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Creative City
Steering Program
Kanazawa “Craftism”
for the World
2011.3 Edition
Preface………………………………………………………… 1
I. Vision for the Creative City of Kanazawa …………… 2
II. Targets and Measures
1. Linking Culture and Business ……………………………………… 3
2. Training of Successors in Traditional Industries………………… 5
3. Attraction of International Attention……………………………… 7
III. Implementation Schedule for the Project …………… 9
IV. Monitoring ………………………………………………11
What is a Creative City?
A Creative City is a city with a distinctive culture, which promotes
value-added industries that its citizens can value and be proud of, and which
has industries that foster the creation of new culture and investment, as well
as improvement in the quality of peoples’ lives. In other words, it is a city that
is vibrant because it links its creative culture with innovative industries.
In 2004, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO) established the Creative City Network as a means
of having creative cities around the world cooperate with each other. The City
of Kanazawa, a City of Handiwork, was accredited as a UNESCO Creative
City of Craft and Folk Art in June 2009.
Kanazawa Creative City Steering Program
The Kanazawa Creative City Steering Committee, which is organized by
groups of industries, craft industries and citizens as well as the city
government, has established a Charter of Craftism. Based on the Charter, the
City of Kanazawa established the Creative City Steering Program, which
outlines the vision of the City of Kanazawa and activities to be carried out
until 2014. The program should be revised every other year before submitting
a report to UNESCO. This May we will submit the first report on our
activities after accreditation as a UNESCO Creative City.
The Charter of “Craftism” (Reference)
The handiwork of Kanazawa, including traditional crafts, traditional sweets
and Kaga cuisine has been produced through “Craftism” or the spirit of crafts,
namely, craftsmen’s insistence on quality and originality, and their keen
senses. That spirit has resulted in the development of creative, value-added
manufacturing industries and the digital content industry.
In light of the fact that many cities have been losing their characteristics and
attractiveness because of the influence of globalization and mass production,
we hereby establish the Charter of “Craftism” as follows, in order to clarify
the “Craftism” of Kanazawa and realize a sustainable creative city in the 21st
1. We will promote “Craftism” that links culture and industry.
1. We will pass “Craftism”, which produces craftsmen and improves human
life, down to the next generation.
1. We will spread the spirit of “Craftism” of Kanazawa, a City of Handiwork
throughout Japan and to the rest of the world.
Oct. 16, 2009
Kanazawa Creative City Steering Committee
I. Vision for the Creative City of Kanazawa
As a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, we established a vision for the city, focusing on
three points: “Capitalizing on Culture,” “Cultivating the Next Generation of Talent” and “Distributing
Information to the World” as outlined below:
1. Linking culture and business
We aim to produce highly value-added products that use our traditional crafts and techniques, promote
manufacturing based on the artisan spirit, and develop many creative industries that can break into the
international market.
2. Producing creative successors
We aim to create opportunities for the successors of manufacturers and young people involved in culture
and art to grow, gather, compete and demonstrate their creativity, as well as to develop a city whose
residents love and take pride in their traditional crafts and performing arts, and enjoy a good quality of
life by participating in cultural events, while supporting craftsmen and artists.
3. Attracting international attention
We aim to promote close relationships among craftsmen, artists and industry people through the
creative city network, facilitate international conferences on topics such as the vision of cities and local
communities in the 21st century, global problems, and world peace, and invite many people from Japan
and foreign countries.
II. Targets and Measures
To realize the vision stated above, we se
cooperation between private and public sectors, past accomplishments, and utilization of the UNESCO
Creative City Network.
1. Linking Culture and Business
Promotion of Kanazawa Brand
Trade fairs for people in the relevant industries have been held in cooperation with the private and
public sectors. It is, however, necessary to directly attract the attention of consumers in addition to
the attention of buyers and wholesale agents, in o
Creation of Artistic Products
To keep up with new lifestyles and increase the number of new buyers, value
be created by adding artistic features to conventional commodities; in ot
artistry is needed.
Enhancement of Production Capacity
To promote the Kanazawa brand, it is also necessary to distribute information to consumers about
products with the added-value of artistry. Production capacity for all s
planning to sales is indispensable to link culture and business.
1-1 Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation Agency
The Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation Agency
crafts and to disseminate information on crafts. The organization carries out various activities to
support craft businesses, including seminars for expansion of sales channels, collection and
dissemination of information about crafts, and promotion of new craft businesses.
