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Tender price-Rs.Rs.17,77,080/ NOTICE INVITING TENDER
Sealed tenders are invited on behalf of the President of India for conveyance of
mail on contract basis by Hiring of commercial vehicles from reputed firms /
transporters / bidders by O/o Postmaster General, Berhampur Region, Department of
Posts for the year 2013-2015 onwards.
The bid shall consist of two parts – Technical bid and Price bid. Both the bids
are to be placed in two separate sealed envelopes (clearly superscribing ‘Technical Bid’
and ‘Price Bid’) which in turn are to be placed in one sealed cover. The Bids of all the
parties whose price Bid is not in a separate sealed cover or the rates quoted by them
find mention in their Technical Bid shall be rejected forthwith. All the information
sought under the head ‘Conditions’ and ‘Other Information to be supplied’ is to be
given in Technical Bid while price quoted for the same will have to be mentioned only
in the Price bid. The Price bids of only those parties shall be opened whose Technical
Bids are found to be eligible while the disqualified bidders’ Price bid shall not be
The Technical bid shall be opened in the presence of one representative of each
of the bidder who wishes to be present.
Schedule of Tender
Tender No. ML/19-3/2013
Sale of Tender form 15.07.2013 to 16.08.2013
Last date and time of receipt of Tender 16.08.2013 upto 14:00hrs.
Date and time of opening of Tender (Technical Bid) 16.08.2013 at 15:00hrs.
Venue: Chamber of the Asst. Director(Mail & BD),O/o the PMG,Berhampur-01
The Tender documents may also be downloaded from the websites and . However, in case tender
documents are downloaded from website, bidder will have to deposit Rs. 500/- (Rs.
five hundred) in any Post office and original receipt (ACG-67)/computerized will have
to be enclosed along with tender documents.
Asst.Director (ML & BD)
For Postmaster General,
The interested parties must be capable of providing vehicles on their own on the
following terms and conditions:
1. Four wheelers motor vehicles which are not more than three years old i.e. the
vehicle should have registered on or after 01.06.2013 and have a load
carrying capacity of not less than 2500 KGs (Two Thousand Five Hundred)
kilograms, with provision of seating arrangement for traveling of one postal
official. There should be provision of seating arrangement for travelling of 3-4
armed guard escorts whenever required. . Successful bidder should get the
body of vehicle fully covered with water-tight metal sheets and provide
doors with locking arrangements at rear compartment of the vehicle
within 30 days of awarding tender.
2. The rate for hiring of vehicles should be quoted for per kilometer. The
distance is to be calculated from the place of reporting to the place of
release. The rates of petrol/diesel/CNG etc. run vehicles are to be given
3. Estimated value of the tender is Rs.17,77,080/- .
4. The vehicles will run between Berhampur RMS to Phulbani HO and viceversa
as per time schedule given for everyday of week including national/regional
holidays from the date of signing of the agreement with the application of
provisions of Clause 17 of the agreement.
5. Bid Security (EMD) :
(i) Bid Security of Rs.35,000/-(in words Thirty Five Thousand)shall be in
the form of Demand Draft in favour of Department of Posts or cash
deposited by bidders in any Post Office under UCR and original receipt
provided by the Post Office/ DD should be enclosed or attached along
with their tenders. The bid security is to remain valid for a period of 45
days beyond the final bid validity period. In case the company desires
exemption from the Bid Security, they should submit the DGS&D or
NSIC or the concerned Ministry or Department’s valid registration
certificate and enclose this in the technical bid.
(ii) No request for transfer of any previous deposit of Bid Security or
payment of any pending bills, if any, held by the Department in respect
of any previous contract will be entertained.
(iii) Bidder shall not be permitted to withdraw his offer or modify the terms
and conditions thereof. In case the bidder fails to observe and comply
with the stipulations made herein or backs out after quoting the rates,
the aforesaid amount of Bid Security money will be forfeited by the
(iv) The tenders without Bid Security will be summarily rejected.
(v) No claim shall lie against the Government/Department in respect of
erosion in the value or interest on the amount of Bid security or
Performance security.
