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Foreign Student’s Guide - University of the Joinville Region
Prof. Dr. Paulo Ivo Koehntopp
Prof. Dr. Sandra Aparecida Furlan
Vice-Chancellor for Educational Affairs
Prof. Dr. Ilanil Coelho
Vice-Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies
Prof. Dr. Therezinha Maria Novais de Oliviera
Vice-Chancellor for Outreach and Community Affairs
Prof. MSc. Berenice Rocha Zabbot Garcia
Administrative Vice-Chancellor
Prof. MSc. Raul Landmann
International Affairs Coordinator
Prof. MSc. Yoná da Silva Dalonso
Welcome to Univille – University of the Joinville Region! - International Office
Congratulations on choosing the University of Univille for your studies abroad. It’s with
great pleasure that we welcome you to our university. We hope that this period will be the
beginning of a great time full of challenges and success.
Getting to know new people and places is an exciting experience and opens one’s horizons in
an incomparable way. We look forward to welcoming you and sincerely hope your stay in
Joinville will be a pleasant and rewarding one.
This guide was primarily conceived to eliminate any obstacles on your way to Univille
University. We are grateful, indeed, and of course ready to help whenever necessary.
International Office
To promote a notably humanistic and professional education, engaged in research, extension
and teaching, to contribute to sustainable development.
To be recognized in Brazil as a community university committed to teaching, research and
extension, concerned with sustainable development.
The University of the Region of Joinville – Univille. pioneer in higher education in the
largest city in the state of Santa Catarina. A privileged place for ongoing education, from
elementary school to undergraduate and graduate courses. It is a space for articulation among
teaching, research and continuing education. With campuses n Joinville, São Bento do Sul and
São Francisco do Sul, Univille enables contact with multiple areas of knowledge, whether in
classrooms, laboratories or in the community.
It is teaching by means of innovative learning practices which fosters research, generates
solutions and results, and reaches out to the community through extension courses, the
teacher and the university student’s contact with community .These exchanges enable teachers
and students to go beyond the borders of Santa Catarina and Brazil, establishing a relationship
with other cultures, linking the contents of this contact with the areas of knowledge that exist
at Univille.
University structure
A teaching-learning process in continual evolution, where teachers and students use research
and continuing education to experience situations related to everyday life. In harmony with the
needs of a contemporary and innovative world, Univille provides ongoing education through its
elementary and secondary school (Colégio da Univille), undergraduate and graduate courses as
well as those of specialization, master’s degree and doctorate courses.
Univille Elementary and Secondary School
Proposals involving Preschool Education, Elementary Education and High School aim at
integral development of citizenship. The objective is to stimulate the students´ capacity to
interact with the world. The Colégio da Univille is an opportunity for your child to experience in
advance the advantages of attending a university.
Increasing competition among companies and people has led universities to constantly look for
new ways of improvement and professional development. In this context, continuous education
in its various ways has a fundamental role, with an emphasis on graduate courses at the
specialization level. Comprising the most varied areas of professional performance, it is an
instrument for exchanging ideas and broadening concepts. As a university, Univille intends to
offer quality and innovation in its specialization courses. In order to do so, partnerships are
formed to offer more courses and opportunities for study. Visit Univille’s website to learn more
about the graduate studies courses (lato sensu) and master’s degree courses (strict sensu)
Undergraduate Studies
There are more than 30 subject areas in undergraduate studies, with the support of a
modern technological infrastructure. Ongoing qualification of professors, together with the
promotion of research and extension activities, provides for full educational formation of
professionals in different areas, seeking to respond to the challenges of modern life and of the
work market in constant evolution.
Learn more about the courses:
o Administration – emphasis on Business Administration
o Administration – emphasis on Marketing Management
o Administration – emphasis on Production and Logistics Management
o Visual Arts
o Marine Biology
o Religious Studies
o Biological Science
o Accounting
o Economics
o Foreign Trade
o Design – qualification in Digital Animation
o Design – product Design or Visual Programming
o Interior Design
o Fashion Design
o Law
o Physical Education
o Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
o Mechanical Production Engineering
o Mechanical Engineering
o Chemical Engineering
o Pharmacy
o Gastronomy
o Geography
o Financial Management
o History
o Language Arts
o Mathematics
o Medicine
o Dentistry
o Pedagogy
o Information Systems
Graduate Studies
Professional refinement, expanded opportunities, possibility of acting as a teaching
professional in educational institutions, personal growth and technical updating. This is what
you can achieve by investing in a graduate studies course at Univille.
