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The Port of Bilbao cu-rrently counts on an
offer of 53 regular lines
with ports located in the
European Atlantic faade, including the Canary
Islands. The vessels covering these services
transported a total of
13.4 millions of tonnes of
goods in 1999, 47% of
which correspond to dry
cargo. The evolution of
this type of traffic was
highly positive last year,
experiencing an increase of 14% as regards operations with
other European countries and depicting
an increase of 19% in cabotage traffic.
Based on different countries, the most
important commercial exchanges are
carried out with the UK (51 million tonnes), market that experienced an increase of 19% in traffic. Followed by order
of importance, are operations whose
origin-destination is Russia (1.5 million
tonnes), Low Countries (1 million
Tonnes), and in a lesser measure, with
Scandinavian countries and Baltic
It so happens that Bilbao is beginning to
operate as a transhipment port for goods
coming from the North of Europe, whose
final destiny is the Canary Islands, and
for products coming from Latin America,
which are shipped, once again, to other
European ports. (Information on maritime
lines in inside pages).
Puerto de Bilbao
Uniport analyses the Basque International Sector. Page 2
Deposa, Moyresa and Nirint join Uniport. Page 3
Investments in the new container terminal. Page 4
News Bulletin N.¼ 8 March 2000
Bilbao offers 53 maritime services
with Atlantic Europe
¥ The Port of Bilbao shifted in 1999 a
total of 27.05 millions of Tons of
goods, which entails an increase of
18% over 1998's figures. The balance obtained from port traffic reflects a
positive evolution in the movement of
dry cargo (+3%), against the decrease experienced in the movement of
traffic of liquid bulk (-5%). According
to geographical areas, an increase
has been experienced in operations
with ports located in the Atlantic
Europe and Latin America areas.
¥ Servicios Log’sticos Portuarios
S.A. has receptioned a Liebher
1,200 vg. crane, of 52 tonne capacity, whose jib
has range of 41
metres; its performance is totally electronic.
This stevedoring
and ship broker
firm has also
opened new offices in Gran V’a
40 bis, 7»,
Bilbao. All their
d e p a r t m e n t s
have been centralised in these
¥ The Autoridad Portuaria de
Bilbao (Port Authority of Bilbao) has
decided, for the second consecutive
year, to freeze the rates applied at
the Port. Thus, its rates for the year
2000 shall remain unchanged, both
as regards Direct Services -vessels,
passage, goods, cranes, storage
and supplies - and as regards
Indirect Services: towing, mooring
and reception service for waste.
The only rate to be increased shall
be Pilot Service, due to the fact that
the Pilot Corporation has been established as a Limited Corporation.
Railway-port container traffic
increases by 6.6%
The railway terminal Santurce-Port shifted in 1999 a total of
68,043 TEUs, figure that represents
an increase of 6.6% as regards the
movement recorded for the previous exercise. Container traffic
also increased, even though it did
not record such figures, at the
Bilbao-Park facilities, which are largely due to the goods generated by
the Port of Bilbao. In total, Renfe
shifted 104,859 TEUs in both terminals.
The annual balance registered by
the railway company indicates, on
the other hand, that in 1999, the circulation frequencies of the
Santurce-Puerto services with
Barcelona increased (one more trip
per week) and with Silla (two new
daily trips).
Uniport Bilbao recently completed asurvey on the importance of transport for the companies located in the
Basque Country, as an indispensable
complement for their import-export activities. The survey has been undertaken on the basis of the analysis of the
opinion poll carried out among import
and/or export companies whose international commerce equals 81% of the
total Basque international commerce in
tonnes, which in 1998 registered 26 million tonnes.
Basque companies, which are increasingly present in international markets,
use any means of conveyance that
proves "good value for money" to them.
The first factor that determines the
conveyance method to be used, according
to the companies, is the price, followed
by the time in transit, the distance, the
regularity, the volume of goods, the
weight of the same, and the complexity
when contracting the transport.
Quality is not deemed as being a determining variable when selecting one
mode of transport or another because
quality is "assumed". Once selecting
transport by sea, companies consider
that the determining factor is the
freight, followed by transport by road
to/from the port, the cost of handling,
the rates applied by Port Authorities
and finally, the cost of railway transport.
The survey reveals that only 13% of
the companies subcontract the organisation of the transport to operators/forwarding agents. On the other hand,
transport is considered as being one
more element in company competitiveness. On average, transport costs for
companies represent 7.2% of the sale
price of export products and 8.3% of
the purchase cost for imports.
