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Ref. No. ONBCPL/NBP/NHAt/201 5/1 59 Date: 161A712015
Project Director,
NHAI, PIU - Nagpur,
Bunglow No, 2, Shubhankar Apptt.
Plot No. 159, Ambazari Hill Top,
Ramnagar, Nagpur - 440033
Sub : - 4 Laning of Madhya Pradesh/ Maharashtra Border Nagpur Section of NH-7 from Km
652.000 (new Km 653.225) to Km 729.000 including construction of Kamptee-KanhanNagpur Bypass and Maintenance of already 4 laned section from Km i+.sgs l; i;
36.600 of NH-7 (Nagpur-Hyderabad Section) in the State of Maharashtra under NHDP
Phase-ll on DBFOT basis - VIP Reference from Smt. Shobhatai Fadanvis, MLG,
Maharashtra, regarding lrregularities and Corruption in construction work of
Oriental Nagpur Bypass Company Ltd. on NH-7 (i) MP/MH Border to Mansar (Z)
Kamptee Kanhan Bypass (3) Nagpur Bypass (4)'Maintenance of atready +-laned
section of Nagpur - Hyderabad section of 22 Kms _ Reg.
Ref:- Your Mail Dtd.- 1St07tZ01S
Dear Sir,
With reference to your mail dtd 15t0712015, we would like to submit our views and comments as
follows The matter of any buy back proposal for toll plazas on NH-7 by NHAI as stated in the letter is
not in our knowledge.
1. The details of the project highway length are as follows _
Description Length Status on PCOD
Total Project Highway Lenqth 117.078 Km As per Concession Aqreement
Length of Forest Section 37.450 Km
Diversion of land for construction
of highway could not take place
for non clearance from Forest
Length of existing road to be
upgradedto4-lane 14.777 km
Completed; excluding 1 km for
Grade Separator at Parseoni
Length of Kamptee - Kanhan
Bypass 21.236 Km Completed
Length of Nagpur Bypass 21.600 Km Completed
Length of already 4-laned section
for maintenance 22.015 Km For maintenance
totatbompleted Length 78.628 Km
Completed 98.74% of the
available length excluding forest
Ph :91-11- 46044604 Telefax:91-11- 26114421 E-mail :spv.osepgmait.com, otpl@orientalindia com
CIN No. : U45400D12009pTC194278
As per provisions of the concession Agreement clause 14.g.2, provisional completioncertificate
issued for operating i"rt or tnl pio;ect highway, if at teast 75% of thetotal length of the project highway..hai'o"en comileted. Also, as ctarified by NHAI videletter No' NHAI/2oo3ol6N2oo6-N lll317 ata ntogiz6.og,
_zso/o tength of totat tength of theproject highway as mentioned in clause lq..i..i"ii19 concession Agreement (vot 1r -Page No' 430) shall not include the stretch-oi'nign*"y passing through the forestsection' we have completed 78.628 xr. i"ngitt or ii:," avaitabte 79i:628 Km (i.e. s8.74o/oof the total length excluding forest stretch) -ana pcoo has been lssueo by NHAI on1110612012' We are entitledJor commencing levy and collection of toll fee from the roadusers from the date of issue of completion o1Provisional completion Certificate.
2' The total project cost of Rs. 11 70.52 cr was as estimated by NHAI at the time of biddingduring the year.2009. Total project cost of Rs. 1971.31 cr forming part of financial modetand financial close is the basis of execution of the work. rnis-ipc is for a length of117 '078 Km which also includes 37.450 Km in rorest section and 22.015 Km of 4-lanedhighway for maintenance. The TPC includes D";i of Rs. 12gg.6g cr, Grant of Rs.455'22 cr and Equity of the concessionaire of Rs,.227.10 cr. However, due to non-handing over of forest section, the- debt .orpon"ni disbursed so far is Rs. 10s1.g9 crand as of now an amount of Rs. rsia.8g
has oeen -expended whereinconcessionaire's Full Equity of Rs. 227.10 cr has o""n fully speni Jno crrnt of Rs.341'37 cr (out of Rs' 455.22 cr) has oeen reteased as per the provisions of theconcession Agreement clause 25.2.3 wherein it is stated that equity support (Grant)shall be due and payable to the concessionair.-"rt", rj has
""p",iJ"l the Equity, andshall be disbursed proportionately along with the roan runo. thereaftei remaining to bedisbursed by the senior Lenders under ine rinancinlAgreements.