Organizers: Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation Agency
1-2 Oshare Messe
To introduce textile products and traditional crafts at home and overseas,
and to create craft business, Oshare Messe, an exhibition of the creative city
of Kanazawa will be held continuously
developed by local companies, such as textiles, apparel, tableware, stationery
and interior goods are on exhibit to disseminate the attraction of Kanazawa
Organizers: Kanazawa Fashion Week Committee, Kanazawa City
Supporters: Utatsuyama Craft Workshop, Kanazawa College of
t forth 15 measures for our targets from the perspectives of
rder to diffuse information about the Kanazawa
-added products should
her words, merchandise with
tages of a product from
was established to expand the sales channels for
, Kanazawa City
. At the Messe, high-quality products
1-3 Promotion of Kaga Yuzen & Kanazawa Metal Leaf Techniques
In order to enable traditional crafts
that focus on Kaga Yuzen and Kanazawa metal leaves
products and expanding markets.
products should be developed, and the properties of metal leaf and paper used for pounding metal leaf
should be studied, and the process of making metal leaf should be documented.
Organizers: Institute for the Promotion o
for the Promotion of Kanazawa Metal Leaf Techniques (Established in July 2010)
1-4 Craft Business and Creative City Network Joint Project
In order to improve the product development skills of
crafts, and expand markets, graduates of Utatsuyama Craft Workshop and students of Kanazawa
College of Art make crafts to be exhibited at Oshare Messe in cooperation with the designers of the
UNESCO Creative Cities of Design.
Organizers: Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation Agency
College of Art
Supporters: UNESCO Creative Cities of Design, etc.
1-5 Promotion of Contents Industry
eAT Kanazawa is a continuous event th
handiwork in Kanazawa, and distribute information about the industries of Kanazawa in Japan and
abroad. Leading creators are invited to exchange
formed by eAT Kanazawa to create circumstances in which creators
of comics, animation and games can assemble and carry out
activities in Kanazawa; these include offering of studios, making a
database to support contents production and establishing a contents
industry promotion center.
Organizers: eAT Kanazawa Committee, Kanazawa City
Activities for Linking Culture and Business
Industry-academia collaboration project for art education organized by
Kanazawa College of Art
In order to integrate arts and crafts with business, the college conducts joint research with industries
right from the product planning stage. Graduate students become the leaders of projects involving
research carried out jointly by compa
Organizer: Kanazawa College of Art
Promotion of the action plan for Kanazawa’s traditional craft industry
In accordance with the action plan’s basic idea of preserving and developing handicrafts, and promoting
our city all over the world, we
development of products, dissemination of information, expansion of the market and business
Organizers: Kanazawa City
Supporters: Manufacturers associations of t
testing and research institutes
to be adapted to suit our modern lifestyle, we established
. They will promote technique
In particular, new Kaga Yuzen furniture and interior
f Kaga Yuzen Techniques (Established in July 2009), Institute
young craftsmen, provide high, Utatsuyama Craft Workshop, Kanazawa
at aims to strengthen the contents industry, a new area of
-related events and seminars. We use the network
nies and college students.
will take concrete measures, including training of human resources,
raditional industries, institutions of higher education,
s, developing new
quality, reasonable
2. Training of Successors in Traditional Industries
Passing down of traditional techniques
There are 22 kinds of traditional crafts in Kanazawa, but
techniques because of a decrease in successors. Concrete measures should be taken immediately to
train successors and implement activities for children, who will be the successors of the next
Internationalization of craftsmen and artists
Craftsmen and artists in Kanazawa should be inspired through exchanges with other craftsmen and
artists in Japan and abroad to extend their range of activities on a global scale.
Reconfirmation of the value of cra
The local residents are expected to use more high
mass-produced products, to support local arts and crafts and lead an enriched life.
2-1 Promotion of Rare
Rare traditional crafts with few successors such as the Kanazawa
Japanese-paper umbrella and Futamata Japanese paper should be
promoted. To promote the industry, the Kanazawa Japanese
Umbrella Study Group (Established in
the biggest production site for Japanese
receive training and guidance. We have added the study of
Futamata Japanese paper to the subjects of the rare traditional
craft industry school, and will cultivat
paper, on a trial basis.
