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North, Korean, been, north, area, have, supply, Korea,, this, Comment:, (SUEDE, that, antiaircraft, Wonsan, Comm, Corps, unidentified, from, possibly, February, indicate, UN-held, Kbrean, islands, This, 21st, orth, lost, recent, installations


9. KOREA. North Korean VIII Corps possibly still in existence: North
Mi743711 m1-4F,70:17 states: ". . . acknowledged that
(the units undet.the command ofour?) 8th Corp's have been (arranged?). . .."
(SUEDE DCM-2661, 8 Feb 52)
Comment: 1i1e the fragmentary nature of this message precludes a
ioundc7Onion,- this is the first recent indication of the continued
existence of the North Korean VIII corps. This 'command lost its units by ,
deactivation or by transfers to Combat corps or,tothe VIICorps during early
spring, 1951. Unconfirmed collateral reports have stated that the vili
Corps WAS enroute to or in Manchuria organizing and training new North
Korean units.
10. Unusual activity in Wonsan area seens Unusually detailed reporting
of UN naval activity in the vicinity of UN-held islands in the Wonsan
area was given in a 10 February message from an unidentified railroad
security battalion to its parent regiment, the 7th.
Another unidentified battalion farther north in the Hamhung area
reported'on 10 February the receipt of 100 "ships" with another 50 still
expected. (SUEDE Det 151 15th RSM Korea, CS 072, 11 Feb; 501st Comm
Reoon Group Korea, SK-6-258, 12 Feb 52)
Comment: It may be speoulated that this detailed reporting and the
Mantion of the reoeipt of "ships" possibly indicates a future Communist
attempt to oapture UN-held islands in Wonsan bay. During the past six
months only one successful enemy landing has been made on these islands,
altheugh several smallattackahave been made.
11. North Kbrean arikaircraft protects unknown installations north of
HaMhung: TAO North Korean plain language messages indicate the deployment of antiaircraft guns, possibly subordinate to the North Korean 21st
AAA Regiment, to protect certain unidentified installations north of
HaMhung. (SUEDE 501st Comm Recon Group Korea, SK-G-313, 11 Feb; 330th
Comm Recon Co Korea, AM-110, 11 Feb 52)
Comment: The deployment of antiaircraft guns north of Hamhung,
'along an enemata supply route from Manchuria, may indicate proteotion of
lines of communications or supply dumpa. ,
While no 21st antiaircraft artillery regiment is identified in
North Korean order of battle, the 19th, 20th, and 23rd Independent AAA
Regiments have been aocepted.
DATE: 20-Mar-2010
mentt l ent f a n t i a i r c r a f t gun8 orth of Hamhung,
l o n g m e r n a t e supply route from Manchurh, may indica te proteoti o f
f munioati s o r supply dumps..
I M l e lst a n t i a i r o r a f t r t i l ent I n t i f I
ort ore r r f t t t , Z O t t
egi ents a e ee accept .
f .
DAT : 20-Mar-2010 6
. ort or 11 or ssi l t i l l i i o : ort
Kbrean messagq t s ; 'I o l t
i t er the c and d r ? ) ' t h Corp ( ?). e"
1, 2)
Uo tr
a o u n d x s i o n ,
i of t e orth Korean V I 1 1 Corps. This ommand lost Its uni ts by
cti t r c bat e r 4 I 1 Corps a
, , noonfinn o o l l a t e r a l or ts s t t t a t t e V l l i
or m s r t r anohuri i e r a i n n ort
or it
wile the fragnentary nature of t h i s me sage precl des a
t h i s the f irst recent indicnt ion of t e cont
nu8ual c t i i t i an area see : nusuall t i r t
aval o t i i t v i i a i i t v onsa
i - eae rom t ied r a l r o a
our i t t t l t i t arent r i ent, t e 7t .
nother nident i f i t t r a hu
r r i t " i t t i l l
eot .
ea r or 6 )
t 6 1 t G rn
ment: a rxl t t t e x t i n t h
m e n t i m h r ce ip t f "s i ossi l i a t s t r o muniat
e pt pt r N-hel i s i n on an ba .
ont s nl s ccessful e y l i s a an
tho era l all at s have been ade.
uri as t i
ort ore n t i i r f t t o e i o e r
amhungr- wo ort Ror h l i an es i t
ent -of t i i r r f t m s, r i t ort or
M egi ent r t c t oe r t i i ent i f i o
c rn a, AD 110, a )
st O o r r , -0 313, ;
14 Feb 62
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