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Yamuna, that, Nagar, will, mining, this, Deputy, public, project, lease, also, under, Environment, holder, proposed, Project, Regional, consultation, Haryana, held, Majra,, Nagar,, their, Kumar,, with, Mining, there, District, activities, hearing


c-l L, sEcroR-6, PANCHKULA
Ph-257 7 a7 O- 73 E- mail: hspcb. see 1€Z,eilrail. com
I.Io. HSFCB1275f 2AL6f
The Member SecretalTState Level Environment Impact Assessment Attthority
Ba5rs No. 55 - 58. Prayatan Bhawan, lst floor,
Sector 2, Fanchkula.
Sub: Proeeeding of the public consultation {Hearing} under the provisions of
EIA notification, 2006 {amended to date} for proposed mining of
Boulders, Gravels and Sand {Mirror Mineral} in Yamuna Nagar atrlotted
M/s Gaaga Yamuna Co. Oa L1"O3"2O16 at O2:OO PM at project site
ViLlage Bhood Majra, Tehsil Chhachrauli, District Yamuna Nagar having
tentative area of 9.95 hectares held under the Chairperson Dr. S.S.
Phulia, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Yamuna Nagar.
Kinclly refer to the subject noted above"
Please finct enclosed herewith the proceeding of the public hearireg
condur:recl on 1 1"03.20 16 uncier the provisions of EIA Notillcation dated
14.09.2006 for proposecl mining of Bor-riders. Gravels ald Sand (i\{inor Minerall in
Yalruna Nagar allotted M/s Garega Yamur-ra Co. at project site Village Bhnod Majra.
Tehsil Chhacl-rrauii, District Yamuna Nagar in original fcrr"l,arcled i:y Regional
Officer, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana State Pollution Control Board vide letter no. 1601
dated 30.03.2016 alongrvith CD, photographs and other relevant documents for
information and further necessalry actiorr" \DA/As above' ' sr. Environrneatal Engineer - r {He}
For Chairman
Endst" No" HSpcl,tzrslzotlt 6{f {- { 6tl Dated: pslou f t{
A copy of atrorre alongwitfi
-*pV oi p*.o...ding with attenclauc. Jh**t' i"
fbrw:rrcled to foliowing for infot:nation and further necessaq/ action please :1. The Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Inciira
Parlarraran Bharran, Jorbagh Road, New Delhi - 110 003.
2. Principal Secretarv to Gor:t. Harvana, Entrironrnent Department'
3. The Director General. Enr,ironment, Haryana.
4. The Deputy Commissioner, Yamuna Naga-r-.
5. The Chairman, Zila Parisirad, Yamuna Nagar.
6. Munici.pal Council, Yamuna Nagar.
7. Regional C)fficer, Yarnuna Nagar.
8. PS to Chairrnan.
\/q. PA to Member SecretarY.
l0.Sh. Sand.eep Sharma. Jr. Programmer {HQ} for uploading the proceecling on
the website of the Boarcl.
11.Mls Ganga Yamuna Miping Co., R/O 112, Santpura Road, Moclel Torvrr,
Yamuna Nagar.
DAlCopy of Proceeding. n,fFU\@u--zr{q\I6
Sr. Environmental Engineer'- I (HQ)
For Chairman
#&i--*-*s sr{
Regional Office
Flaryana State Pollution Control Board
S.C.O No. 131, Sector-17,Jagadhri (Yamuna Nagar), Ph-A1rc2-20A137
rrlo. FtspcB / yMN ,rrt57....!..1.9/...
To The Chairnnan,
Haryana State Pollution Control Board,
Dt:...99./03 /2AL6
Sub:- Proceeding/Minutes of the public consultation {Hearing} under the
Provisions of EIA Notification, 2006 (amended to date) for proposed
mining of tsoulder, Gravel and Sand (Minor Mineral) in Yamunanagar
allotted to M/s Ganga Yamuna Mining Co. On 11.03.20{6 at 02:00 pM at
Project Site, Village-Bhood Majra, Tehsil-Chhahhrauli, District-yamuna
Nagar having lease area of 9.95 ha. held under the Chairperson Dr. S"S.
Phulia l.A.S, Deputy Cornmissioner, yamunanagar.
Please refer to the subject noted above"
ln this connection, please find enclosed herewith two copies of proceeding i
minutes of Public Hearing in original held on 11.03.2016 at 02:00 pM at site i.e. villagetshood Majra, Tehsil- Chhahhrauli, District-Yamuna Nagar under the ehairrnanship of
Deputy Commissioner, Yamuna Nagar in respect of M/s Ganga yarnuna hlining Co"
Two sets of soft copy of the videography, photo Albunns & photoeopy of
attendance is also enciosed herewith for ready reference, please.
