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A survey
Prahova County (capital city – Ploiesti) is located in the SouthCentral part of Romania and has an area of 4,716 sq km with a population
of about 817,700 inhabitants. The county is largely urbanized, with 14 cities
and towns. Among the 40 counties in Romania, Prahova has the largest
contribution to the national budget (after the Capital – Bucharest) and the
4th largest GDP.
The landscape is very varied, displayed harmoniously from the North (the Carpathian Mountains),
to the South (the Romanian Plain), with a bounty of natural and agricultural resources (from
coniferous trees and alpine pastures, to grapevine, orchards and grain-growing areas).
The agriculture benefits from excellent climate conditions for growing wheat, barley, maize,
vegetables, potatoes, industrial crops, sunflower, fodder plants. The county has 143,725 hectares
suitable for crop production. Prahova is also renowned for its grapes and wines that have earned it
the nickname of ‘’The Capital of the Red Wine’’ in Romania.
The main underground resources are oil, natural gas, salt, coal, limestone.
The industry represents the main branch of the local economy, the county holding important
positions in the national overall output. Currently around 26,000 companies are registered and
operate in Prahova. The most important branches are energy (oil processing and renewable), food
industry, drinks, tobacco, extractive industry, machinery and equipment. Other important industries:
tyre-production, light industry, construction materials, chemicals (detergents), furniture. The Prahova
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency is based in Ploiesti.
Main foreign investors: Coca Cola, Timken, Michelin, Unilever, British American Tobacco, Lufkin.
Several dozen companies with Belgian capital are registered in Prahova, among which Interbrew,
Alinso Group, Coilprofil, Delhaize Group, CRH Structural Concrete.
The county shall soon be crossed by the motorway Bucharest – Ploiesti – Brasov which shall
genuinely improve the infrastructure of road access and offer new economic opportunities.
In order to attract investors, local authorities are forthcoming in providing and facilitating access to
utilities such as water supply and sewage, waste management, electricity, gas and heat supply. The
industrial parks set up by the local authorities, where such incentives are concentrated and
economies of scale can develop, have attracted important foreign investment. Private industrial
parks also operate, one of which is the Ploieşti West Park, result of a partnership between
Romanian and Belgian companies.
The tourism holds a key role in the local economy, and has been developed steadily thanks to the
interest and investments of foreign operators. The Prahova Valley, along the Prahova river, is an
established national tourism brand and one of the most visited areas in Romania. Sinaia – its most
famous resort, also nicknamed “the Carpathians’ Pearl” – has traditionally been a favorite with the
Romanian elite. The Peles Castle, an architectural complex built during the reign of King Carol I and
hosting inestimable art collections, stands testimony to the glorious traditions of the resort.
Other touristic attractions:
The Wine Road revives a stretch of an old wine road used since Roman times, passing through
several wine growing areas;
The Fruit Road crosses the county from West to East, and is the linchpin of the development of the
northern area of Prahova, renowned as a fruit-growing area;
The Voivodes’ Road, a project launched by the local authorities together with the Romanian
Academy, connects the most important historical and architectural landmarks within the county, with
rich reference to the ancient Voivods (princes) of Wallachia.

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