One-day Trip Sightseeing Bus From Kanazawa To Noto Peninsula

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One-day trip sightseeing bus
from Kanazawa to Noto Peninsula
【Day of Operation : 運行日】
■ Daily (Need Reservations) ※ If there is a vacancy, you can ride even on the day
★Japanese speaking guide only
【Itinerary : 行程】
* Kanazawa Station East Gate No.1 (7:50am) JR 金沢駅東口1番のりば (7:50 発)
<※ See the bus terminal map in the last page>
* Roadside Station Wajima Furatto Home (9:44am) 道の駅輪島ふらっと訪夢 (9:44 着)
* Wajima Morning Market 輪島朝市
* Wajima Urushi Craft Museum 輪島塗会館
「Wajima-Route」 (「わじま号」)
Wajima Morning Market and Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems
A former train station,“Furatto Home”is a roadside station
that attracts tourists as a center of sightseeing in Wajima.
The old train platform has been preserved as a legacy of the
past. The sign indicating that the next station is Siberia
makes a good backdrop for a photo.
One of the three largest morning markets in Japan.
A morning market with a history of over 1,000 years.
Various local products are sold at the morning marketvegetables, fish and other seafood and seaweed.
Enjoy talking and bargaining with local women at the market.
On the first floor, about 60 shops in Wajima City sell their
lacquerware widely known as Wajimanuri. The hall is run by
the Lacquerware Association, so the works sold here are of
high quality and reasonably priced.
Lacquerware can be repaired here as well.
You can use Wajimanuri your whole life, since it is durable
and can be repaired.
* Shirayone Senmaida / Senmaida Rice Fields 白米千枚田
* Hotel Koushuen(Lunch) ホテル高州園(昼食)
※ Japanese food
* Wajima Kiriko Art Museum 輪島キリコ会館
* Hatagoiwa (Bus window) 機具岩(車窓)
* Chirihama Nagisa-Beach Driveway 千里浜なぎさドライブウェイ
* Kanazawa Station West Gate (about16:30) JR 金沢駅西口(16:30 頃着)
People visiting Senmaida are greeted by an amusing site with
many layers of rice paddies on the steep slopes with an area
of 1.2 hectares at the foot of Koushuzan Mountain. The
number of these paddies goes up to 2000. These green rice
paddies facing the sea spread almost geometrically and thus
create a beautiful and bright landscape on the background of
the blue sea. From Spring to Summer, the rays of evening
sun setting over the sea reflect beautifully on the green
paddies and make it an ideal spot for landscape photography.
Because of paddies' small size, no ploughing machinery can
be used and all the work is done by hands which take many
times more labor than working in the fields on the plains. It
was designated as a 'Place of Scenic Beauty' on 29th
January 2001.
Kirikos are huge lanterns with their height ranging from 4 to
15 meters. These Kirikos are integral parts of the various
Festivals of Noto Peninsula celebrated in summers. Kiriko
Lantern Museum displays beautiful Kiroko lanterns painted in
Wajima lacquer style used in Wajima Festival besides the
regular display of Kirikos from different parts of Noto
Peninsula used in different festivals. A number of tall Kirikossome of them as tall as 10 meters, lined next to each other is
a grand sight.
Hatago-iwa is a beautiful pair of rocks also known as ’Noto
Futami’. Shika has a number of uniquely shaped rocks such
as Hatago-iwa; many of these rocks have legends attached
to them and are worshipped by the local people. There is a
legend that once upon a time Nunkai-lrihime-no-Mikoto who
helped the spread of Noto’s woven fabric industry, ran into
mountain bandits and in a panic, he threw the woven fabrics
he was carrying into the sea. As he did this fabrics suddenly
turned into a rock which became hatago-iwa.
This beach driveway is 8 km long and has a road-width of 50
m. It's made of tightly compacted fine sand making it firm
enough for a pleasant drive along the beach. The particle
diameter of the ordinary beach sand granule is about 0.5 mm
to 1 mm, while that of the sand on Chirihama Beach is a
quarter of the ordinary size and thus very fine. For this
reason, the seawater can easily permeate into the sand,
which makes sand granules compacted together tightly to
form a firm beach and even buses can run on this beach.
■ Photo Shot (Instagram)
【Fare : 運賃】
★ Adults 7,500yen おとな 7,500 円
★ Children 4,630yen こども 4,630 円
※ Entrance fee of facilities and lunch are included
【Reservation Center : 予約センター】
★ Hokutetsu Railways Reservation Center
Phone : 076-234-0123
Kanazawa Station
Hokutetsu Railways Reservation Center
Kanazawa Station East Gate Bus Terminal

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