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Nadadheenam Saangeetham
Jagathsarvam Rakshathi Rakshitham
Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya
Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya Estd. 1976
Sri Guruguha Ganasabha Estd. 1994
Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Bharathi Estd. 2002
Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Sampada Estd. 2003
Sri Guruguha Gurukula Estd. 2004
Sri Guruguha Vaggeya Prathisthana Estd.(Regd.) 2005
53/1 Opposite Sai Mandira
rd Cross,Basavanagudi,
Karnataka State
Phone- 08182-271544
Mobile- 9448241149
Website :
An Appeal
Being geographically located at the heart of Indian state Karnataka,
Shivamogga district and its neighboring region, has made profound
contributions to the field of literature and music. Numerous well-known
scholars and stalwarts, who have made a mark in the field of literature and
music have originated from here.
With the noble intention of making music available to public and
encouraged by the co-operation of kind-hearted music lovers of Shivamogga,
it was decided to start a music school in this town.
Birth of the Institution :
On the auspicious Vijayadashami day of 1976, the school of Music
named Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Patashale came into existence, which later
flourished into Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya. Along with vocal
training, it is also providing Veena, Flute,Violin, Mridanga and Tabla classes.
It has spread its branches extensively in Bangalore, Mysore, Davanagere,
Thirthahalli , Sagar and Hyderabad.
Achievements :
Below are few of the achievements
• Celebrating the Aradhana Mahotsava of Sri.Purandara Dasa, Sri
Tyagaraja and Sri Muthuswamy Dixitir since 28 years
• For the last 28 years, we have been conducting workshops on Sri
Muthuswamy Dixitir’s Nottu Swara, Navavarna Kritis, Sri Purandara
Dasa’s devotional songs, Navarathna Malikegalu, Sri Tyagaraja’s
Ghanaraga Pancharatna, Narada Pancharatna, Utsava Sampradaya
• The Guruguha units have been promoting creative activities and
programmes in Music for over 34 years
• For the last 25 years, it has been organizing free workshops of
devotional songs and has been training over 1000 married women
every year
• Many artists have been felicitated with the titles “Gaanachaturdandi”
and “Naadchaturdandi”
• Many budding talents have been recognized and encouraged with
“Vidushi Kaatyayini” award and “Vidushi Ramadevi” award
• Students of Mahavidyalaya have secured numerous awards like Bala
Pratibhe, Kishori Pratibhe, Yuva Pratibhe, Stree Shakti Puraskara, Best
Voice award, Best Swara Prasthara renderer award
• Students have secured ranks in the Junior, Senior, Vidwat grade of
exams conducted by K.S.E.E Board
• Students are being awarded Scholarships by Central Government’s
Ministry of Human Resource Development, Karnataka Sangeetha
Nruthya Academy, Sri Ghantasala Sangeetha Samsmarana Kalapeeta.
They are also good grade AIR artists, TV artists. Also have been
selected as K.S.E.E Board Music examiners
• “Bhakthi Bhava” is a troop of over 35 artists rendering musical
programmes across the state using Tabla as the sole accompaniment.
Other Activities :
Have been arranging programmes which is auxiliary to music such
as Gamaka Saptaha, Mankuthimmana Kagga, Philosophical discussions,
Dhanurmasa programmes (morning programme), week-long Navaratri Veena
Utsava programmes
Has released 7 volumes of devotional song albums on the glory of
“Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba” namely “Sri Satya Sai Ghana Sannidhi”, “ Sri
Satya Sai Naada Sannidhi”, “Sri Satya Sai Maatru Sannidhi”, “Sri Satya Sai
Guru Sannidhi”, “Sri Satya Sai Dhyana Sannidhi”, “Sri Satya Sai Prema
Sannidhi”, “Sri Satya Sai Bhaava Sannidhi”.
Four unique CD’s containing 60 daasara devaranamas have been
brought out.
Music Direction for Drama, Dance drama have also been done.
Rendering music programmes in old-age homes and in hospitals
treating cancer patients and hence is trying to solace them through music.
Wings of Guruguha:
• Sri Guruguha Gana Sabha (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Vidyarthi Balaga (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Bharathi (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Samagra (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Gurukula (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Veena Vani Association (hyperlink to website)
• Sri Guruguha Vaaggeyya Prathistana (hyperlink to website)
The wings of Guruguha conducts workshops and seminars
by collaborating with other associations that strive to disseminate the
values of music.
Below are some of the organizations whom we have worked with :
1)Kannada and culture department, Bangalore
2)Kannada and culture department, Shivamogga
3)Karnataka Sangeetha Nruthya Academy, Bangalore
4)Brahma Vidya, Mysore
5)AIR, Bhadravathi
6)Ananya, Bangalore
7)Hamsadhwani, Bangalore
8)D.Subbaramaiah Trust, Bangalore
9)Sri Lalitha Kala Acadeny, Mysore
10)Gayana Samaja, Bangalore
11)Ganagriha, Bangalore
12)Srujana, Bangalore
13)Sri Ranjini Karnataka Sastriya Sangeetha Vedike, Shikaripura
14)Kshema Trust,Shivamogga
15)Kuvempu University,Shivamogga
16)Keerthishesha B.Doreswamy Iyengar Trust, Shivamogga
17)Karnataka Sangha, Shivamogga
18)Sri Rama Seva Samithi, Shivamogga
Facilities Provided :
1) Library :
Library includes books on Indian music theory, experimental
books on music, books on spirituality and sacred granthas.
b)CD’s :
Library has a huge collection of CD's and cassettes of music
concerts rendered by Eminent musicians of past and present. On
weekly basis, students are made to listen their performances via CD's
and cassettes.
Economic Background:
The only source of income for the Institution is the music tuition fee
collected from students. Also, so far, there has been no economic support
received from Government. We are seeking Government grants and
generous public donations for our future projects
Aims and Future Projects:
Proposed to build a “Sangeetha Ashram” in a 5-acre plot. An
auditorium to organize musical programmes, micro and macro arrangements
to provide education in music to a great extent, a prayer hall, a goshala, a
library and a recording room. Besides, there is a plan to start “World Music
Research Centre”.
1) Proposed to have a music hall accommodating 250-300 people in our
site in Aswathagar extension, which is on the main road.
2) Proposed to have a prayer hall with the idols of God, idols of Sri
Purandaradasa and Trinities of Karnatic classical Music.
3) Proposed to have a Mini Sound Studio
4) A Library of CDs and books.
5) Guest room for the artists.
6) Class rooms.
An appeal to the Music lovers
In order to continue and maintain the glorious Indian traditional
music, we have proposed and planned the above mentioned projects. To
execute all these plans, the expenditure is estimated to be 1 to 2 crores It need
not be said that it requires the public encouragement and generous
contributions from all. Primarily we need your Best Wishes. As the projects
incur a huge expenditure, we expect generous donation. On behalf of the
Institution, we earnestly appeal to all to cooperate in our effort towards
revival of Indian music.
We request you and your kith and kins to actively participate
directly or indirectly and get the benefits of all these new projects. This
in our main intention which has been at the bottom of our heart.

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