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Washington,, ______________________________________________________________, D.C.,, D.C.?, what, city, right, Congress, year, U.S., residents, City, Washington, first, that, does, answer, nation’s, elected, Mayor, vote, about, with, True, work, Andrew, Ellicott, L’Enfant, square, After


How Much Do You Know
About Washington, D.C.?
Test your knowledge about the nation’s capital with this quiz. Cover
the answers on the right with a sheet of paper, then try to answer
the questions without peeking. How many did you answer correctly?
1. District of Columbia
2. The nation’s first
President, George
Washington, and
explorer Christopher
3. 1791
4. The work was begun
by Pierre Charles
L’Enfant. After
L’Enfant was fired,
Andrew Ellicott and
Benjamin Banneker
completed the job.
5. about 68 square miles
6. True
7. U.S. Congress
8. Yes. The Mayor and
members of the City
Council are all elected
to four-year terms.
However, Congress
has the right to veto
city laws and must
approve the city’s
9. 1964
10. 1973. Before 1973,
D.C. residents had
not had that right
in almost 100 years.
In 1974, city voters
elected Walter E.
Washington as Mayor.
1. What does the “D.C.” in Washington, D.C., stand for?
2. For whom is Washington, D.C., named?_______________________
3. In what year did work begin on the design of Washington, D.C.?
4. Who designed Washington, D.C.? _____________________________
5. How large a city is Washington, D.C.? _________________________
6. True or false: Washington is the only U.S. city that is not part of
a state. ______________________________
7. To what governmental body does the U.S. Constitution give
the power to run Washington, D.C.?
8. Does Washington, D.C., have a Mayor and City Council?
9. In what presidential election year were residents of Washington,
D.C., allowed to vote for President for the first time?
10. In what year did Congress grant residents of Washington, D.C.,
the right to vote for their local government?

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