Pratik Yeshwant Gogri Mumbai, Maharashtra Paavan Kalra ...

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List of National candiates selected for Jan 2015 - Long term fellowship programs
Sub -Speciality
Name of Candidate Place Sub-specialty of Selection Campus
Pratik Yeshwant Gogri Mumbai, Maharashtra Cornea & Anterior Segments Hyderabad
Paavan Kalra Yamuna nagar, Haryana Cornea & Anterior Segments Hyderabad
Alisha Dipan desai Ahmedabad, Gujarat Cornea & Anterior Segments Bhubaneshwar
Sayali Sanjeev Sane Kolhapur, Maharashtra Cornea & Anterior Segments Vishakapatnam
Mahima Jhingan Mumbai, Maharashtra Retina & Vitreous Hyderabad
Mansi Sharma Chandigarh Retina & Vitreous Hyderabad
Divya P Rao Bangalore, Karnataka Glaucoma Hyderabad
Satish Kadaramandalgi P Hubli, Karnataka Pediatric Ophthalmology Hyderabad
Faraz Ali Mohammad Mangalore, Karnataka Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology Hyderabad
Name Place Speciality of Selection Campus
Nupur Ashok Goel Mumbai, Maharashtra Comprehensive Hyderabad
Marsonia Kerul Pravinchandra Junagadh, Gujarat Comprehensive Bhubaneshwar
Adarsh Kesharaju Warangal, Telangana Comprehensive Vishakapatnam
Swati Gupta New Delhi Comprehensive Bhubaneshwar
Kulharsh B Jaiswal Mumbai, Maharashtra Comprehensive Vishakapatnam
G.Swapna Hyderabad, Telangana Comprehensive Hyderabad
Wasim Rashid Srinagar, Jammu&Kashmir Comprehensive Bhubaneshwar
Nibedita Sahoo Bhubaneswar, Odisha Comprehensive Hyderabad
Vivekananda Reddy Muddam Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Comprehensive Vishakapatnam

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