3' The lndependent Engineer submitted a Traffic census Report to NHAI for the period
0610712013 to 1310712013 based on the traffic survey carried out at Dongargaon,Borkhedi, Tekadi (Kanhan) and Mansar Toll Plaza locations i.e. at the original locationsas per concession Agreement as well as shifted locations. Toll plazas at Dongargaonand rekadi locations have been shifted to Borkhedi and Mansar respectively incompliance to order passed by Hon'ble supreme court of lndia. However, as per thetraffic survey carried out at all four current operating toll plaza locations for the period2511212014 to 0110112015, the total PCU values inJivioually for these 4 tocations areMansar - 14358, KKBP - 619g, NBp - 15973 and Borkhedi 1g6s4.
4' operation and Maintenance of the already 4-laned stretch of Nagpur - Hyderabadsection of NH-7 of length 22.015 Km is in tire scope of the project as per provisions ofthe concession Agreement. we have completed construction of clover leaf at thejunction with the Nagpur Bypass at Km 14+585 on Nagpur - Hyderabad section of NH_7to enable the traffic to access the bypass safely and thl said section is being maintainedby us.
5' Km 689, as is evident from Detailed Project Report, as given in the schedule B(Appendix B Vl) of the concession Agreet"nt, survey of rndia Maps and as ascertained
'by the lndependent Engineer, exists short of (towards Nagpur) junction of road leadingto Ramtek (i'e' Mansar T-Point). we have constructed road up to km 6g9+450 and thestate highway towards Ramtek takes off at Km 6881950. As per order given by theHon'ble supreme court of lndia, the toll plaza at Km 703.700, on the highway going
t" L*-
towards Jabalpur, was shifted to the end of the newly developed four laned section i.e,at or near about Km 689.000. Therefore, the question of shifting the toll plaza beyondroad to Ramtek (Mansar T-Point) towards Jabalpur where +-ta-ning has yet not beendone doesn't stand to logic and may involve contempt of Hon'ble supreme court orders
6' As per provisions of the concession Agreement, schedule R of the concessionAgreement, and subsequent Fee Notificatio=ns published in the Gazette of lndia, toll feeis being levied and collected at2 (two) integrated toll plazas along with 2 (two) check toilplazas as per the notified tolling
"rrrng"r"nt and as also confirmed by the Hon,bleSupreme Court of lndia.
' 7' The total project cost of Rs. 1170.52 Grwas
":!T?t"d by NHA| at the time of biddingduring the .year 200.9 Total project cost or is. igll.st cii"tri"g part of financiat modetand financiar crose is the basis of execution of the work.
8' As per provisions of the concession Agreement, we have completed the work ofrehabilitation of Kanhan River Bridge, rricr- lay Bye, Medical Aid posts, Traffic AidPosts, Toilets, Bus Lay Byes and BLs Shelters ano also provided Ambulances, Cranesand illumination of junctions. However, nest nreas and Dhabas for Truck Drivers are notin the scope.
9' The matter of any buy back proposal of the project by NHAI as stated in the letter is notin our knowledge
10. we have given financiar detairs of the project in para (2) above.
1 1' We are committed for performing in accordance with the provisions of the concessionAgreement and aren't involved in-any activitv to get undue benefits.
This is submitted for your kind information and further needful action please.
Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,
For O-Uryfial Nagpur Bye pass Construction pvt. Ltd.
t/ jln**\!
-Flil-i"'si Q
Project ln-Charge
\.2{. Team Leader, lndependent Engineer, CEG.2 th J.p. Gupta, Djrector(projectsfOSE, Nagpur.
3. Sh. Ashok Bhasin, president, OSfpf_
4. Sh. Vivek Rastogi, CEO, OTPL, New Delhi.
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