6. Performance Security:
The successful tender will have to deposit Demand Draft / cash in any post
office under UCR a sum of Rs.89,000/-(Rupees Eightnine thousand) equal to
5% of the total amount of contract awarded in favour of the Department of Posts
towards Performance Security deposit within 7 days from the date of acceptance
of the tender and produce the receipt in original to PMG,Berhampur
Region,Berhampur.The Security Deposit will not be adjusted against any
previous contract held by the Department of the Central Government. The
Performance security Deposit can be forfeited by order of the undersigned in the
event of any breach or negligence or non-acceptance of any condition of the
contract or for un-satisfactory performance or for non-acceptance of work order.
On expiry of the contract, such portion of the said performance Security Deposit
as may be considered by the Department of Posts, to recover any incorrect or
excess payments made to the firm shall be retained and the balance returned.
7. The tender must be submitted in two separate sealed covers, one containing the
Technical Bid along with DD / EMD receipt, and other documents required to
be submitted and other containing the Price Bid. The forms of tender and a
copy of the schedule showing the timings and other details of the service
required together with particulars regarding other terms and conditions of the
contract and the form in which the bidder will be required to execute the
agreement, may be obtained on application from the O/o PMG,Berhampur
from 15.07.2013 to 16.08.2013 during 10.00hrs to 14.00hrs. on production
of ACG-67 receipt for Rs 500/- obtainable after depositing the said amount in
any Post office toward cost of Tender form(s) for mail motor contract which will
not be refunded in any case. Tenders must reach the undersigned on or before
16.08.13 by 14.00hrs and the tenders will be opened in the office of the PMG,
Berhampur on 16.08.13 at 15.00hrs in the presence of the bidders’ who wish to
be present at the time of opening of the tenders. Along with the technical bid,
the bidder has to submit PRE-CONTRACT INTEGRITY PACT as prescribed
by the Govt. of India (Annexure-C). Bid submitted without the integrity
pact shall not be considered.
7.1 Annual turnover of the bidder for last two financial years should be more
than Rs. 10 lakh. Bidder should submit copies of Income Tax Returns OR
Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account for last two financial
years (say 2010-11 and 2011-12).
8. The competent authority reserves the right to reject any or all tender(s) without
assigning any reasons.
9. The make and model of the vehicle should be specified separately. Copies of
registration certificate, fitness certificate, and insurance should be enclosed
along with technical bid. All the vehicles must have valid road permit to run in
the territory of Odisha.
10. The successful bidder shall have to provide the desired number of vehicles.
11. The bidder should preferably have past experience of providing vehicle(s)
on hire to at least one government organization/PSU/a prominent private
sector entity.
12. The vehicle shall be at the disposal of the Department of Posts for 7 days a
13. Contract charges include monthly charges of driver, repairs and maintenance of
vehicle, insurance, petrol/diesel/CNG, oil and also any other incidental
14. In the case of any accident, all the claims arising out of it shall be met by the
15. The vehicle will be kept neat and clean and in perfect running condition.
16. If the vehicle goes out of order, the Bidder shall provide a substitute vehicle
immediately. In case vehicle does not report on time/does not report at all, the
Department would have a right to hire a vehicle from the market and the
additional cost incurred by the Department will be borne by the Bidder.
17. The driver should have valid driving license & the vehicle should be registered
with the concerned authorities of Central/State Govt. A certificate to this effect
should be provided. The drivers of the vehicle provided must follow traffic rules
and other regulations prescribed by the Government from time to time.
18. The contract between the Department and the Transport Operators can be
cancelled with prior notice of at least 60 days by either party to the contract.
19. A penalty of Rs.500/- per day per vehicle will be levied if any vehicle fails to
meet the terms & conditions prescribed herein on any day. However, in case of
frequent violations of the terms & conditions, the contract can be cancelled
forthwith without any notice. In the event of non-completion of any journey or
of delay in completion of any journey in accordance with the time table
hereinbefore provided and in the event of failure to deliver or take up any postal
article or mail bags at any of the places, failure to maintain efficient service to
offices prescribed in the schedule of trips, the bidder shall be liable to pay the
under mentioned amounts.
