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Transportation from Kansai International Airport
(KIX) to Osaka Station, Rihga Royal Hotel, GCO
and Hotel NCB via
Kansai Airport Rapid Service
When you arrive on the first level of International arrival, go to
the Kansai Airport Station and get on Kansai Airport Rapid
Service Train  Arrive in Osaka Station in 65 minutes  Take a
Free Shuttle Bus to RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL  Walk to GCO
through Rihga Royal Hotel Lobby  Keep walking west for
another block along the river to arrive at Hotel NCB.
1. When you arrive at Kansai International Airport (KIX), you will go
through the immigration, find your luggage and go through the
customs area. This can take up to one hour after arrival depending
on how busy the airport is and most of the time will be spent waiting
in the line to go through the immigration.
2. When you exit the customs area, go up to the 2nd level using an
escalator or elevator and then walk to the Kansai Airport Station
(See Figure 1 & 2) to take a train (JR Airport Rapid Service) to
Osaka Station.
Figure 1. Kansai Airport Arrival Level Map
Figure 2. Kansai Airport Station
3. Once inside the Osaka Airport Station, you can easily find the “JRWEST RAIL PASS” sign. You will need to buy a train ticket using
the machine under the “Kansai Area Pass” sign (see Figure 3).
The timetable for the train heading to Osaka Station can be found in
JR Kansai-Airport Line Timetable (see Figure 4). The ticket
machine is located underneath the timetable (see Figure 5).
Figure 3. JR-WEST RAIL PASS (KANSAI Area Pass)
Figure 4. JR Kansai-Airport Line Timetable
Figure 5. JR Train Ticket Machine
4. You will find buttons on the left size of the screen in the machine.
Press “English” button for the menu in English. Select the button for
the number of tickets you wish to buy. The train fare to the Osaka
Station is 1,160 JPY. Find this amount on the screen and press it.
You then need to insert enough money into the machine, which will
then dispense one or more tickets as shown in Figure 6.
Figure 6. Train Ticket showing the fee of 1,160 Yen
5. To take the train, go through the entrance right behind the ticket
machine shown in Figure 7. Insert your ticket and take it out as you
go through the gate.
Figure 7. JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service Entrance
6. Take an escalator or elevator to go down to the train platform. Take
the Kansai Airport Rapid Service train to Osaka Station from the
Platform #3 (see Figure 8).
Figure 8. JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service train to Osaka Station
7. The train times in Red color are going to Kyoto and thus you should
not take these trains. Rather you need to take the trains showing
the times in organge in Figure 4. The timetable on the left side is for
weekdays and on the right side is for the weekends and holidays. It
takes 65 minutes to the Osaka Station.
8. If you arrive at KIX around 10am, you can probably take trains in
the 11th hour. For example, you can take a train leaving at 11:10,
11:26 or 11:52am. The train timetable can be found in the following
9. Please note that Osaka Station is NOT the final destination of the
Kansai Airport Rapid Service and thus you must look out for the
Osaka Station to get off. A tip that you can use is that it is the
station after about an hour from the Kansai Airport Station and
where the most people get off.
10. When you get off the train, go down the stairs and look for an exit.
There are many hotels around Osaka Station. If you have booked a
hotel near Osaka Station, make sure to find the direction on how to
get to the hotel in advance from the hotel you reserved..
11. If you are going to Rihga Royal Hotel, which is the symposium hotel,
Grand Cube Osaka (GCO), or Hotel NCB, you can use the free
shuttle bus provided by Rihga Royal Hotel by using the
Sakurabashi Exit (see Figure 9 & 10)
Figure 9. Follow the Sakurabashi Exit sign
Figure 10. Sakurabashi Exit
12. You can exit Osaka Station by putting your ticket through the gate
machine. If you need to get a receipt of your train ticket, you can go
to the Staffed Ticket Gate located on the right side of the gates. If
you ask a staff for a receipt, he will make a hole and put a stamp on
your ticket and return it to you.
13. If you are going to GCO, Rihga Royal Hotel, or Hotel NCB, you can
take the free shuttle bus from Rihga Royal Hotel. The shuttle bus
stop is located on the west side of Osaka Station (see Figure 11).
Figure 11. Rihga Royal Hotel Shuttle Bus Stop in Osaka Station
14. After getting off the Kansai Airport Rapid Service and existing
through Sakurabashi Exit, turn right and walk about 20 meters.
Then you will see the Hotel Shuttle Bus sign (see Figure 12). If you
make a right turn on the street and go another 20 meters, you will
see the Rihga Royal Hotel Shuttle Bus Stop (see Figure 13 & 14).
15. From Osaka Station, the Shuttle Bus runs every 15 minutes from
7:25 to 10:00. It runs every 6 minutes between 10:00 and 21:00.
From 21:00, it runs every 15 minutes until the last bus, which
departs at 22:15.
Going to GRAND CUBE OSAKA, Rihga Royal Hotel, Hotel NCB
Figure 12. Hotel Shuttle Bus 사인
Figure 13. Rihga Royal Hotel Shuttle Bus
16. It takes about 10 minutes to Rihga Royal Hotel from Osaka Station.
After arrival at Rihga Royal Hotel, if you have a reservation at Righa
Royal Hotel, you can simply walked into the lobby, go to the checkin
desk and checkin. If your destination is NOMS 2010 Symposium
Venue (GCO), then go through the Rihga Royal Hotel lobby and get
to GCO which is right next door to the hotel (see Figure 15 & 16).
Figure 14. Rihga Royal Hotel Shuttle Bus stop 및 정보 (오른쪽)
17. If you want to go to Hotel NCB, which is located one block West of
GCO, walk along the river for 5 minutes after passing GCO. You will
find Hotel NCB located on the left side of the street (see Figure 17).
Figure 15. Hotel Lobby to GCO Figure 16. GCO
Figure 11. Hotel NCB

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