The University operates in two modalities:
o Lato Sensu (specialized studies)
o Stricto Sensu (master’s degree and doctorate)
Specialized Studies
Univille offers specialized studies in the areas of Management, Engineering, Education,
Law, Gastronomy and Arts. Check out our course offerings through the website:
Master’s Degree
Currently the University has four master’s degree programs, all of them recognized by
Capes – Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento Pessoal de Nível Superior (Coordination of
Refinement of Personnel in Higher Education), a body of the Ministry of Education responsible
for regulation and periodic evaluation of these courses. For more information check the
o Master’s in Health and Environment
o Master’s in Process Engineering
o Master’s in Cultural Heritage and Society
o Master’s in Education
Research Area
Innovative learning practices and the interrelation among teaching, research and extension
open new horizons for the scientific production of the University. Currently, Univille has
research groups in many areas registered in the National Board for Technological and
Scientific Development (CNPq – Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e
Extension Projects and Programs
Extension is a way of communicating and socializing with the community, with knowledge
generated by means of teaching and research. Several projects and programs are developed
which encourage the university student to contribute as a citizen, learning more about the
resources of the society where he lives, interacting and building new knowledge.
International Affairs Office
The International Affairs Office is the focal point for all international activities at Univille,
committed to making sure that our international students get the most from their time spent at
Univille, with advice and specific information regarding application forms, learning
agreements, housing, language courses, among others. It is our pleasure to welcome
international students, professors, and researchers from all over the world and offer support to
Studying Abroad - Admissions Process
The foreign student must contact the International Office of his/her own University and check
if the institution has an agreement with Univille. If so, the university will contact us and the
International Office will send the application forms for proper registration. After that, the
foreign university will send it back to Univille for the Department to analyze the application
form. Then, if the application is approved, the International Office sends a letter of acceptance
to the student, consolidating his/her acceptance to Univille.
After the admission process is accepted and approved by the Coordinators. The student must
indicate on the application form whether or not he/she wants the International Office to
provide accommodations. The University does not have dormitories inside the campus and
normally foreign students participate in the Host Family Program, which has the purpose of
connecting people with other cultures and facilitating students’ lives. Then the International
Office selects families and advises students to get in contact with family members. For more
specific information, students should contact the international office.
Registration at Univille
In order to register in advance, a digital copy of the student’s passport, heath insurance and
visa is required. Upon arrival at Univille, the student will sign the registration agreement at the
Centro de Atendimento Acadêmico (Academic Center). Then the student receives an access
number and password to log in at computer laboratories, and a Student Card, which works as a
library card as well.
Class Equivalence
The equivalence of classes taken is a process undertaken at the end of the period of the
exchange program by the university of origin. At the end of the study period at Univille, the
International Office sends the foreign university the School Report, as well as any other
necessary documents, in order to carry out evaluations of equivalence.
Portuguese Language
There are no tests for evaluation of language proficiency. Nevertheless, an intermediate level of
knowledge of the Portuguese language is required because all classes are presented in
Portuguese. There is a website where the level of proficiency in Portuguese can be tested:
Evaluation System
Approval at Univille is given according to the general by-laws of the University, articles 78 to 81,
as follows:
1. In undergraduate courses, there must be at least four partial evaluations and two others in
each subject, and a final exam, when necessary;
2. The average grade must be greater than or equal to 7 (seven) on the partial evaluations,
exempting the student from the final exam if he achieves it;
[U1] Comentário: Não está claro se é
pretendido uma clausula subordinada aqui
ou uma afirmação que: “Depois o processo
de ingressar na Universidade....”
3. The student who does not achieve an average grade of 3 (three) on the partial evaluations in
each subject or does not attend classes will not be able to take the final exam;
4. To obtain the final average grade in each subject, the average grade will be added to the
grade of the exam and to the average grade of the partial evaluations, dividing the result by 2
5. The student will be approved in the subject if he/she obtains a final grade greater than or
equal to 5 (five) and his attendance at classes is at least 75% during the academic year.
6. The classes at Univille are all presented in Portuguese.
University Services
In order to have teaching practice and research at the university, Univille offers laboratories,
health care centers, a school pharmacy, and a library, among other services. It constantly
makes investments in modernization of areas and equipment.
Student Support
Student Support helps the student to organize his/her personal and academic life. It also offers
psychological help for orientation and analysis of occasional personal problems. Through
student support, the university student can find the availability of housing near the campus.
Dental Clinics
Emergency assistance and preventive, surgical and reconstructive dental treatments are
performed for children, youth, adults and patients with special needs. Dental services give
priority to the Joinville and micro-region communities.