Submitted for further necessary action, please.
DA: As above. 7?
A n r xe{on#affrcentffi
s gt6
. Froceeding of the pubtic consultation (Hearing) under the Frovisions of EIA
Notification, 2006 (amended to date) for proposed mining of Boulder, Gravel and
sand (Minor Mineral) in Yamuna Nagar allotted to M/s Ganga Yamuna Mining
on 11"03.2016 at 02:00 PM at Project site, village-Bhood Majra' Tehsilchhachhrauli, District-Yamuna Nagar having lease area of 9.95 ha' held under
chairperson Dr. S.S. Fhulia l"A.s, Deputy commissioner, Yamuna Nagar"
The public consultation (hearing) was held as a mandatory requirement under EIA
notification dated 14-09-2006 and subsequent amendment on dated
Date & Time : :11-03-2016 at 02:00 P.M'
Venue : At Site, Village- Bhood Majra, Tehsil-Chhahhrauli, District-Yamuna
Nagar, Haryana
chairman : Dr. s.s. Phulia l"A.s, Deputy commissioner, Yamuna Nagar
OfficerlOfficials Present
1. sh. sanjeev Kumar, Regional officerYamuna Nagar Region, h{sPCB'
Sh. Vipin Kumar, AEE, Yamuna Nagar Region, I-ISPCB
Sh" Rajinden Prasad, Mining Officer, Yamuna Nagan
Sh. Anil Kumar, Mining lnspector, Yamuna Nagar
sh. R.S. Yadav, Environment consultant, M/s Vardan Environet,
Besides government officerslofficials of the District Administration, number of
from villages i.e. 76 & District- Yamuna Nagar and other nearby villages were
during the public Hearing at the Site i.e. Ehood Majra, Tehsit-Chhahhrauli for
project. The hearing was also attended by Partners of project proponent'
" (Copy of the attendance, Cd & Photographs prepared during hearing
enalosed herewith for reference)
Copies of the executive summary of the EIA of "YamuRa Nagar mining of
Sand (Minor Mineral)" at Bhood Majra, Tehsil-Chhahhrauli, Districtyamuna Nagar (Haryana) for proposed mining were distributed to the
audience Present in the hearing"
At the outset, sh, R.s. Yadav, Environment consultant (M/s Vardan Environet,
Gurgaon)welcomed the Committee members, officers from the Haryana State Potlution
control Board and audience present in the public hearing.
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, R.egional Officer, Yamuna Nagar Region, HSPCB, welcpnred
Deputy Commissioner, officers of the District Administration, Panches & Sarpanhes of
surroundings areas and public present in the hearing. He explained about the
of the public hearing belng held under provisions of EIA Notification of 2006, amended
to date. lle detaileJ its legat requirement for obtaining clearance under the notification
rronMoEF'Govt'"i::::,::":::,:T:f^i"-Tf:tr':::,t:?#:ffi tffi::il:ffi ff T:$
tr A*,
, Thereafter, sh. sanjeev Kr.lmar, Regional sfficer, Haryana state
Pollution control Board
,d;;;i"J project consuttant to make the presentation for the project for information of
allthe peoPle Present.
The project consultant while making the presentation rnade a mention that
the proposed
pnoject is a proposal for River Sand fi/ining an area of 9'95 ha' ln above mentioned
village of District Yamuna Nagar, total cost of the Project shall he Rs' 2,93,50'000/&
production capacity i.e. 2,00,000 Tlyear Consultant also explained the following"
1. Project Location
2. Salient Feature of Project
3. Description of Project
4. Benefits of the Project
5. Mining capacity, raw material and by products
6. TopograPhical maP
7. Baseline Environmental, Data including air, water, soil quality and noise level
B" Air emissions and control measures
9. Solid Waste Management
10. Noise Management
11. Green DeveloPment Plan i
12. Environment Management PIan
'13.Cost on Environment Management Plan
1 4. Corporate Social Responsibility
The details submitted by the consultant were recorded
After the presentation, Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, Regional Officer, HSPCB requested the
public to raise their questionsisuggestionslobjections'
The following questions were raised:Ques: a). At first, he welcomed the
Nagar, RO, HSPCB, Yamuna Nagar,
then he questioned that due to this
Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner, Yarnuna
all other officers and alt stakeholders and
mining project how the villagers will be
b) He questioned that how much budget allocated fon CSR activities and what
types of provlsion included in this CSR' actlvities?
