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Sr.Acctt., Acctt., Gr.D, 5134/, 22585/5, Radhakrishnan, Kumari, 22585/4, 24961127, R.Baskaran, 23631290, M.Ponnusamy, C.G.Chandra, 23853/2, 24748909,, 23302/3, 20279/6, J.Hemalatha, 22481756, 17238/7, N.Suganya, 24727597, 15915/8, R.Sridhar, Steno.Gr.I, 14843/9, Nayeemur, Rahman, 19002/10


S.No. Name (S/Shri/Smt/Kum) Designation
No. E-Mail Address
Number Gross
1 B.S.Meenakshi PAO
Pay & Accounts
Office, CPWD, SZ,
E-Wing, 1st Floor,
Rajaji Bhavan,
Besant Nagar,
Chennai -600 090.
T.No. 24910954 &
24463214 24748909 23853/2 C.G.Chandra PAO DO DO 23631290 23302/3 R.Baskaran AAO DO DO 24961127 22585/4 Kumari Radhakrishnan AAO DO DO 22585/5 M.Ponnusamy AAO DO DO 20279/6 J.Hemalatha JAO DO DO 22481756 17238/7 N.Suganya JAO DO DO 24727597 15915/8 R.Sridhar Steno.Gr.I DO DO 14843/9 Nayeemur Rahman Sr.Acctt. DO DO 19002/10 S.Thyagarajan Sr.Acctt. DO DO 17930/11 N.Vadivelu Sr.Acctt. DO DO 19002/12 A.Shanthi Sr.Acctt. DO DO 16387/13 P.Chenthamilan Sr.Acctt. DO DO 16562/14 Geetha Umapathy Sr.Acctt. DO DO 24352598 20245/15 G.Jayanthi Sr.Acctt. DO DO 22330268 15304/16 V.Mangala Sr.Acctt. DO DO 23722418 15229/17 G.Babu Selvam Sr.acctt. DO DO 22653662 15229/18 S.K.Mishra Sr.Acctt. DO DO 14321/19 P.Pramila Sr.Acctt. DO DO 26426621 13,300/20 S.Sridevi Sr.Acctt. DO DO 13425/21 K.Kalimuthu Sr.Acctt. DO DO 10667/22 S.Murugaraaj Acctt. DO DO 12914/23 Ambika Muralidharan Acctt. DO DO 12914/24 N.Sivakumar Acctt. DO DO 10598/25 V.Murali Acctt. DO DO 10598/26 P.S.Satish, Acctt. DO DO 10598/27 J.Jayakumar Acctt. DO DO 11500/28 V.S.Srinivasan Acctt. DO DO 10598/29 S.Sivakumar Acctt. DO DO 23724199 8577/30 T.Parthasarathy LDC DO DO 24780064 7852/=
31 T.N.Jairaj Acctt. DO DO 7687/32 G.Sivakumar Acctt. DO DO 8018/33 R.Mathivathana LDC DO 7522/34 Mani singh Daftry DO 6653/35 P.G.Krishnamoorthy Gr.D DO 7254/36 L.Bhaskaran Gr.D DO 6385/37 S.Babu Gr.D DO 5134/

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