Psychological Services
Univille Psychological Services provides free services to students, professors, groups,
organizations and the community in general. Psychological Services is directly connected to the
Psychology course and activities are carried out by students of the course and by supervising
professors in the clinical, educational, organizational and occupational areas.
Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar and other information may be obtained from the website:, where there is always
updated information about everything related to the university.
The university library is located on the main campus in its own building. It contains over one
thousand books, and a collection of textbooks and CDs. All material in the Library is listed in
the Library’s electronic catalogues, which provide quick and easy access from any computer.
The student library card is very useful; with it you can borrow the material, and it is valid as a
student card. In order to request it, contact the international office.
Computer Center
There are many facilities with computer and internet access. Students can use these services
during the week from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. To get your password and credentials, contact the
International Office.
Univille offers modern sports facilities with a gym, swimming pool, and rooms for specific
physical activities. There are many sports groups at the university: futsal (indoor soccer),
volleyball, gymnastics, dance, stretching, judo, and basketball.
The main campus has an HSBC branch and three Automatic Teller Machines that work 24
hours a day, 7 days a week, from Banco do Brasil and HSBC.
Health Care Center
The University has an emergency room which provides medical support and it is open every
day for possible needs.
DCE – Students´ Center
DCE is a center managed by and for students. It assists you in your needs and questions during
your stay at the university.
Univille is the point of entrance to a great number of events that take place in the municipality
of Joinville - speeches, courses, trade fairs, meetings and seminars that bring new knowledge
and which become themes for discussion in the most varied areas.
General Information
Student Visa
The visa is federal government permission that Brazil provides for the foreign visitor to enter
the country. It is necessary to check the requirements to obtain your visa in advance because
the process takes a few days.
The student visa can be obtained at the Brazilian Consulate in your country. After being
accepted in the Exchange Program at Univille, the student receives a Letter of Acceptance from
the International Office in order to get the appropriate visa.
Students who belong to Mercosul countries only need their identification card to come to Brazil.
The foreign student must go to the Federal Police to register within 10 days after arrival. (It is
not possible to transfer the type of visa.) Otherwise, a penalty for each day of delay will be
applied. For more information, check the Federal Police website:
Heath Insurance
Brazil has an international agreement with some countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy,
Uruguay, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Chile, Greece and Argentina. If you belong to one of these
countries, you will be able to take advantage of the SUS – Sole Health System of Brazil. To do so,
you will need to contact the Social Security Agency of your country to check your situation
before arriving in Brazil.
Check everything needed for a safe trip
Before leaving home…
o Identity Card
o Passport
o Visa for Brazil for 1 year
o Copy of the Letter of Acceptance from the university
o Copy of Insurance documents - Health and Life
o Credit Card and/or Money
o Copy of the Study Agreement
o Address and Phone number of the Brazilian University
o Learn Portuguese or freshen your knowledge
o Inform the International Office of the date of your arrival
o Apply for a room and transfer the deposit (deadline!)
First steps at Univille…
o Register at the Federal Police within 10 work days
o Contact the Coordinator of your University regarding your arrival
o Contact Univille’s International Office upon your arrival
o Make registration at the CAA – Academic Center
o Schedule a visit around the Campus with the International Office
Before Leaving Univille…
o Notify Univille’s International Office regarding the date of your departure at least two
weeks in advance
o Notify the International Office of your University regarding the date of your departure
o Pay any outstanding bills
o Make sure you have all your documents.
Brazil – Joinville
Brazil has extensive territory. Exploring each part is like getting to know many little countries
and cultures inside one. The south region, where Joinville and Univille is located, has had strong
European influence since its beginning.
The history of Joinville began through a marriage linking the Brazilian imperial family to
French royalty. In 1843, François Ferdinand Philipe, prince of Joinville, son of Louis Philipe,
king of France, received this land as part of the dowry from Princess Francisca Carolina,
daughter of the emperor Pedro I. People here are very friendly and kind, always preserving
traditions and cultural practices. It’s a place that values its history and past, investing in the
The currency is the REAL (R$) and the exchange rate is updated daily and can be seen on the
news or specialized websites. International credit cards are accepted in most hotels,
restaurants, stores and travel agencies, among other places. It is possible to find a currency
conversion tool on the website of the Banco Central: (
What to visit? Interesting Places
Joinville has a very rich history. The old Colonia Dona Francisca was composed of immigrants
from all over Europe who built their homes and made this land comfortable to live in.