Uniport analyses the Basque International Sector
VIA (Vitoria International Airport)
and UniportBilbao shall have a
joint stand at the International
Transport Week and LogisticsSITL'00, which will be held in Paris
from 14-17th March. Many operators from Transport and Logistics
exhibit in this show, held every
year at the Exhibition Park in the
French capital, as well as manufacturers of equipment and suppliers of technology and
Information Technologies adapted
to the sector.
One month after the celebration of
SITL'00, UniportBilbao shall also
be present at the Intermodal Fair,
to be held in Sao Paulo (Brazil),
between the 12th and 14th of April.
The delegation of Uniport Bilbao to
be present at this fair, shall include
representatives from six of its associated companies: namely,
Condeminas Norte, Las Norte,
Jentoft, Sparber Transport, Tiba
Internacional y Traimer Bilbao.
Puerto de Bilbao2
Line Agent Service Cargo Frecuency Type
A.R.R.C Line A. Perez y Cia S.A. CEI, Russia General C./Container D
ACB Servicios Log’sticos Portuarios S.A. - SLP Northern Europe (depending on cargo available) Solid Bulks 10 days
Aliberia Line (UFO) E. Erhardt y Cia S.A. France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (Scandinavia
with transhipment), UK, Ireland Containers Weekly D
BCL - Baltic Container Line Europea de Consignaciones S.A. - ECOSA Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Netherlands, Containers Weekly F2
British Steel Shipping Agemasa UK (Depending on cargo available) General Cargo Weekly D
CMA - CGM Transamares, S.A. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia Containers Weekly F4
Combi Shipping Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Sweden (Depending on cargo available) General Cargo
Containerships Aseco S.A. Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Containers Weekly F1
Contenemar Contenemar Bilbao S.A. Canary Islands Containers Weekly D
Eimskip / Island Ibesmar-Sagemar, S.A. (ISAMAR) Iceland, Feroe Islands, UK General C./Container D
Express Shipping Agemasa Ireland Cattle Weekly D
Humber Line Mar’tima Candina S.A. UK General Cargo 10 days D
Ibesco Line BergŽ Bilbao Consignaciones S.A. Direct: Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands,UK,Germany
Feeder: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland. Containers Weekly D/F3
Jumbo Shipping Martico S.L. (Special cargoes) General Cargo
K-Line (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd) BergŽ L’neas Regulares S.A. The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway,
UK, France Containers Weekly D
Kursiu Line Mar’tima Eurogulf S.L. Bilbao Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia Containers Weekly F6
Latvian Shipping Company Transcoma Nor S.A. Latvia, CEI Containers Weekly F1
Lys Line Agemasa Norway, Sweden, Denmark General C./Container Weekly D
Macpak Container Service MacAndrews S.A. UK, Ireland Containers Weekly D
Macpak Container Service MacAndrews S.A. UK Containers Weekly D
Maersk - Sea Land Line Maersk Espa–a S.A. UK, Northern Ireland, Scandinavia, Latvia, Poland,
The Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia,
Lithuania Containers Weekly F1/ F6
Mediterranean Shipping Company Mediterranean Shipping Co. S.A. Bilbao UK, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal Containers Weekly D, F6
Mediterranean Shipping Company Mediterranean Shipping Co. S.A. Bilbao Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Containers Weekly F6
Mediterranean Shipping Company Mediterranean Shipping Co. S.A. Bilbao Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden Containers Weekly F6
Maritime services with Atlantic Europe
Puerto de Bilbao 3
Deposa, Moyresa y Nirint Iberia
join Uniport
Three new companies have recently joint UniportBilbao/Comunidad Portuaria, hence the number of associates rises to
119. The companies are Deposa, Moyresa and Nirint Iberia, S.L.
The company Dep—sitos Portuarios,
S.A. (Deposa) has been located, since
1960, in the second row of the Reina
Victoria quay in Santurce. It has automatic facilities for loading, unloading and storing of oil and vegetable oils for the food
industry. These products mostly arrive
from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines
and Europe. DEPOSA has 31 storage
tanks in the port enclosure, with a total capacity of 17,838 m3.
Moyresa (Molturaci—n y Refino, S.A.)
stems from the contribution of assets
from two Companies: namely, Cerclo
and Aceprosa. Recently, Cerclo, which
is a division of the Eridania BŽghin-Say
Group has taken over Aceprosa's shares and is now 100% owner of
Moyresa. This group holds a first-class
position on a world-wide level as regards the transformation of the main
agricultural raw materials (that is, cereals, oleaginous grains, sugar).
