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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Multi Purpose Processing Machine
Dharamveer, Village Damla, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana
This is a multipurpose device capable of pulverizing and oil extraction from various
herbs. The device is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a big pressure
cooker or a sterilizer. Using this device, the innovator has also devised a method of
extracting juices, and essence from Aloe Vera, Amla, and other herbs and their further
processing for producing different products. He is effectively using it for years in
producing various cosmetic and health care products. Multiple utility and multi
processing capability of the device makes it suitable for processing the material in
several ways and thus develops multi products. Its portability makes it suitable for
On Farm processing thereby adding value to farmer’s produce and reducing the
transportation and stocking problems.
Salient Features
• Multi functional machine for producing multiple products
• Light in weight and portable to jobsites for reducing the cost of transportation
of the raw materials from fields to processing site.
• Machine has the capability to process around 200 kgs of herbal products, fruits
or so in an hour
• Low cost of production enabling common people to have reach of herbal products
in the form of gel, juice, essence, etc
• Easy to operate, an illiterate person can run the machine with a little training
• It has potential to generate employment
• Machine is easily affordable by common people
Present Status
Machine has been developed and commercialised. Patent has been filed
Development Stages
Dharamveer of village Damla, Distt. Yamuna Nagar, Haryana is basically a farmer and
started earning his living as a rickshaw puller in Delhi. He could not continue this work
for long as there was something else in his destiny. The long hard days could not kill
the farmer and the innovator inside Dharamveer and he returned back to his village to
start growing medicinal plants. This gave him exposure and in 2004 he got a chance to
visit Rajasthan through the Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Haryana with a group
of farmers and learn the processing of Aloe Vera and Amla for producing value added
products for better income generation. He got a direction and decided to produce
value added products instead of only the raw material but the machinery for the
purpose was out of his reach. The think process begun and he decided to develop his
own machine for multiple processing. After an effort of 6-8 months he was able to
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
develop the first prototype of the Multipurpose processing machine and processed Aloe
Vera for producing juices in 2005. The performance of the machine was acceptable but
he further improved it to make it suitable for extracting essence of various herbs and
processing of other products. His innovation was received in Fifth National Competition
on Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge organized by NIF in the year
2006. He is using this machine since 2005 and so far has produced 5 improved units of
it based on the suggestions and feedback of the users and concerned experts.
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Incubation by GIAN-North
• Innovation was picked up from
Innovation database available at NIF
from among the fifth competition
• Information available was little hence
the innovator was approached for
detailed information.
• Further discussions took place with
the innovator to understand the
potential and his interest to take this
work forward.
• The innovation was documented and prior art search was conducted.
• The results showed that the innovation was need based and was fulfilling the
requirement of Aloe Vera processing, Essence extraction, and several other
processing in the single unit. No such machine was found available for the
purpose. The products similar to the products developed using this machine
were found available but the processing mechanism and devices were different.
Separate devices were used for developing the same products which were
processed in the same machine by the innovator making it a cost effective
• Another advantage found in this machine was its portability and on farm
processing capability which was not found in any other available alternative.
• The innovation was short listed by GIAN-N for further development and
Regional RAC, GIAN-North, Jaipur (December 14, 2007)
• The innovation was presented before the expert panel at GIAN-N office during
the third regional RAC at GIAN-N. The innovator was also made a part of the
RAC to present his case and get direct feedback from the experts about his
• The experts were quite impressed by the work of a grassroots innovator and
appreciated his work. Although the mechanism of the machine was quite simple
and was known but no such system was available as such which could be used for
various processing in a single unit.
• Experts suggested the innovator to use food grade material in the machine so
that the products are more hygienic.
• Experts also suggested him to apply for FPO certification of his products.
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
The innovator took the advice seriously and planned to use the food grade steel for the
next development. He also applied for the FPO certification with the concerned
The details about the innovation alongwith some other innovations was made available to
Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Rajasthan with a request to select
some potentials technologies which may be promoted through their channel. Further
discussions took place with DST official and this innovation was identified as a potential
one for promotion.
Presentation at TiE meeting at Jaipur – January 18, 2008
During the Confluence of Executive
Directors and Chapter Coordinators of TiE
at Jaipur, GIAN-N was invited for a
presentation on its activities and for
sharing a few examples of grassroots
innovators turned entrepreneurs.
• GIAN-N introduced Sh.
Dharamveer in its presentation and
he shared his experiences with the
participants. The products
developed by the innovator were
also displayed during the meeting.
• The TiE members appreciated the work of a grassroots innovator and gave him
tips of marketing his products by good packaging and demonstrating at various
Venture Support by GIAN-N (March, 2008)
GIAN-N after identifying the business potential of the innovation, decided to provide
small financial support to the innovator as the working capital. A business proposal for
the same was developed and funds were mobilized from GIAN-North’s Revolving Fund
(GRF) provided by HDFC to GIAN-N for the purpose.
