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Tea Board India’s participation at International Tea Fair, Xiamen, 20-24 October, 2016
China Xiamen International Tea Fair was a 5 day event being held from 20th October to the
24th October 2016 at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC) in
Xiamen, China.Tea Board India participated at the Xiamen International Tea Fair, 20-24 October, 2016, China,along with 10 exporters
1 Premier’s tea Limited
2 Golden Tips Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd
3 Lochan Tea Limited
4 Saket Impex
5 Aditya Trading Company
6 LMJ International
7 Shah Brothers
8 Aman Tea Distributors Pvt ltd (Chai chun )
9 Vikrma Impex (P) Ltd
10 Ahinsha Chemicals Limited
Indian Tea Team
Indian tea exports to China is on the rise both in volume and value. China is a traditional green tea
market with production of about 2278 m kgs in 2015, about 43% of the world production. It
imported 19 m kgs of tea in 2015.
The Chinese youth has taken a liking to the black tea and imports of black tea are increasing. Tea
sampling was done on all the 5 days in the Tea Board stall and the stalls of other exporters. The
visitors loved the teas specially the Darjeeling and Masala Chai.
Activities during the participation
Tea tasting sessions
Tea Board India participated in the Tea tasting session organized by the Xiamen Fair authorities.
Darjeeling tea was sampled to the august gathering and it was very well appreciated. A lecture was
also given to explain the attributes and the specialties of Indian tea
Another tea tasting session was organised by ITCC and Tea Board India participated in it and gave a
brief lecture of the different types of Indian tea and their attributes.
Branding through billboard outside the tea fair venue
Awareness through ‘we chat’
A picture and a review on the blog through ‘we chat’ about the Indian tea stall gave a huge mileage
and many tea lovers queued up to have a taste of Indian teas.

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