c) He suggested that there are rnany problems occurred due to there is no
hospitals/dispensaries in Fanchayat and nearby villages so, he request to lease
holder to establish a hospital/ dispensaries for their viilage Fanchayat and also
request to provide the rninerals on free of cost for poor people, social works and
gram panchayat works of villages are falling in proposed mining area'
d). He suggested that there is a provision in Govt. Of lndia's schemes namety
-a oahamaa rra nrnrriq.innq thera ere manv
e). Fle requested the participants of public hearing to show their
support by
raising hand in favour of this minlng project'
Reply: a} The Environment Consultant, Sl]' R.S, Yadav and Lease holder
replied that the project wil! generate employment opportunities
to loeal people
directly o1. indirectly, which will improve social and economic condition
of the
villagers. Employrnent will also be generated due to transpontation
About 0g Nos. of Durnpers will be used in this project and this activity
employment for drivers, helpers, cleaners and it will be hired
form the nearby
villages. Small workshops for repair of vehicles and machineries' hotels'
restaurant, vegetables shops, tea stallwill be opened nearby this
project area'
A budget of R.s..15.00 l-akhs is provided for csR activities' These activities
are i.e. Frovision of health check-up camps, scholarship to vitlage sttldents,
provision of sanitations and drinking water facilities, vocational training to the
b) The Environment consultant, sh. R.s. Yadav replied that a budget of
Rs.15.00lakhs is provided for csR activities and the detailwas already replied in
above para.
c) The Deputy commissioner, Yamuna Nagar directed that lease holder
should maintain the environmental norms and ensure that pollution is controlled
by maintaining environmental safeguards. He also directed that the lease
may inform the villagers what types of mitigation measures will be carried out
to controlthe pollutions and a provision of CSR activities will be given to the
villagers by the lease holder from their profits and also organized rnany social
works for villagers and also for the peoples of nearby villages.
He also directed that the lease holder will be must comply all the directions I
orders of Hon'ble NGT, Haryana Government and Government of lndia related
to mining activities and contrslling of pollution'
d) The Deputy comrnissioner, Yamuna trlagar advised the lease holder to
adopt that village where this mining activity will take place for social development
works like organization of health camp for villagers, scholarship to viliage
students, provision of sanitation and drinking water facilities, maintenance of
Dharamshala lCommunity Centre etc"
The lease holder announced that he will construct toilets in the schools of these
e) Around 90% participants showed their support for this nnining project by
raising their trand"
Ques; He questioned that what witl be the mitigation measures for pollution
Reply: The Environment Consultant, Sh. R.S. Yadav replied that there are many
provision to control the pollution. He told that there are two source of air pollution;
one is running of rnachines in active mining area and second is transportation
of vehicles on Kachcha roads, for which regular sprinkling of water will be earried
.-a--.-.:rr L^ --^.rizra.{ {ar }}rio hrrrrrnco The qnttrce of Watef Will
by tarPaulin to avoid dust
>ral loaded vehicles will be coveredpollution. The nnin<
situated near the crushen zone?
assured that they will plant extra tress other
than yearly plantation programme
consultation with local people and forest
department' They a]1o a.ssured for
proper care taking of these trees by providing manure
and by wire fencing
around the trees. They also appointed the
Gardner and security guard for this
f urpo.u and local people will
be deployed for this works"
b) The Environment consultant, sh. R.S' Yadav neplied that rnining
will not
carry out in rainY season'
generated due to this mining activity?
Rs"1b.00 Lakhs pr"rio*J for environment protection
measures by lease holder
by the lease holderlcontractor in "fi/lines and
Minerals Development' Restoration
and Rehabilitation Fund". This fund wil! be utilized
in consultation with Deputy
commissionen, RO, HSPCB, Yamuna Nagar,
other officers and tocal villagers for
environment protection of surrounding area'
transportation and mineraiwill be covered with
b) He questioned about the rnovernent of mineral
loaded vehicles' wilf, it be
frorn outside noad of the villages?
detaited rePlY in Para2'
Play frorn outside of villages and a haul road
will be made with the consultation of
,iuaners to outside of village for ptf of vehicles' The vehicles
will play at low
Ques: He suggested that instead of paying 1Ao/o of annual contract
money as
compensation to the land owner, the l{aryana government may
acquire the land
of proposed rnining Project'
Reply: The Deputy commissioner, Yamuna Nagar directed that
his observation
was recorded and further he will discuss on it'
At last sh. sanjeev Kumar, Regional officer, Yamuna Nagar Region thanked
pubtic for attending the public hearing"
The public hearing was concluded with the vote of thanks to the chair'
Regi Officer
Haryana State Pollution Cdntrol Board
Yamuna l{agar Region
Dep uty Commissioner-curn-chairman
Yamuna hlagar
Dr. S.S. Pltm, f"A.S

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