Organizer: Kanazawa City
Supporters: Japanese-paper craftsmen,
Craft Hirosaka, Kanazawa Forestry
2-2 Overseas Training Program for Young Craftsmen (Creative Waltz)
Students of Kanazawa College of Art
the Waltz system. They are given opportunities to be inspired through contact with forei
UNESCO Creative Cities, to join international networks and to gain a new perspective. We are also
considering accepting students from other UNESCO Creative Cities.
Organizers: Kanazawa City, Kanazawa Creative City Steering Committee
Supporters: Kanazawa College of Art, Utatsuyama Craft Workshop, Kanazawa City Crafts Association
Waltz: Waltz is the process of becoming a
system, which has been in place since the medieval age. Apprentices are
required to travel around and receive training from
than their hometown for three years and a day.
some of them are in danger of losing their
fts in everyday life
-quality crafts in their daily lives instead of
Traditional Craft Industries
2009) invites lecturers from
-paper umbrellas and
e Broussonetia kazinoki, the material used to make Japanese
Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation Agency
are sent to UNESCO Creative Cities for a training program like
meister according to the German
meisters in cities other
, Kanazawa
gn cultures of
2-3 Management of Kanazawa Children’s Craft Workshop and Takumi
The Kanazawa Children’s Craft Workshop is held in the areas of design, metal work, dyeing and
ceramics over a term of two years for the purpose of finding and training future craftsmen. Childr
experience craft making and receive training to improve their skills. Graduates of
the workshop can continue their training in the Takumi
selecting one of the areas of metal work, dyeing or ceramics, and can further
improve their skills, as well as acquire professional knowledge and techniques.
Organizer: Kanazawa City
Supporter: Kanazawa College of Art
2-4 Compilation of the Archive and Review of the Collection
of Hyakko Hisho (100 crafts)
An archive consisting of documents and videos about the traditional crafts and techniques of Kanazawa
will be compiled. One from six categories designated by the
will be selected for the archive every year. In a
the current collection of Hyakko Hisho
Organizers: Kanazawa City, Kanazawa College of Art
*Hyakko Hisho: A collection of over 2,000 craft
fifth lord, Maeda Tsunanori. The collection is stored in two boxes according to material, use
and form, and is designated as an important cultural asset of Japan.
2-5 Seminars for Discovering the Culture of Kanazawa
Seminars for Discovering the Culture of Kanazawa
crafts, and to increase the demand for crafts. Invited professionals
for college students on the traditional crafts of Kanazawa
crafts and increase their understanding of them. In the future, there will also be
lectures for adults and lectures held as part of Kanazawa Craft Tourism.
Organizer: Kanazawa City, Kanazawa Creative Cit
Supporters: Local manufacturers’ unions
Activities for producing creative successors
Utatsuyama Craft Workshop Scholarship/Kanazawa Traditional Industry
Trainee Scholarship
Scholarships are provided over a term of three years, subsidized by the fund for arts and crafts of
Kanazawa City, to support the trainees at Utatsuyama Craft Workshop and the manufacturers of
traditional industries aiming to acquire sophisticated craft te
Organizers: Utatsuyama Craft Workshop, Kanazawa City
International Exchange Program of Kanazawa College of Art
Exchange programs for students and faculty members
Art and sister art colleges abroad for the purpose of producing artists, designers and researchers who
will be able to work internationally. Seminars for students and local residents
artists and researchers from foreign countries.
Organizer: Kanazawa College of Art
Kanazawa UNESCO ASPnet
In order to foster children’s international understanding and educate the successors of a sustainable
society, we will increase the member
in the city and promote the study of the traditional cultures of Kanazawa, the global environment and
the world, and further interaction with
Organizers: Kanazawa City Board of
-kai Association by
government and other rare traditional craft
ddition, the methods for preservation and exhibition of
will be examined in preparation for the permanent exhibition.
products and materials related to techniques, collected by the
will be held to deepen people’s understanding of
will give lectures
to learn how to appreciate
y Steering Committee
were established between Kanazawa College of
will be
schools of UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (
other schools of UNESCO ASPnet.
en s given by leading
3. Attraction of International Attention
Information Distribution and Contribution to the World
To make Kanazawa an internationally attractive city, it is necessary to distribute information
worldwide and enhance the city’s
the UNESCO Creative City Network, the city bears the responsibility not only of preserving its
history and traditions and improving its academic and cultural assets, but also of contributi
establishment of a cooperative network with other member cities of the world.