Moyresa has had industrial facilities in
Bizkaia since 1963, specifically in
Portugalete, and since the beginning of
the 70s, it counted on tanks at the Port
of Santurce. Its direct port movement
ranges around 350,000 Tonnes per
Nirint Iberia, S.L. is a company that was
recently formed, which acts as branch office for Nirint Shipping, a Dutch shipping
company. This shipowner maintains,
since 1994, a direct forthnightly service
between Bilbao and the Cuban ports of
Havana and Moa, and has recently incorporated a new service for Short
Sea Shipping between Rotterdam
and Bilbao, with fornightly calls at the
Reina Victoria quay in Santurce and
destined to conventional cargo transport, containers and special projects.
These two services are covered by
the vessels "Nirint Progress" "Nirint
Traveller" and "Nirint Explorer", which
count on their own means for cargo
handling of up to 60 Tons.
Line Agent Service Cargo Frecuency Type
Mediterranean Shipping Company Mediterranean Shipping Co. S.A. Bilbao Ireland, Northern Ireland Containers Weekly F2
Mercator Transport Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Northern Europe (Lo-Lo) General Cargo Weekly D
Naviera Pinillos, S.A. Servicios Log’sticos Portuarios S.A. - SLP Canary Islands General C./Fruit Weekly D
Nenufar Shipping, S.A. Nenufar Shipping Norte, S.A. UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, France Containers Weekly D
Nenufar Shipping, S.A. Nenufar Shipping Norte, S.A. Spain, Canary Islands Containers Weekly D
Nirint Nirint Iberia S.L. The Netherlands General Cargo Fortnightly D
OF Ahlmark an Co. Effr. AB Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Sweden (Depending on cargo available)
OY Finncarriers AB Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Finland, Belgium General Cargo Weekly D
P& O Ferries Vapores Suardiaz Bilbao S.A. UK (Passengers) Passengers Monday/Thursday D
Pol Steam Servicios Log’sticos Portuarios S.A. - SLP (Depending on cargo available) Solid Bulks
Port Line - Transportes Mar’timos Internacionales Uni—n Mar’tima Espa–ola S.A. - UMESA Madeira Containers Weekly F8
Portlink Aseco S.A. Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Denmark,
Norway, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, UK Containers Weekly D/F1
Rheintainer Linie Seawheel Limited Vapores Suardiez Bilbao, S.A. Sweden (Feeder), UK, The Netherlands Containers Weekly D
Rhine Line Mar’tima Candina S.A. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium General Cargo Weekly D
Samskip E. Erhardt y Cia S.A. Iceland Containers Weekly F1
Sea Link Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Sweden (Depending on cargo available)
Sea River Chartering (S.R.C) B.V. Mar’tima Candina S.A. Portugal General Cargo Fortnightly D
Sea River Lines Mar’tima Eurogulf S.L. Bilbao Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium General Cargo Fortnightly D
Siba Line Agemasa Ireland General Cargo Weekly
Sšdra SkogsŠgarna / Sšdra Shipping Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Sweden (Depending on cargo available)
Spain Balt Arkhangelsk Shipping Agency S.A. - A.S.A. Russia General Cargo Fortnightly D
Suomi Line Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza S.A. Poland and Baltic Countries (Depending on cargo available)
SVS - Seawheel - Vapores Suard’az Vapores Suardiaz Bilbao S.A. UK, Ireland Containers Tuesday-Friday F1
Tarron Sea Line Martico S.L. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Bielorusia Containers F1
Thyssen Verkehr Agencia Mar’tima Sea Spain S.A. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium General Cargo Weekly D
TMM Agencia Mar’tima Artiach Zuazaga S.L. Belgium, UK, France Ro-Ro Monthly D
UBC United Baltic Corp. MacAndrews S.A. Poland, Russia Containers Weekly F6
United Chemical Transport - UCT Agencia Mar’tima Sea Spain S.A. Sweden, UK, Germany Liquid Fortnightly D
Willie Lines Naviera Peninsular S.A. UK General Cargo Weekly D
D: Direct. F: Feeder. F1: Rotterdam. F2: Antwerp. F3: Hamburg. F4: Le Havre. F6: Felixstowe.
