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23 February, 2017
Vineyards and Wine in Kosovo 2016 -2017
Legal Base 2016 - 2017
 The legal base of the Department for Viticulture and Wine is supported
in the implementation of the Law No. 04/L-019 on amending and
supplementing of the Law No. 02/L-8 on Wines and Administrative
Instructions approved.
 Administrative Instruction (MAFRD) No: 01-2017 on Registration of
Vineyards, mandatory declarations, accompanying documents and
evidences in Wine cellars has done.
 In the last phases of review its Project Law for Spirit Drinks.
Approved Administrative Instructions
A.I. 24/2008 – On internal and external registers of the production companies, grape,
wine and other production by grape and wine
A.I. 03/2009 – On stipulation of Vineyard Territory in Kosovo
A.I.11/2009 - On assessment of criterions for import, export and internal market of
wine and other products from grape and wine
A.I.15/2009 - On setting the parameters of physical and chemical analyzes of wine
A.I.16/2009 - On setting of criterions for putting of indications in the label
A.I. 02/2013 – On determining the amount of material compensation for services
performed in the field of viticulture and oenology offered by the institute of viticulture
and oenology
A.I. 06/2013 – On registration of growers of grape, producers of wines and other
products of grape and wine.
A.I. 01/2014, - On setting conditions for the designation of wines with a protected
geographical origin and designations of locations with the protected geographical
A.I. 04/2014, - On setting of criteria for taking of samples, analyse of must, wine and
other grape and wine products and organoleptic evaluation of wine.
A.I. 01/2017, - On registration of vineyards, mandatory declarations, accompanying
documents and evidences in wine cellars has done.
Recent and planed developments in Department for Vineyards and
Wine 2016 -2017
• Continuation of the project “Maintenance, strengthening and expansion
of Vineyard Cadastre & Managing Control of Wine 2016 -2019”.
• Strategic Plan for Viticulture, Winemaking and Table Grape 2016 – 2021 .
• Establishment of 3 (three) agro-meteorological stations, Orahovac (2)
and Suva Reka (1).
Recent and planed developments in Departament for Vineyards and
Wine 2016 -2017
Cooperation with Kos agri we will implement these activities:
• Development of protocols for IPM and BIO production of grapevine to
12 vineyards in four Vineyards zone: Rahovec, Suhareka , Prizren and
• Establishment of collection plots with vine 1.5 ha.
• Establishment greenhouse with vine varieties collection.
• Istallation with new equipment in Laboratory.
Partners 2016 - 2017
Department for Viticulture and Wine cooperates with:
1. Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary in Prishtina ;
2. Kosovo Institute of Agriculture in Peja;
3. Institute of Viticulture and Oenology- Zagreb, Croatia;
4. GiZ ; (German Government)
5. KosAgri - Italia
6. USAID, NOA ( new opportunities in Agriculture);
7. Municipal Departments of Agriculture from the Viticulture Areas.
8. Viticulture and Wine Association
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