Important cultural places to visit are listed bellow. The city also has many entertainment bars,
restaurants and night clubs that are worth checking out on the website: and
Casa da Cultura (The House of Culture)
This is a cultural complex with four schools and the Municipal Art Gallery Victor Kursancew. It
is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, and the art gallery is open Monday to
Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, and from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Address: Rua Dona
Francisca, 800 – Centro.
Arquivo Histórico de Joinville (Historic Archives of Joinville)
This preserves historic documents since the beginning of habitation in the Colonia Dona
Francisca. It is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Address: Avenida Hermann
August Lepper, 650 – Saguaçú.
Estação Ferroviária (Railway Station)
This is German style construction, built in 1910. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00
pm. There you may visit bicycle and industry museums. Address: Rua Leite Ribeiro – Floresta.
Alameda Brüstlein – Rua das Palmeiras (Brüstlein Lane)
Known as Rua das Palmeiras, it leads the visitor to the Prince’s Palace, now the National
Immigration and Colonization Museum. The name is in honor of Frederico Brustlein, who
planted the palm trees in 1873. These palm trees have been part of the National Historic
Heritage since 1982. Address: Between Rua Príncipe and Rua 7 de Setembro.
Casa Fritz Alt (Fritz Alt House)
This is the original house that belonged to the artist and its location gives the visitor a
panoramic view of the city. It is open Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12 noon and from 2:00
pm to 6:00 pm. On weekends and holidays, it is open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Phone: 34333811. Address: Rua Aubé – Saguaçú.
Catedral Diocesana de Joinville (Cathedral of the Diocese of Joinville)
A futuristic construction of a Roman Catholic Church formed by two giant shells. It is famous
for its stained glass windows that tell the history of mankind using symbols and colors. It is
open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 2:00 p.m to 5:00 pm. Address:
Rua Príncipe, 746 – Centro.
Centreventos Cau Hansen (Cau Hansen Event Center)
Building inspired by the most advanced European and American architectural designs. Inside
the Events Center, you can find the Juarez Machado Theater and the Escola do Teatro Ballet
Bolshoi. Address: Avenida José Vieira, 315 – Centro.
Escola do Teatro Ballet Bolshoi (Bolshoi Ballet School)
Joinville is the first city in the world to have a branch of the ballet school of the famous Bolshoi
Theater from Moscow which was founded in 1776 in Russia and since then it has been a
reference in dance all over the world. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Teatro Juarez Machado (Juarez Machado Theater)
The theater takes its name from one of most important plastic artists of Joinville The Teatro
Juarez Machado is the stage for bolshoi dancers and students, as well as plays and other events.
Cemitério do Imigrante (Immigrant’s Cemetery)
The cemetery is protected as a National Monument. There people can find graves of early
German settlers, making it possible to connect with family origins. It is open Monday to Friday
from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Address: Rua XV de Novembro,
1000 – Centro.
Mercado Público Municipal (City Public Market)
This German-style construction is a perfect place to buy seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables.
Some nights Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) is offered, and you can enjoy fantastic food in the
many restaurants and bars inside the market. It is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00
pm. On Saturdays, it is open from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. Address: Rua Paulo Medeiros, 395 –
Mirante (Belvedere)
A sightseeing tower on Morro da Boa Vista (Boa Vista Hill), 250 m high, among the native
Atlantic Forest vegetation. It offers a panoramic view of the city, Babitonga Bay and São
Francisco do Sul. Address: Rua Pastor Guilherme Rau – Saguaçú.
Cidadela Cultural Antarctica (Antarctica Cultural Citadel)
The old Antartica brewery gave way to the cultural center. The place houses a theater, two
spaces for art exhibitions and a movie theater. Address: Rua XV de Novembro, 1.383 – América.
Barco Príncipe de Joinville III (Prince of Joinville III Boat)
It provides a safe trip on calm waters, a ride on the best equipped tourist boat on the Brazilian
Coast. Its itinerary includes a ride along the Saguaçú Lagoon, Babitonga Bay and several islands
in the region between Joinville and São Francisco do Sul. Address: Rua Prefeito Baltazar Buschle,
3870 – Espinheiros.
Located beside the main access to the city on BR 101, Expoville has a complete infrastructure to
host events. Address: Rua XV de Novembro, 4.305 – Glória.
