL Training Center
The Extreme Superior English Alliance School is the home of the Via Lingua Peru training
program. Extreme was founded 5 years ago by an American Professor who still serves as the
Executive director and one of the TEFL trainers. Extreme is fully accredited by the Peruvian
Ministry of Education as well as members of several international educational organizations.
Extreme English is located in the district of Yanahuara, a beautiful area of the city known for its
parks and casual pace. The institute is comprised of 14 classrooms, kitchen, 2 offices, customer
service center, large patio, computer lab and a teacher lounge.
Teaching English in Peru
Peru is one of the few countries which did not enter into a recession during the 2008/9 world
economic crisis. Because of mining, fishing and tourism the country can boast one of the fastest
growing economies in the world. A native speaker of English who has earned a TEFL certificate
can easily find work in Peru. While salaries may seem low, the cost of living is equally low. If you
are interested in teaching in Peru we will guide you in your search in Arequipa, Cusco, Tacna,
Puno and Lima.
Food and Clothing
The food of Arequipa has become famous world wide for being one of the most varied and
delicious in Peru. It has the greatest diversity compared to other areas thanks to its countryside
and extensive coastline. The use of seasonings and preparation methods, both Andean and
European, including peppers and chili, fruits and vegetables, beef, lamb, pork and a large variety
of fresh and saltwater seafood make it a treat to anyone who loves food.
When visiting Peru you should dress for mild weather. Not too hot and not too cold. The
temperature ranges from low sixties to eighties. So pack some warm weather clothes like t-shirts
and shorts/jeans. Then bring along a light jacket or sweater for the evenings. Make sure you do
bring warm pajamas though because it does get cold at night at times. It does rain in Peru when
you are in the higher regions. Make sure you bring a rain coat, some waterproof shoes and warm
clothes Make sure you bring some waterproof pants. Have layers of clothes with you, especially
if you are traveling from region to region. One moment you will be hot and next you will be
shivering. You never know what the Peruvian air has coming. It gets hot in Peru and the sun
beats down on you all day long so wear some sun screen, a hat and sun glasses. Make sure you
have some comfortable shoes pr hiking boots. Many streets in Peru are dirt or paved with bumpy
Peru is in the Southern hemisphere so the seasons are reversed. December is in summer and
June is in winter. The climate in Arequipa is warm and rather dry throughout the year. Arequipa
lies alongside the southernmost tip of Peru’s desert coast and enjoys plenty of sunny weather,
with daytime temperatures rarely dipping much below 70 degrees.
Excursions and Cultural Highlights
There are many opportunities to travel throughout the mountains and deep canyons of southern
Peru. Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of the Uros native people, Cusco and the Inca ruins of
Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines and mountain climbing through the Andes are all offered for
weekend excursions. Local beach villages are reachable by bus and the fare is approximately
$8.00. At the weekend you can go to local village festivals where you will be able to interact with
local people who wear traditional Peruvian clothing, work with alpacas and lamas and speak
Quechua and Spanish equally. Extreme/Via Lingua Peru also offers opportunities to volunteer
teaching underprivileged children who live at the base of the volcano near the edge of the city.
The training center has a computer lab and WiFi is available to all TEFL trainees. Throughout the
city there are many internet cafes which offer internet and international calling services.
International rates range from 25 to 75 cents ($) per minute.
Upon request, Via Lingua is able to book housing for you. Most housing options are located
within a 15 minute walk to the school. We strive to meet your requirements and work to meet
your needs and make your stay enjoyable.
Our TEFL students have the opportunity to live in the ‘TEFL CASONA’ a colonial Spanish stone
home which is over 200 years old. It was fully renovated in 2012. Each room has a private bath
and access to a second floor with amazing views of thye Misti Volcano and the Chacani Mountain
range. Room prices range from $350 to $500 for the length of the course. Couples wishing to
share a room pay $100 additional per stay. The ‘TEFL CASONA’ is for blocks from the school
and five blocks from the beautiful main square.
Family stay: Available with local families including a private room and two meals per day.
Hostel: We work with two hostels to offer our students private rooms/private baths located near
the training center.
Hotel: We have arrangements with many local hotels. Please contact the school directly so we
can discuss different options.
Special Offers
Via Lingua has announced the second annual "Ernestine Moore" Scholarship Award to be
offered to a deserving candidate in 2016 to any of the Via Lingua locations for a one-month
intensive TEFL Course, including Free Job Placement! Ernestine Moore was a lifelong advocate
of education and worked tirelessly to promote educational opportunities for children and young
adults. Through her personal and professional advocacy in the field of Social Work and Children’s
Rights she had a lasting contribution to her field and all those around her. She lived and practiced
Service Learning. The author of the widely adopted college textbook "Child Welfare and Family
Services: Policies and Practice", Ernestine was a staunch supporter of Via Lingua and its
dedication to global learning and multicultural understanding for all ages.
The 2016 Via Lingua "Robert Shandorf Teaching Excellence Scholarship"
Essay Contest
You are invited to enter to win tuition for our 4-week TEFL Program in selected locations
throughout the world. In order to be eligible for this Essay Contest Award you must submit an
essay following the guidelines included below, along with your full name, country of origin and an
email address where we can contact you if you are the winner.
Please note that you must submit an application to any of the following centers, with your €275
application deposit, to be eligible.
Participants are eligible to win the following scholarship award.
4 week tuition* at any one of the following Via Lingua TEFL Centers:
Florence, Sardinia, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Crete, Arequipa.
*(Please note that housing is not included)
Contestants must submit an essay on the topic
"How creative English language teaching breaks down cultural stereotypes."
All submitted essays must meet the following requirements to be considered:
 Essays must be between 300 - 500 words in length.
 Essays must be in English.
 Essays must be written by the contestant and not a friend or family member.
 Essays must be submitted as an electronic file in a Word document or other standard
word processing format.
Essays will be judged using the following criteria:
 Providing a strong response to essay topic.
 Creativity and originality.
 Correct use of English grammar and vocabulary.
 Organization, structure and consistency of tone.
Essay submission deadline is December 31, 2015.
Winning essays will be selected from all valid entries by January 30, 2016.
Essays must be submitted via email to Contest winners will be notified via
Robert F. Shandorf was a highly skilled, dedicated teacher of English who introduced thousands
of students to language and literature over a lifetime in education. His passion for literary works
allowed his students to discover abilities and therefore confidence in themselves to read,
understand and personalize authors' works. His high standards and principles were models to
students, peers, friends and family. His greatest gift was time for his students, and he especially
appreciated how Thoreau phrase
Double-up discount
Book together with a friend for the same course and you can both claim a 100 EUR discount on
the advertised price. Offer applies to all course dates and locations. We can also arrange for you
to share the same accommodation if required.

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