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K e y F e a t u r e s
 Generates HbbTV compatible
signaling and output for smart TV or
 Web-based system administration
with automation, scheduling and
user management
 Launcher application and Editor for
“red button” interaction creation
 AIT insertion and DSM-CC generation
with stream events
 Software multiplexing
 Automated PSI-SI generation including
 ASI, IP or RF with TS-file support with
included DekTec adapter product
 Support for IP, Terrestrial, Cable and
Satellite delivery systems
Kickstart your interactive HbbTV services with Starter
Kit for HbbTV.
It is the ideal solution when you want to test, evaluate or
pilot your own HbbTV services in a live environment with
minimal hassle. The product comes with a pre-installed set
of hardware and software so you can start experimenting
and developing right away. Since the Starter Kit is based
on Sofia Digital's proven Backstage® HbbTV software you
can trust anything you develop can be scaled to any future
needs and into full production use.
The system has Web-based management interface that
may host multiple virtual servers and services in one
logical user interface. All main controls of the system are
accessible with standard Web-Browser compatible with
Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and tablets.
With the included Launcher Application with its own editor
system handles the “red button” interactions and external
services can be easily linked into any TV channel over IP
with one user interface.
The Starter Kit comes with pre-installed links to examples
from Sofia Digital HbbTV Application suite for evaluation
and testing use.
S o fi a D ig i tal HbbT V Pla tfo r m
Your Starter Kit can be easily upgraded to a full production-ready DVB/IP transmission platform including
 Rack-mounted PC hardware
 Sofia Backstage® HbbTV Backend for hosting own and 3rd party services
 EPG Server and Enhanced EPG application
 Many more HbbTV apps from Sofia Digital HbbTV Applications suite such News, VOD, Social media.
 Or any kind of custom application for your needs
Abo u t S o f ia D ig i ta l
Sofia Digital is an internationally recognized provider of interactive video and TV solutions, bringing new valueadding services to different TV terminals utilizing latest digital technologies. Sofia Digital focuses on open
standard interactive platforms: HbbTV, broadcasting automation tools as well as digital signage. Since its
foundation in 2000, Sofia Digital has served internationally recognized operators, broadcasters and device
manufacturers in over 35 countries.
Powered by
Dektec DVB products
Sofia Backstage® Server for DVB for playout multiplex and
DVB network configuration.
Sofia Backstage® HbbTV Service Manager with HbbTV
Inserter for managing the system.
S y s t e m M a n a g e m e n t f e a t u r e s
 Full remote management and System Monitoring
using a web-based GUI
 User rights and access management
 Calendar based event scheduling
 Upload videos for scheduled delivery and
playlist generation
 Video/Audio file encoder and optional real time
AVC transcoder
 Download and upload recorded transport streams
 Options for EPG Data insertion and DSM-CC carousel
with stream events
B u i l t - i n S o f i a D i g i t a l s o f t w a r e
For more information, please contact:
Sofia Digital Ltd. -
Tel. +358 10 850 5550 System configuration and product features may change without notice.
H a r d w a r e P l a t f o r m
 Light-weight Linux PC hardware such as Intel NUC
or a laptop with Dektec RF/ASI output card
O u t p u t s a n d I n t e r f a c e s
 Ready to use DVB signal via RF output
O p t i o n s
 DVB-ASI or IP input / output options with all
supported DekTec adapters
 Transport stream file play-out and file input
 Optional power amplifier up to 1W
 Optional Live Video input from HDMI/SDI or
external video encoder
Powered by
Fraunhofer IPMux

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