Parque Caieiras (Caieira’s Park)
The park has 1million m² of an environmental protection area and it is located to the east of
the downtown area, near Saguaçú Lake. Caieiras Park is an ecological park with natural
species. It is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Address: Rua Waldomiro
Rosa – Adhemar Garcia
Parque Ecológico Morro do Finder (Finder’s Hill Ecological Park)
This park has 500 thousand m² of area, where different species of the Atlantic flora and
diversified fauna are concentrated, with some springs and beautiful views. Walking or riding a
bike, visitors can go through trails, caves and forests. Address: Rua Antônio Haritsch – Bom
Parque Zoobotânico (Zoological Botanical Park)
The park provides an opportunity to be in contact with nature and to observe several animal
species and plants of our region (monkeys, alligators, owls, among others). Address: Rua Pastor
Guilherme Rau – Saguaçú.
Estrada Bonita (Beautiful Road)
This place looks like a German Immigrant Colony from the last century. There are some small.
well cared for properties, where inhabitants sell homemade products (jam, biscuits, liquors,
sugar cane syrup, cheese and bread). There are some properties that may be visited,
restaurants and lodges. Address: BR 101 Km 20 – Pirabeiraba.
Museu de Arte de Joinville (Joinville Art Museum)
Here you can find art exhibitions from local and Brazilian artists. Open from 9:00 am to 5:00
pm,, Monday to Friday and on weekends and holidays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Address: Rua
XV de Novembro, 1.400 – América.
Museu Nacional de Imigração e Colonização (National Museum of Immigration and
The National Museum of Immigration and Colonization exhibits historic furniture, typewriter
collections, sewing machines, guns, watches, carts and carriages. Open Tuesday to Friday from
9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Address: Rua Rio Branco, 229 – Centro.
Museu da Indústria (Industry Museum)
The Industry Museum has representative pieces from different industries in its collection. It is
located inside the Railway Station. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, and
from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Phone: 3455-0372. Address: Rua Leite Ribeiro – Floresta.
Museu de Fundição (Foundry Museum)
It has a collection of 700 items, including books, documents, photos, tools, equipment, art work,
minerals and some other articles related to the foundry area. Open Monday to Friday from 7:30
am to 11:50 am, and from 1:00 pm to 5:20 pm. Address: Rua Albano Schmidt, 3.333 – Boa Vista
Museu Arqueológico do Sambaqui (Archeological Museum of Sambaqui)
It has more than 40,000 archeological pieces from our region – some of them 4,800 years old –
found in Joinville and surrounding area. It shows cultural elements of the “sambaqui man”, his
food, aesthetic and funeral habits, as well as his stone art and crafts. Open Monday to Friday
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; on weekends and holidays, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Address: Rua
Dona Francisca, 600 – Centro.
Museu Nacional do Bombeiro (National Firemen’s Museum)
The National Firemen’s Museum is located at the Volunteer Fire Station and shows the history
of Joinville and of the firefighters of Brazil. Open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday.
Address: Rua Jaguaruna, 13 – Centro.
62º BI
This unit is capable of making its preparation in order to meet the expectations placed on it by
the rapid action force FAR in Brazil. The unit has enable the continuous improvement of the
city’s safeness. Address: Rua Ministro Calógeras, 1200 - Atiradores.
Calendar of Festivals
There are many festivals in Joinville, such as the Dance Festival and Flower Festival. In the
region around the city and around Santa Catarina, there are many festivals throughout the year.
You can check the schedule at the state’s events website : and
- Do not forget! In many parts of the world temperature ranges are very different. Therefore,
the current season in the chosen country should be checked in advance to know what clothes
to put in your luggage.
- It's always interesting to ask beforehand regarding the most used types of transportation in
the country of destination.
Useful Links
These websites are designed to provide information to students who are interested in
participating in foreign institutions. - information about visas, scholarships, exchange programs,
travel, culture, among other aspects.
Check out some of them:
-Fórum de Assessorias das Universidades Brasileiras para Assuntos Internacionais
(Faubai) (Council of Brazilian Universities for International Affairs) :;
-Ministry of Education – MEC -
-Ministry of Foreign Relations -
-Embassies and Consulates:;
-Brazilian Federal Police Department -
-General Legal Information - Embassy World -
-Joinville :
- Brazilian Culture -
-Portuguese Language Level
Addresses of Offices and Phone Numbers
Univille – University of the Joinville Region International Office
Campus Universitário s/n – Bom Retiro Administrative Building
89223-251 – Joinville –SC / Brazil Phone: 55 47 3461-9051
Phone: (55) 47 3461-9000 E-mail:
Fax: (55) 47 3473-0131
Emergency Phones
Fire Department – 193
Police Department – 190
Hospital Emergency – 193
Federal Police – (55 47) 3431 6800

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