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Ahwaz Human Rights Orhanisation (AHRO)
Intervention at the 8th session of UN minority issues
Ms.Mona Silavi
I am a member of Ahwazi Arab minority in Iran and I will concentrate on
women of minorities in the legal system in Iran, legal system in Iran
discriminated women in general but when it comes to women of minorities, the
discrimination is doubled.
Firstly being the victim of her traditional community and the limitation that kind
of community imposes on her and secondly suffering from a society ruled by a
misogynistic and anti-Arab sentiments.
Women in minority groups suffer from traditions and when they are victimized
and seek help ,the legal system does not support them for example in 2009 ,24%
of crimes where honor crimes against women ,where the murders have walked
away as free men under the Honor killing law codes .
According to statistics published by Iranian government 82% of Arab women
cannot speak Persian and 65% of women under the age of 35 and 95 % of
women above the age of 35 are illiterate which prevents them from demanding
their rights even within Iranian legal system .Activists have long demanded
establishment of organization which speak Arabic to help these women but all
attempts were faced by rejection.
Iranian government by refusing to allow the establishment of independent
organizations of civil societies prevent the minorities from practicing their right
of development in their communities, and when there is small gathering of civil
activists who try to Change situation ,the government closes these centers
under the pretexts of political or anti government activities.
Using the wives of activists as a mean to punish and put the activists under
pressure is another method which Iranian justice system implements . Fahimeh
badawi is an example of such instances .She received 15 years prison sentence
and was used as a mean to pressure her activist husband,who eventually was
hanged in July 2006 . She gave birth to their only child in prison and till now she
is in Iranian prison.
Another example of using family member of activists as punishment is my own
father mr Yousef silavi he is one of many victims of enforced disappearance in
Iran and with all our pleads and connections with human rights organization we
didn’t receive any information from Iranian authorities since 2009 .
As Iranian justice system never replies to the working groups and human rights
organizations enquiries about the situation of arrested and disappeared
activists or their family members . From here I plead to this forum and all
human right organizations to spot light on the massive human rights violations
that are escalating day by day under president Rouhani's administration .
Thank you

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