Puerto de Bilbao4
¥ Tiba Internacional, S.A.,
as general agents for Trans
Ocean Distribution, offers
worldwide services through
the novel system, Flexitank,
which enables transport of
liquid bulk (NON IMO) in 20'
DV containers, up to a maximum of 23,000 litres per
¥ Two new companies, ABX
Logistics and Geodis
Logistics, have set up in the
Area of Logistics Activities at
Azuqueca de Henares. These
two companies have contracted with Parques
Empresariales Gran Europa
the occupancy of two bays of
almost 6,000 square metres.
¥ The ship agent Odiel
Bilbao, S.A. has recently
been designated agent for
the shipping company Ocean
World Lines, whose headquarters are in New York.
¥ The firm CMA-CGM, represented in Bilbao by
Transamares, S.A. is building eight new vessels which
shall bear French flag, of
6,500 Teus each, which will
be incorporated to the Far
East/China service.
¥ Transportes Urkiolabi,
S.L. has moved their offices to Avenida Iparraguirre
61 B, bajo, 48980
Santurtzi. Their new phone
number as from the new
year shall be 94 4833499
and their fax number: 94
4830343 .
¥ Mediterranean Shipping
Company (MSC) has been
designated "Company of the
year 1999" by the well-known
magazine "Containerisation
International". This firm continues its inexorable growth,
and is currently the fourth
container maritime operator.
¥ Paceco Espa–a, S.A.
has delivered one of the
three Portainer Super PostPanamax cranes contracted by Maersk Espa–a. This
is the largest crane of its
kind, designed and manufactured by Paceco Espa–a.
¥ As from the beginning of
the year, the firm EWL,
whose agent is Martico
S.L., counts on a new service to the Caribbean, Puerto
Lim—n. Martico has also undertaken two heavy part
shipments destined to
Guanta (Venezuela) and
Philadelphia .
¥ Trans European
Transport S.A. has designed 15 containers for the
transport of clothes on a hanger. These containers have
40 feet and measure as follows: 2.60 m. height, 2.5 m.
width, 2.44 m. internal width
and 2.37 m. internal height.
¥ Nenufar Shipping Norte
has inaugurated a new service, which is offered every
twenty days with conventional cargo, from the Port of
Bilbao to the Caribbean.
The shipowners are
Seaborne Marine Lines BV.
¥ The Noray Project,
jointly developed by the
company Teleinform‡tica
and Astilleros de Sestao,
S,R,L., has received
Second Prize from the PC
WEEK Awards for the "Best
Spanish initiative in the
field of IT and Communications".
¥ Viajes Galea offers its
clients, for the second consecutive year, its exclusive
catalogue for Spa culture
"Spa 2000", with a special
offer in 27 establishments
located in Spain, two in
Andorra and one in the
South of France.
¥ The road transport company, Cecotrans Biz, located in Santurtzi, has purchased a plot of land of 52,000
m2 in the Port of Bilbao area
to install a logistic platform
in the same, to house a
vehicle repair shop and the
company's headquarters.
Iba–ez de Bilbao, 28 - 7¼ D
48009 Bilbao - Spain
Tel.: 34 - 94 423 67 82 - Fax: 34 - 94 423 54 03
E-mail: info@uniportbilbao.es
http: www.uniportbilbao.es
Edited by:
Fifteen companies from Uniport
confirm their presence at Fitrans
Fifteen companies asso-ciated to Uniport have
confirmed their presence at
the Fitrans 2000-2001 Fair,
whose most significant activities are to be held in Bilbao
from the 18th-20th of
October. During this time,
commercial presentations,
Technical Stages and a
Business Centre shall take
place in Fitrans, as well as
the exhibition of the companies itself. The presentation
of the Fair is scheduled for
the 25th of March in
Barcelona, aimed at transport and logistics operators.
11,472 million investment in the
new container terminal
E. Erhardt y C’a., holding
a share of 15% and Mar’tima del Mediterr‡neo (5%),
jointly with Urbaser (40%)
and Boluda Terminales
Mar’timas (15%), form the
company Abra Terminales
Mar’timas. The latter has
announced its commitment
to invest a total of 11,472
million pesetas in the new
container terminal of the
Port of Bilbao.
The exploitation of the terminal, granted for a period
of 30 years, shall occupy a
total surface consisting of
337,975 m2 on quay n¼ 1,
at the Abra Exterior area,
and shall count on 747 metres of mooring line with 21
metres' draught. The new
facilities shall count on five
Panamax cranes and 15
Transtainers, and shall
be capable of handling
500,000 EUS/per annum,
albeit it is estimated that it
shall shift around 150,000
TEUS in its first year of activities.
The work for the fitting out
of the terminal shall commence immediately and
should be finalised by the
first quarter of 2002.

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