Road Directions: Nagpur To The Riverwood Forest Retreats Pench

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straight, left, drive, Pench, this, here, Forest, right, forest, your, take, seeing, Kamthi, Continue, known, after, National, Khawasa,, Take, Mundia, with, also, Pradesh, Reservations, Office:, NAGPUR, RIVERWOOD, FOREST, RETREATS, PENCH


1. As you come out of the airport, see Hotel Pride and take a left turn. This is Wardha/ Nagpur Road, part of National Highway No.7 and leads to the city. Continue straight and cross 02
flyovers one after the other. Look for the Reserve Bank of India building at this junction with traffic lights. Two roads branching out here on left and right. Take the right road, also
known as Kamthi Road and continue straight as you slowly leave Nagpur town. Keep going straight beyond Kamthi (a cantonment city), passing Kanhan, Mansar, Paoni and Devlapar.
Continue straight and you shall reach Maharashtra/ Madhya Pradesh border Manegaon, keep driving till Khawasa, the town on the Madhya Pradesh side.
2. Within one kilometre, there is bifurcation on left and a big green overhead board saying Pench Tiger Reserve, take left from here and drive a little, seeing open go downs of Forest
Department with piles/stacks of logs of forest wood. This road is also known as Turia Road, named after the main entrance Gate of Pench National Park. Take the first turn on right
and drive on this forest road seeming to divide the forest in two. After covering a distance of 3.9 kms, you would see a hamlet settlement and a kind of intersection, this is the Village
Mundia Reeth, take left now, keeping a small school on your right, drive straight a bit and on your right is The Riverwood Forest Retreats- Pench.
These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map, and you should plan your route accordingly. We know you’ll drive
carefully, and look forward to seeing you here very soon.
Resort Address: Pench
The Riverwood Forest Retreats Pench
Khasra No. – 2/1, 2/2, Mundia reeth,
Khawasa, Kurai Dist: Seoni (MP),
Pin: 480 881
Reservations Office: Delhi
Waxpol Hotels and Resorts Ltd
M : +91 9711326357
Reservations Office: Kolkata
9, Mitter House, 2nd Floor,
71 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata- 700 013,
West Bengal (India)|P : +91-33-32935749

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