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text, Excavations, ICAANE, will, (ed.),, Text, images, tables, plates, Early, Jordan, (eds.),, Hirschfeld, Archaeological, papers, that, 2007, Jerusalem,, presented, City., History, min., Rise, special, 2009b, paper, Qedem, (e.g., Ancient, author


The proceedings of the 10th ICAANE will be published by Harrassowitz Verlag. As with the previous
ICAANE volumes the proceedings shall be put on display at the 11th ICAANE 2018.
Only papers that have been presented in one of the regular sections at 10th ICAANE in Vienna will be
included. Papers presented in workshops will be published separately (and edited by the workshop
Send section papers to
Deadline: September 30, 2016
No papers will be accepted after the deadline!
If your paper was presented in a workshop, please, contact the organizers of the respective workshop for
deadlines and further information.
Contributors are kindly requested to adhere strictly to the following GUIDELINES:
Office Word compatible, maximum 30,000 characters (including spaces, footnotes, summary, captions and
All manuscripts shall be written in English (preferably), French, German or Italian and contain the following
• title of paper
• name of author
• complete affiliation
• short English abstract
• captions for all figures, plates and tables (including credits and necessary copyright information)
If a special font is needed for certain languages (e.g. Greek) please inform the editors and provide a pdf of
how the final version should look.
References to figures, tables and plates within the text in brackets.
→ Text text text text text (Fig. 1).
Maximum two hierarchic levels of chapter headings.
Please, limit special formatting to a minimum.
Use footnotes sparingly or not at all.
Figures / plates / tables
Tables, figures and plates must not exceed 4 pages in total (e.g. 8 half-page-size figures), all images in
grayscale mode, min. 300 dpi, b/w line drawings min. 600 dpi (in printing size).
Figures and tables will be reproduced at the end of each paper. Note that the available page space is max.
19.5 × 13 cm, including the caption.
Please, send all images as separate files (no images in the Word document!) – allowed formats: TIF, AI, PDF,
The author has to possess the copyright and right to use to all parts of the work; this especially applies to
images in the paper. Please clear all copyrights before handing in the paper!
Citation style (as in former ICAANE publications)
Author & year in brackets in the text.
→ Text text text (Foerster 1993; Neumann et al. 2007; Hirschfeld and Gutfeld 2008) text text text. Text
text text text text (Nigro 2009a: 667-668; Nigro 2009b: fig. 1).
Hirschfeld, Y. and Gutfeld, O. (eds.)
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Qedem 48, Jerusalem.
Lipschits, O.
2005 The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem: The History of Judah under Babylonian Rule. Winona Lake.
Rosen, A. M.
2007 Civilizing Climate-Social Responses to Climate Change in the Ancient Near East. Plymouth.
Articles in edited volumes:
Bijovsky, G.
2004 Coins. In: Y. Hirschfeld (ed.), Excavations at Tiberias, 1989-1994. IAA Reports 22, Jerusalem, 169-175.
2008 The Hoard. In: Y. Hirschfeld and O. Gutfeld (eds.), Excavations in the House of Bronzes, Final Report,
Volume I: Architecture, Stratigraphy and Small Finds. Qedem 48, Jerusalem, 65-105.
Foerster, G.
1993 Tiberias, Excavations in the South of the City. In: E. Stern (ed.), The New Encyclopedia of
Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land. Jerusalem, 1470-1473.
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Ethnicity, and Identity in Ancient Galilee – A Region in Transition. Tübingen, 207-229.
Nigro, L.
2009a Khirbet al-Batrawy: A Case Study of 3rd millennium BC Early Urbanism in North-Central Jordan.
In: F. al-Khraysheh (ed.), Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan X. Amman, 657-677.
2009b When the Walls Tumble Down. Jericho: Rise and Collapse of an Early Bronze Age Palestinian City.
In: R. Peroni and A. Cardarelli (eds.), Le ragioni del cambiamento. Reason for Changes. ‘Nascita’, ‘declino’
e ‘crollo’ delle società tra fine del IV e inizio del I millennio a.C. Scienze dell’Antichità 15, 91-110.
van Zeist, W., Baruch, U. and Bottema, S.
2009 Holocene Palaeoecology of the Hula Area, Northeastern Israel. In: E. Kaptijn and L. P. Petit (eds.),
A Timeless Vale, Archaeological and Related Essays on the Jordan Valley. Leiden, 29-64.
Journal articles:
Berman, A.
1981 Tveriya. Hadashot Arkheologiyot 76, 10-11 [in Hebrew].
Cytryn-Silverman, K.
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Reviews 26, 1476-1498.
Palumbo, G., Munzi, M., Collins, S., Hourani, F., Perruzzetto, A. and Wilson, M. D.
1997 The Wadi Az-Zarqa’/Wadi Adh-Dhulayl Archaeological Project, Report on the 1996 Fieldwork
Season. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 41, 9-26.
Manuscripts that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected!

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