Welcome To Ahwaz, Iran

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(13th IDW)
MARCH 4-7, 2017, AHWAZ, IRAN
Khuzestan Water
And Power Authority
International Commission
on Irrigation and Drainage
Iranian National Committee on
Irrigation and Drainage
Second Announcement and Call for Papers
Drainage and Environmental Sustainability
Welcome to Ahwaz, Iran
MARCH 4-7, 2017, AHWAZ, IRAN
Having the honor to welcome all the respectful delegates and
accompanying persons, I am very pleased to inform that the
13th International Drainage Workshop (13th IDW) will be held
in Ahwaz, Iran in March 2017.The event shall be a valuable
opportunity for the drainage scholars and experts from all over
the world to bring together the technologies, experiences and
the latest findings of drainage to be reviewed. In this regard we
will increase our knowledge and exchange of our experiences.
The main approach of 13th International Drainage Workshop is
environmental aspects of drainage and promotion of drainage
management for environmental sustainability. The workshop is
organized by IRNCID and hosted by Khuzestan Water and
Power Authority (KWPA). Khuzestan province is the
birthplace of drainage in Iran. About 60 percent of drained area
of the country is in Khuzestan. In addition, there are many
ancient unique hydraulic structures in the region such as
Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, an ancient complex built around 1250
B.C. with water physical treatment facility. Participants in the
workshop can both visit the modern drainage networks and
enjoy the ancient water structures from the dating back over
3000 years.
I would encourage your participation, appreciate your kind
cooperation and look forward to meeting you with fruitful
results in Ahwaz, Iran.
Sincerely yours
Rahim Meydani
Vice-Minister of Energy in Water Affairs
Chairman of IRNCID
Invitation from the Vice-Minister
of Energy in Water Affairs
Ahwaz is the capital city of Khuzestan province. Khuzestan is the most ancient Iranian
province and is often referred to as "the birthplace of the nation" in Iran. The province is in
the south-west of Iran, neighboring the Persian Gulf and Arvand River. Having special
characteristics, including oil discovery, the area regained its importance and became one
of the most considerable provinces in Iran. Existence of huge oil and gas fields and great
steel industries laid the foundations for foreign and domestic investments. The province
receives almost one-third of water resources of the country and about 3.3 million hectares
of agricultural land along with the largest irrigation and drainage systems throughout the
country as well as 60 percent of subsurface drained area. Highly productive farming lands
and sugarcane plantations, Khuzestan province has good conditions for construction of
irrigation and drainage systems and agro-based industries.
Ahwaz, located by the Karoon River (the largest one in the country), has a population of
around 1.3 million. The air temperature in summer is hot, but in winter, especially in
March it is moderate and pleasant. In March, while the 13th International Drainage
Workshop shall be held, the temperature is expected to be around 22 degrees Celsius.
Distance from Tehran to Ahwaz is 880 km. The air-distance is 550 km (1 hour flight).
There are many daily flights from Ahwaz airport to Tehran and the other parts of Iran and
weekly flights to some neighboring countries like Dubai and Turkey (Istanbul). It takes
about 15 hours from Tehran to Ahwaz by train. There are two 4-star and six 3-star and
some other hotels in Ahwaz.
Ahwaz at a glance
Submission of abstracts July 10, 2016
Notification of abstract acceptance August 1, 2016
Submission of full papers December 1, 2016
Notification of paper acceptance January 1, 2017
Measures to lower volume of drainage water;
Measures to improve drainage water quality;
Adaption of new design criteria in favor of the environment;
Application of alternative drainage methods.
Drainage and Environmental Sustainability
Language: The official language of the workshop is English
Iranian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage (IRNCID)
No. 1 Shahrsaz St., Kargozar St., Dastgerdi St. (East Zafar) Tehran, Iran 19198-39713
Tel: +98 21 22257348 Fax: +98 21 22272285
Website: www.irncid.org Email: irncid@gmail.com
A Selection of the Best Papers, shall be Published in Irrigation and Drainage Journal
MARCH 4-7, 2017, AHWAZ, IRAN

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