Practical Exchange and Cooperation
Conventional international exchanges have tended to emphasize formalities. More practical
exchanges and cooperative interactions of
UNESCO Creative City Network are required as a means of preserving cultural diversity and
revitalizing cities through the interaction of creative cultures and innovative industries.
3-1 Interaction with UNESCO Creative Cities
In order to disseminate the notion of Creative City Kanazawa to the
world and revitalize the culture and industry of the city, exchange
programs such as workshops and interactive training programs for
young craftsmen (Creative Waltz)
cities. Kanazawa will play a leading role as a hub of the Creative
City network in Asia by supporting cities that are aiming to become
a creative city, and contributing to the promotion of the craft
Organizers: Kanazawa Creative City
3-2 Kanazawa Craft Tourism
We promote Kanazawa craft tourism to diffuse information on Kanazawa as a “City of Handicrafts”
through the experience of traditional culture (traditional handicrafts, performing arts, food,
organize excursion tours in line with international conferences and academic meetings. The targets,
itineraries and capacities of the tours should be examined concretely. We promote conventions that can
be held in Kanazawa through our subsidy sys
that offer “craft tourism” tours in conjunction with their meetings.
Organizers: Kanazawa City, Kanazawa City Tourism Association
attractions such as traditional crafts. In addition, as a member of
cities, craftsmen, artists and businessmen through the
will be held with other creative
Steering Committee, Kanazawa City
tem (established in 2010) for academic associations, etc.
ng to the
etc.) and
3-3 World Craft Triennale in Kanazawa
Following the World Craft City Conferences and the World Craft Competitions that have been held
every other year since 1997, the Kanazawa World Craft Triennale, which began in 2010, will be held
Organizers: Executive Committee of the World Crafts Forum Kanazawa, Kanazawa City
Supporters: Kanazawa City Crafts Association, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
3-4 Joint Research on Creative Cities
Joint research will be conducted in cooperation with the United Nations University, Institute of
Advanced Studies and other research institutions to provide information from an academic perspective
about the sustainable development of Kanazawa, a city of crafts, and the role of creative cities in the
21st century. The research results will be reported at international conferences, academic meetings and
Organizers: Kanazawa City, Kanazawa Creative City Steering Committee
Supporters: United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies, Operating Unit
Ishikawa/Kanazawa, Organization for the Creation of Urban Culture (NPO)
3-5 Asian Craft Education Exchange Program
The purpose of the program is to help Kanazawa craftsmen and artists discover the rich and varied
spirituality and sense of beauty in Asia’s traditional handicrafts, and to establish a network for new
creative manufacturing, as well as to contribute to cultural industries such as handicrafts in developing
countries. The program involves such activities as exchanging instructors of Kanazawa College of Art
with Asian institutes, and inviting Asian artists for training.
Organizer: Kanazawa College of Art, Kanazawa City
III. Implementation Schedule for the Project
2010 2011
・Seminars for expansion of sales channels
・Support of craft business ・Collection
・Crafts in Life Project
・Exhibitions in Tokyo for business
Exhibitions in Tokyo for business
Institute for the
Promotion of Kaga
Yuzen Techniques
Institute for the
Promotion of
Kanazawa Metal Leaf
Established in July
・Documentation and publication of the
・Collection and utilization of information
・Seminars on metal leaf techniques
Promotion of eAT
Contents Industry
Initiative for concentration and
development of contents industry
・Management of Ustream studio
・Association for Development of Human
Resources in the Content Industry
Study on Japanesepaper umbrellas
Study on Japanese-paper umbrellas
Li n k in g C
u lt u re a n d B
u si n e ss 1-1
Establishment of Kanazawa Craftwork Business Creation
Oshare Messe
Promotion of Kaga Yuzen &
Kanazawa Metal Leaf Techniques
Joint Project of Craft Businesses and the Creative City
・Development of new products ・Participation in exhibitions held in Tokyo
Promotion of Contents Industry
Tr a in in g o f S
u c c e ss o rs in Tr a d it io n a l In d u st ri e s 2-1
・Development of new products in the interior decoration and fashion industries
・Exchange with leading creators ・Seminars for training eAT creators ・Classes for
Futamata Japanese
Paper Revitalization
Coordination of revitalization measures Training of
Trial execution Increase in
Compilation of the
Archives of
Traditional Crafts
Measures for
