The Biggest Athletics Event In The History Of Belgrade - Belgrade 2017

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The Biggest
athletics event
in the history of
The European Indoor Championship will be the
biggest athletics event held in Belgrade since the
SPAR European cross-country race.
The European Athletics Indoor
Championships history
The first European Athletics indoor Championships
was held in 1970 in Vienna. Before that, the
European IAAF committee had organized four
European Championships from 1966-1969,
known as the ‘European Indoor games’. Those
competitions do not count toward the total
championships number. The Championships was
held annually until 1990, after which it became a
biennial event. Prague was the city chosen to host
the last year’s Championships.
Belgrade calling
The European Indoor Championships represents
the biggest challenge yet, as far as athletics is
concerned. Thanks to our athletes’ success over
the past few years, the ‘Queen of sports’ has
to Serbia in all its glory, and top athletes like Ivana
Spanovic, Asmir Kolasinac, Emir Bekric among all
others have become role models for Serbian youth.
This is why The Athletic Association of Serbia is fully
committed to organizing such a large-scale event
and successfully overcoming all obstacles outside
of the track.
The Championships will take place at the
Kombank Arena, the largest, most modern and
multi-purpose arena designed for sports, cultural
and entertainment events, fairs and other
manifestations. It is an extremely comfortable
venue equipped with state-of-the-art technology
and featuring all types of facilities for spectators
and visitors. The Kombank Arena welcomes
between 600,000 and 8,000 visitors each year.
The multi-purpose venue will provide seating for
10,000 visitors during The European Athletics Indoor
Championships, while the newly built outdoor track
will create excellent training conditions for athletes.
To deliver a spectacular athletics event, it is
essential that Belgrade showcases its greatest
qualities – open spirit, good vibes and traditional
The European Athletics Indoor
Championships Logo
The championships logo was inspired by the
look and form of the running track. This is how a
unique and typographic solution that conveys
the city’s open spirit was born. Each element of
the logo was created individually, resulting in a
simple, recognizable and stylish form. Identical
shapes were used for different letters to enhance
connectivity and symmetry without affecting
the affinity of tones and graphic playfulness that
particularly stands out in animation.
Lioness Bela - The Championships’
Students from more than 30 high schools and
universities in Serbia took part in the competition to
pick a mascot which will represent 2017 European
Athletics Indoor Championships. After a month long
quest, the winning mascot was chosen – a lioness
named Bella, designed by Sladjana Ljubic, an Art
High School student from Kraljevo.
Bela will represent an animal queen with athletics
representing the Queen of sports.
Belgrade Zoo was among the first in Europe to
house white lions which are synonymous with
speed and power, just like athletics.
Promoting 2017 European
Athletics Indoor Championships
at Terazije Square
Whilst awaiting The European Athletics Indoor
Championships to kick off in the Kombank Arena
next year, the people of Belgrade have witnessed
a true athletics spectacle on Sunday, September
11th. During the course of the day, the young
had the chance to participate in long jumping,
distance jumping, sprint running and hurdling
competitions. Our best shot putter, Asmir Kolasinac,
as well as Tamara Salaski, Vladimir Savanovic and
Strahinja Jovancevic attended the event.
The best female athlete in Serbia, Ivana Spanovic,
finished this competition season with a fantastic
result at a street competition held at Belgrade’s
Terazije Square. She ‘jumped over’ Terazije and set
the new personal best and national record with a
7.10 m leap.
“This was one of the best competitions in my
career. Thank you all for coming to support me in
such a
large number. You motivate me to pursue further
success. This competition has crowned my best
season so far, and I am now beginning the
preparations for The European Athletics Indoor
Championships to be held in Belgrade next year,”
said the Serbian champion.
‘At the court of the Queen of
Our website slogan - ‘At the court of the Queen of
sports’, translates: come join us from 3-5 March at
the Kombank arena. Belgrade will make sure that
the “Queen of sports” gets the royal treatment’.
Considering that athletics is not amongst the
most popular sports in Serbia, we will need an
effective marketing plan to ensure adequate
event coverage and promotion. To achieve this,
we highly rely on our athletes. Their achievements
not only make us proud, but also put Serbia on the
world map.
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