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I N V E S T O S A K A 18
~New plants and labs~
Introduction of Businesses Operating in Osaka
~Moving into Osaka Bay Area areas~
Panasonic Group, Energy Company
Panasonic Group Energy Company develops, manufactures and sells solar cells, primary batteries,
secondary batteries, chargers, power storage systems, battery-operated products and parts, etc.
Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture provided cooperation and support towards building a plant in
Suminoe for making lithium ion batteries for cars, etc.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Takeda is a global pharmaceutical company that has made Doshomachi, Osaka its home and
headquarters since the company's founding in 1781.
Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture provided support towards building a 9th engineering wing for R&D
at their Osaka Plant (Juso, Yodogawa-ku).
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Industries provides products and services around the world in the five fields of "cars,"
"information and communications," "electronics," "wiring, machinery and energy" and "industrial materials."
Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture provided support towards building a research headquarters inside their
Osaka Works (Konohana-ku).
TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
TÜV Rheinland Japan is one of a leading third party testing and accreditation companies in the world. Their headquarters
are in Germany and the group has a history of 140 years.
They opened their Kansai Technology Assessment Center (Higashinari-ku) to test and evaluate the performance and
safety of solar power generation products and lithium ion batteries.
SunBridge Global Ventures, Inc.
SunBridge Global Ventures invests in internet startup companies and provides companies support for overseas development from their three bases in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Tokyo and Osaka, with the objective of creating "global
innovation" that brings "courage, confidence and hope" to society. At their Global Venture Habitat Osaka (Kita-ku), they
have created a point of interaction and exchange for human resources of all types. They want it to function as a gateway
for Japanese startups that want to challenge the global stage and foreign companies wanting to do business in Japan.
Haier is a global home appliance manufacturer based in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China and has operations in 165
countries around the world. They are the highest selling brand of white goods in the world. In Osaka City, they located their
administrative headquarters for Asia and their Japanese sales corporation which are in charge of management, product
sales, and research and development for the Asian Region. This is their eleventh year since entering the Japanese market,
and, since 2012, they have been providing better products and services under the dual brands of Aqua and Haier.
Prologis, Inc.
Prologis is a real-estate company that develops, owns and manages large distribution facilities.
They are developing and building a total of 7 facilities on Sakishima and Maishima where the location
near to the Port of Osaka ensures convenient access to international container terminals, areas in
Osaka City and the entire Kansai.
Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences
Morinomiya University teaches "integrative medicine" that fuses traditional (Eastern) medicine and modern
(Western) medicine as complements of one another. They have about 700 students between their Department
of Acupuncture, Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Nursing and Graduate School.
Osaka City provided support towards opening a campus in Cosmo Square, Sakishima (Suminoe-ku)
~Foreign companies invested in Osaka~

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