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Hibachi, Chicken, Shrimp, $1.99, Filet, with, Mignon, Scallops, (refill), Lobster, Teriyaki, your, $15.75, Japanese, Steak, will, Tempura, Vegetable, $1.75, DINNER, Osaka, $6.50, Dinner, $3.95, served, Coke, Sake, $14.95, Miller, $8.99


860-E Kings Bay road, St. Marys, Georgia 31558 912-729-8800
Sun–Thurs 4:15pm–10:00pm, Fri & Sat 4:15pm–11:00 pm
DINNERS Your Osaka dinner includes hibachi shrimp appetizer, Japanese
onion soup, salad with Osaka special dressing, along with fried rice or
steamed rice. Each dinner is prepared at your teppanyaki table in the finest
Japanese tradition by our Osaka chefs, served with our oriental vegetable
complemented by our own seasoning and exotic sauces. Dinner combo
may be substituted but price may vary. Shares will be charged min of $6.99
Hibachi Vegetable $10.95 Hibachi Chicken $12.95
Hibachi Shrimp $15.75 Hibachi Rib Eye (9 oz) $14.95
Hibachi Scallops $16.95 Hibachi Filet Mignon $18.95
Hibachi New York Strip $14.95 Hibachi Fish $15.75
Chicken Teriyaki $15.75 or Mahi-Mahi Hibachi Shrimp & (Salmon, Swordfish,
Hibachi Steak & $15.75 Hibachi Steak $16.50
Chicken Teriyaki & Scallops
Hibachi Steak & Shrimp $16.45 Hibachi Scallops & $17.50
Hibachi Filet Mignon $17.95 Shrimp
& Chicken Hibachi Filet Mignon $18.75
Hibachi Filet Mignon $18.50 & Scallops
& Shrimp Hibachi Filet Mignon $27.99
Hibachi Lobster, Filet $28.99 & Lobster
Mignon & Teriyaki Hibachi Lobster Dinner $30.05
Chicken (Two Lobster Tails
Hibachi Seafood $29.99
(Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops)
OSAKA Filet Mignon, Shrimp & choice of Scallops $29.50
DINNER or Lobster
SHOGUN Filet Mignon, Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken $22.99
EMPEROR Steak, Chicken & Shrimp $20.99
EXTRA ORDERS Served with Entrée only
Shrimp $6.25 Scallops $6.35 Lobster $17.99
Soup $1.60 Fried Rice $3.65 New York Strip $6.50
Salad $1.75 Filet Mignon $7.75 Chicken $5.75
Vegetable $3.75
(Zucchini &
FOR CHILDREN 10 years and under. All children’s dinners served with
soup or salad, hibachi vegetables and fried rice
Hibachi Chicken $7.99 Hibachi Shrimp $8.99
Teriyaki Hibachi Steak $8.99
Vegetable $4.99 Seafood $7.99
Tempura Tempura
Grilled Shrimp $6.50 Chicken Yakitori $5.95
Beef Negamaki $7.50 Tempura Appetizer$6.99
Chicken Wings $5.50 (Shrimp & Vegetables)
w/Teriyaki sauce
Domestic/$3.25 Japanese/$3.75 Imports/$3.75
Budweiser, Bud Light Sapporo, Asahi Heineken, Becks
Bud Ice, Coors Light Orion (24 oz) $7.50 Molson Golden
Michelob Light, Miller Lite Red Stripe, Corona
Miller Genuine Draft Killian’s
Michelop Ultra, Sam Adams
Rolling Rock, Ice House
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
WINE by the glass
Sake $4.25 Japanese Plum $4.75 Sake (cold) $5.25
Chardonay $3.95 White Zinfandel $3.95 Merlot $4.50
Coke (refill) $1.99 Diet Coke (refill) $1.99
Sprite (refill) $1.99 Ginger Ale (refill $1.99
Shirley Temple $1.99 Fruit Punch $1.99
Orange Juice $1.75 Milk $1.75
Sweet Ice Tea (refill) $1.99 Coffee (refill0 $1.99
Ice Tea (refill) $1.99 Pina Punch $1.99
We will help you celebrate your birthday or anniversary with a cake
(Reservation required)
According to Japanese custom, your tip will be shared by your personal chef
and waiter. We recommend a minimum gratuity of 18%. For parties of 6 or
more, a 18% gratuity will be added to the check.
Thank you for dining with us at Osaka.

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