Sl.No. For Amount
1 Failure to complete any journey Rs.15 per km
2 Delay in completing any journey, of not more than
one hour
Rs.8 per km
3 Delay in completing any journey, of more than one
hour and not more than two hours
Rs.10 per km
4 Delay in completing any journey, of more than two
hours and not more than three hours
Rs.11 per km
5 Delay in completing any journey, of more than three
Rs.11.50 per
6 Failure to deliver or take up any postal article or Rs.5 per bag
mail bags at any station
7 Delay in delivery or taking up any postal article or
mail bag at any station
First day
Second day
For each subsequent day
Rs.5 per bag
Rs.6 per bag
Rs.7 per bag
8 Failure to stop when required at any intermediate
Rs.50 per
PROVIDED ALWAYS that the bidder shall not be liable to pay any such amount
under this clause for any such default delay or failure as hereinbefore described
if and so far as the same shall have been caused by or be due to closing of the
road by the District Board, Public Works Department, or the Police to motor
vehicles carrying mails, violence of an army or mob or other irresistible force or
robbery or dacoity or an act of God, but the fact that part of the road may
become impassable for vehicular traffic shall not relieve the bidder of his
liabilities under the contract and in such case notwithstanding anything
hereinbefore contained he shall without extra cost to the Government, arrange
to convey the postal articles and mail bags by mazdoors or other means where
the road is impassable for vehicular traffic and thence in the manner
hereinbefore provided.
PROVIDED FURTHER that the liabilities of the bidder to pay the amounts
hereinbefore mentioned are without prejudice to the Government’s other right
to be reimbursed any expenses to which the Government is put to as a
consequence of such default and other rights in respect thereof.
PROVIDED ALSO THAT if the bidder makes three such defaults within one
month or fails to maintain an efficient motor vehicle service or to perform and
observe any of the stipulations, agreements and conditions herein contained (as
to which the decision of the said Head of the Circle will be final) or if the bidder
becomes insolvent or if a company being wound up except as provided in clause
10 either voluntarily or compulsorily, the authority who has signed this
agreement may, by a written notice, forthwith terminate the contract after a
decision to terminate the contract is taken by the President of India in addition
to or in lieu of any other remedies, and also declare forfeited the whole or any
part of the security.
PROVIDED FURTHER that in the event of the contract being terminated under
the third proviso of this clause, the said Head of the Circle, may in addition, at
his option, take over and use all or any vehicles used by the bidder on such
date for any period not exceeding four English calendar months, paying to the
bidder for such use any reasonable amount to be determined by the Chief
Postmaster General, Odisha Circle to cover all damages and losses to the
vehicles or otherwise during such period.
PROVIDED FURTHER that in the event of the contract being liable to be
terminated as aforesaid, the Government may, at its discretion, either terminate
the contract or forfeit the entire security money without terminating the
contract. But any such termination of the contract or forfeiture of security as
aforesaid shall be without prejudice to the right of the Government to all other
remedies in respect of every failure or default and particularly to the
Government’s right to recover the full amount of loss or damages which the
Government may have sustained even though the amount be in excess of the
sum forfeited and the security so forfeited may or may not be taken towards
satisfaction of any such loss or damages.
20. The Drivers while performing the duty must be neatly dressed, should wear
proper uniform & must carry a mobile phone in working condition, for which, no
separate payment shall be made by the Department.
21. The Transport operator and driver shall be bound to carry out the instructions
of the Department as well as of the Officers assigned to the vehicle.
22. A daily record indicating time and mileage for each vehicle shall be maintained
in a log book.
23. Dedicated Vehicles & Drivers must be provided & changes will be allowed only
in exceptional circumstances. The vehicle must be available at any time of any
day as desired by the Officer concerned.
24. In the event of the award of the contract and prior to execution of the contract,
the bidder shall be required to submit copies of the Registration Certificate and
comprehensive insurance Policies of the vehicles being offered for hire and
particulars with photograph of the drivers dedicated to each vehicle. He shall
also be required to produce the vehicles in the office of the undersigned for the
physical verification / inspection.