Preservation and
Forum focusing on Messe with the
participation of UNESCO creative cities
Workshop with the participation of
UNESCO Creative Cities (crafts and folk
The 2nd French-Japanese Conference
on Decentralized Cooperation
Research, investigation and experimental
World Craft Triennale 2010 in Kanazawa Preparation for World Craft Triennale
Joint research with Creative City
Network (NPO)
Asian Craft Education
Exchange Program
Invitation of artists from Taiwan, Korea
and Cambodia
Selection of a craft category
Tr a in in g o f S
u c c e ss o rs in Tr a d it io n a l In d u st ri e s Promotion of Rare Traditional Craft
Overseas Training Program for Young Craftsmen
(Creative Waltz)
Management of Kanazawa Children’s Craft Workshop
and Takumi-kai Association
Management of the 2nd-term children’s craft workshop
Management of the Takumi-kai Association for children who have completed the
children’s craft workshop
tt ra c ti o n o f In te rn a ti o n a l A
tt e n ti o n 3-1
Interaction with UNESCO Creative Cities
Kanazawa Craft Tourism
World Craft Triennale in Kanazawa
Joint Research on Creative Cities
Compilation of the Archive and
Review of the Craft Collection
Examination of measures for preservation and exhibition
Seminar for Investigating the Culture of Kanazawa
Seminars for students
Invitation of artists
from Asia
tt ra c ti o n o f In te rn a ti o n a l A
tt e n ti o n Asian Craft Exchange Program
Kanazawa "Craftism"for the World
2012 2013 2014
negotiation Overseas promotion and advertising
・Expansion of sales locations ・Production and sales at traditional merchants’ houses
・Attraction of content-related companies ・Promotion of content-business creation and development of human resources
Production of Kanazawa Japanese-paper umbrellas
and dissemination of information ・Test marketing ・Management of the craft business club
Seminars to support business management Promotion of the establishment of a kimono lovers’ network
techniques for manufacturing metal leaves
on the use and distribution of metal leaves
・Studies on the properties of metal leaves and on the paper used for pounding metal leaves
training producers
number of trainees
Management of the 4th-term children’s
craft workshop and Takumi-kai
activities for creating craft tourism
2013 to be held in Kanazawa Kanazawa World Craft Triennale 2013
Planning of seminars for adults
for the archive (Dyeing in 2010 and 2011, Metalwork in 2011 and 2012)
Bilateral training programs with other UNESCO creative cities
Management of the 3rd-term children’s craft workshop and Takumi-kai Association
Joint project with other Creative Cities with which Kanazawa has been carrying out exchanges
Promotion of craft tourism business
Planning of themes, periods, and external organizations with which to conduct research
Increase of number of countries and organizations with which to conduct exchanges
successors, expansion of use and sales channels and development of production system of materials
Planning of permanent exhibition
Invitation of leading artists in Asia to promote exchange
IV. Monitoring
In order to properly understand the present overall condition of Creative City
Kanazawa, we are monitoring the progress and status of the creation of craft
businesses, the training of successors in rare traditional craft industries, and
In light of the results obtained, we will revise the program by reviewing and
modifying the methods and countermeasures.
Item Numerical index Present values (2010)
Number of people who are
engaged in traditional
Workers in 22 traditional industries
in Kanazawa (city statistics)
2,634 (designated industries)
214 (non-designated industries)
Production output of six
industries designated by
the government
Annual output of six industries
(statistics of industries’ associations)
11.9 billion yen
Kanazawa Craft Hirosaka
Sales of Kanazawa Craft Hirosaka
(Craft Hirosaka’s statistics)
47.9 million yen
Oshare Messe
Number of business negotiations and
sales in “Oshare Messe
(Number of business negotiations)
15.514 million yen
(Sales and orders received)
Number of students of the
rare traditional industry
Number of students of the rare
traditional industry school
(city statistics)
Number of students of
Kanazawa Children’s Craft
Number of students of Kanazawa
Children’s Craft Workshop
International exchange of
artists and craftsmen
Number of students, artists, and
craftsmen at Kanazawa College of
Art, Kanazawa Utatsuyama Craft
Workshop and the 21st Century
Museum of Contemporary Art,
(statistics of the above institutions)
Kanazawa Creative City Steering
(2010 - 2014)
Formulated in March , 2010
Revised in March , 2011
Kanazawa City
Policy Planning and Coodination Section
City Policy Planning Department
City of Kanazawa
Tel:+81(0)76 220 2031 Fax:+81(0)76 264 2535
Kanazawa City

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