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Demonstration at Neemrana, Rajasthan (April 09, 2008)
GIAN-N in collaboration with DST, GoR organized a one day workshop cum exposition
on grassroots innovations with an objective to rope in more partners and give an
exposure to various ready technologies to the group of farmers, bank officials and
representatives of voluntary organizations. Dharamveer was one the innovator whose
innovation was showcased.
• The machine displayed here was one stage modified than its previous version.
Dharamveer used the food grade Stainless Steel material in this machine. It
gained the attention of all visitors there.
• Principal Secretary, Science ad Technology, Govt. of Rajasthan who was a chief
guest there liked the concept and requested GIAN-N to arrange for a live
demonstration at Village Itwa Bhogchi, Chaumu, Jaipur where tomatoes are
grown in bulk and this machine may prove useful.
Demonstration at Village ITAWA BHOPJI, 15 Km from the Chomu, Jaipur (June
14, 2008)
GIAN-North worked out a
demonstration of this machine with
support from DST, GoR. The innovator
visited with his machine and
demonstrated the processing of Aloe
Vera and Tomatoes was done. Aloe
Vera juice and tomatoes puree was
prepared using this machine. The
demonstration was done before the
DST Officials, farmers of the village
and representative of KAMTEH
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Following feedback was received.
• The machine should have provision of Pressure and temperature Gauge as some
processing would involve high ranges which need to be monitored regularly.
• As the machine has welding at several places, leakage test should be conducted
before trials.
• The motor pulley and belts are open and may not be safe. It should be covered
with a panel for safety.
• The top of the machine is flat and should be oval to withstand more pressure.
• The outlet should be from the bottom to ease of cleaning.
• It should have separate filtering mechanism at the outlet for various products.
• The legs/ stand of the machine should have base plates for better stability
even at soft soil/ farms
• The machine may have a foot operated rocker system to operate the top cover
of the machine
Demonstration at Doordarshan Jaipur (October 01, 2008)
A demonstration of the machine was arranged at Doordarshan Jaipur and processing of
Bottle Gourd (Lauki) was demonstrated for its juice extraction. The demonstration was
successful and following observations were made.
• The machine should have a bigger outlet.
• The filtering mechanism of the machine should be improved for processing
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Demonstration at GIAN-N office before KAMTECH Associates (October 17, 2008)
The machine was demonstrated at GIAN-N office before the technical team of
Kamtech Associates and processing of Aloe
Vera was done. Following observations were
• The electrical motor used in the
machine could be of a standard
• The wiring of the machine needs to
be improved such that there are no
hanging connections. Also the
machine should have proper
grounding to avoid shocks and cable to be used should be of standard make.
• The machine should also have the control panel on itself for ease of operation.
• The machine may have more variants with different heating mechanism like
electrical heater, LPG stove or wood/ kerosene stove.
• The machine may be further improved to use for other applications like
preparing milk products (khova), preparation of sugar cane Jaggery (Gur).
• The legs of the machine may be made foldable for ease of packaging and
• The machine should have a provision of variable speed for processing different
products as per need.
• The machine should have wheels fitted on its legs/ stand for ease of movement
which may be fixed at the time of operations.
• The machine should accompany an operating cum maintenance manual in English.
Demonstrations at Pushkar Mela and Department of Horticulture, Ajmer
(November 09 – 14, 2008)
GIAN-N participated in Pushkar Mela and showcased selected innovations in the fair.
The opportunity was also utilized to demonstrate the Multi-purpose Processing
Machine before the interested visitors, officials of the Department of Horticulture
and local entrepreneurs. Following feedback was received.
• The machine should be available in different capacity
• A smaller condenser may also serve the purpose in the machine
• The workmanship should be improved for much better finish.
• For Rose processing for golkand production, the capacity of the machine should
be more with high rating electrical motor.
• For processing of Amla, some more modifications needs to be made to such that
need of additional devices may be avoided.
• More work need to be done to design specific blades for specific processing.
• Wiring, plug and motor etc. should be of standard quality.
• The machine should also have a handle for ease of holding and carrying to
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Most of the above improvements have been carried out and a machine has been supplied
to the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan. Another unit
has been exported to Government of Kenya through Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.
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GIAN-North. Jaipur
Some Images
The first prototype
On farm Demonstration
Demo at Bharatpur
Demo at Pushkar
Demo at Science Park
Dispatch to Kenya
Rajeev Singhal
CIM, GIAN-North, Jaipur
Ph.:- 09314904161
November 30, 2008
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