25. The contract will be effective for two years from the date of signing of
contract unless terminated earlier as per clause No.20 & 21. The contract may
be renewed for a further period of one year as mutually agreed upon, subject to
satisfactory performance.
26. Terms of payment :
(i) The bidder shall submit on or before the 15th day of the succeeding
calendar month a bill in respect of such services showing the details of
calculation with full particulars and documents in support thereof. The
monthly remuneration shall be paid to the bidder(s) within 30days of the
presentation of the bill as aforesaid.
(ii) No payment shall be made in advance nor any loan from any bank or
financial institution shall be recommended on the basis of the order of
award of work.
(iii) All payments shall be made by cheque only.
(iv) The Department of Posts shall be at liberty to withhold any of the
payments in full or in part subject to recovery of penalties as per clause
(v) The term “payment” mentioned in this para includes all types of payment
due to the firm arising on account of this contract excluding Bid Security
and Performance Security governed by the separate clauses of the
(vi) The TDS and other taxes will be recovered from all the bills before
making payments as per the rates and instructions prevailing at the time
of payment.
27. All disputes, differences and questions arising out of or in anyway touching or
concerning this agreement or the subject matter thereof or the respective rights
duties or liabilities of the parties under or in respect of this agreement (except
the decision whereof is hereinbefore otherwise expressly provided for) shall be
referred to the sole arbitration of any person appointed by the Chief Postmaster
General, Odisha Circle, or in case his designation is changed or his office is
abolished, to the sole arbitration of any person appointed by the officer who for
the time being is entrusted, whether or not in addition to other functions, with
the functions of the Chief Postmaster General, by whatever designation such
officer may be called (hereinafter referred to as the ‘said Officer’). There will be
no objection to any such appointment that the person appointed is a
Government servant, that he had to deal with the matters to which this
agreement relates and that in the course of his duties as such Government
Servant he had expressed views on all or any of the matters in dispute or
difference. The award of such arbitrator shall be final and binding on the
parties to this agreement. It is a term of this agreement that in the event of
such arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred being transferred or
vacating his office or being unable to act for any reason, the Chief Postmaster
General, or the said officer shall appoint another person to act as arbitrator in
accordance with the terms of this agreement. Such persons shall be entitled to
proceed with the reference from the stage at which it was left by his
The arbitrator may, from time to time, with the consent of the parties, enlarge
the time for making and publishing the award. Subject as aforesaid the Indian
arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996 shall apply to the arbitration
proceedings under this clause.
Upon every and any reference as aforesaid the assessment of costs incidental to
the reference and award respectively shall be in the sole discretion of the sole
arbitrator. The venue of the arbitration proceedings will be the office of the
Chief Postmaster General at Bhubaneswar or such other place which the sole
arbitrator may decide.
Asst.Director (ML & BD)
For Postmaster General,
To The President of India
Through …………………………
WITH reference to the advertisement in ……………………………… dated
……………., I thereby offer subject to the conditions hereinafter appearing, the
following Technical Bid for conveyance of mail along with one / two postal officials by
motor vehicle(s) of the specifications for a term of Two years.
2. Details of Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/ P.O. receipt in respect of Bid
3. The details of the vehicles offered by me are as follows: (i) Type of vehicle (three wheeler / four wheeler)
(ii) Make and Model of vehicle
(iii) Year of manufacture
(iv) Registration Nos. / Date
(v) Type of fuel used
(vi) Fitness / Road worthiness & Insurance validity of
the vehicle
4. I agree to provide name(s) of the existing customer(s) (if any) (list enclosed).
5. I agree that in the event of my Technical Bid being considered, I shall produce,
on demand, for inspection of vehicle of prescribed specification and a permit from the
District/Town authorities to run the service on the line within a week of receipt of
communication to this effect.
6. In addition to the above, I agree to maintain ……………… spare vehicle(s) to be
used in emergencies. I agree to provide vehicle(s) in good working condition.
7. I agree to run the motor vehicle(s) according to the time fixed in the said
8. If it is found at any time during the currency of the contract that owing to
alternations in the schedule of trips (or additional trips being ordered) the average
monthly mileage is more or less than the monthly mileage mentioned in Clause 5, I
agree to accept or allow a proportionate increase or decrease in the monthly
remuneration as the case may require, worked out on the basis of the rate/km agreed
to in the agreement.
9. I undertake the liability and responsibility for the safe custody and delivery of
mails, etc, entrusted to me for conveyance between one office and another and to pay
for the loss, suffered by Department of Posts due to missing of any bag/article in
course of their carriage by me.
10. I shall not claim any special facilities, such as, free accommodation for a garage
or telephone connection etc, other than those provided for in the agreement.
11. I agree to carry free of charge postal officials in charge of mails when required to
travel in my contracted vehicles.
12. I agree to carry postal stationery, as part of mails, and stores dispatches by
Postal Stock Depot or the offices where such forms and stores are printed or stored, to
the Post Offices, Railway and Steamer Stations and Railway Mail Services Offices
named in the schedule attached to the agreement and such other places as may be
required by the Chief Postmaster General/ Postmaster General/Director Postal
Services/ Superintendent of Post Offices/ Superintendent Railway Mail Service/ the
Postmaster, and shall not claim any extra remuneration on that account.
13. I am submitting DD/Bankers cheque/P.O. ACG-67 receipt for Rs. ……………….
(Rupees ………………….…………………) (the amount equivalent to 2% of the estimated
total value of the contract) as bid security That the said sum shall be forfeited to
Government if I withdraw my tender or in the event of its acceptance fail to execute
the agreement and make the deposit as mentioned in Clause 13 and 15 whereof. I will
not claim interest on this sum while it is in your custody. The aforesaid sum shall be
returned to me within 30 days if my tender is not accepted. I further agree that in the
case my tender is accepted and I fail to start the service contracted for by the date
…………..( fixed by tender inviting authority) my earnest money shall be forfeited and
my tender and contract shall be regarded as void and I will have no claim of any sort
upon the Government of India.
14. I agree to have this agreement registered and bear all the expenses in
connection therewith covering the charge of stamps etc.
15. I agree if this tender is accepted, to furnish security deposit equivalent to 5%
(five percent) of the total value of the contract in one of the following forms(a) Post Office certificates at issue price up to the permissible limit
transferred to the …………………………….
(b) Deposit made in the Post Office Savings Banks up to the permissible
limit and pledged to the President of India and the balance, if any, in the
form (a) above.
(c) Bank Guarantee (for contract of high value) or DD.
Within seven days from this tender being accepted.
16. I agree not to make any attempt of negotiation direct or indirect with the
authority to whom I have submitted the tender or the authority who is competent
finally to accept it after I have submitted my tender or to make any endeavor to secure
any interest for an actual prospective tender or to influence by any means the
acceptance of a particular tender. I agree that if I make any such attempt it will render
my tender liable to exclusion from consideration.
17. If my above tender is accepted, I agree to enter in to agreement on Non-Judicial
Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- within two weeks of the acceptance of the tender and deposit
the security money equal to 5% of total value of the contract.
18. I have read all terms and conditions of the tender and I agree with the
Name of bidder _________________
Address of bidder_________________
Seal of Bidder
To The President of India
Through …………………………
1. Name, address & telephone No. of the bidder :
2. Permanent Account No.(PAN). (Copy of PAN Card to be attached):
3. Name & address of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors & their PAN No. :
(Copies of PAN cards to be attached)
4. Rate Chart per vehicle (Exclusive of Service Tax) :
Sr.No. Description Rate (Rs.)
1 Per kilometer per vehicle
4 No of vehicles offered
Name & Signature of
Authorised Signatory
Copy to:
1. The Pr.Chief Postmaster General,Odisha Circle,Bhubaneswar for information.
2. The Postmaster General, Sambalpur Region.
3. All SSPOs/SPOs in Odisha Circle with request to display on their notice board.
4. All Head Postmasters in Berhampur Region.They are requested to display on their Notice Board.
5. The RTO,Chatrapur
6. The Secretary,Private Bus Owner Association,Berhampur
7. Office Copy
8. The IP(Technology),R.O,Berhampur for uploading the tender in website of India Post.

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